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  1. OH NOW I GET IT Vargas hasn't had enough international call-ups, so he doesn't qualify for the "new player". I sold Kolarov, but that brought me down to the "three non-EU player" limit, so Vidal, who HAS had enough call-ups, could be registered. So I'm going to see if I can loan my backup keeper out to a foreign club. Or possibly flog the aging Dzeko to China or something and buy a new striker...
  2. Vargas was signed from Vélez in Argentina, Vidal from Barcelona. So both of them from other countries, though Vidal from another EU country if that counts for anything. As for sales... I sold Kolarov, to Bournemouth; he isn't an EU player and Bournemouth are abroad. I sold Sadiq, non-EU, to Bologna - he was out on loan last year and I sold him when he returned, so I don't know how that affects things. And two non-EU youngsters, Nura and Nouma, have gone out on loan to other Italian clubs too. I do have Gérson, who is non-EU, who has returned from loan; he is not registered, being U22, but as he's surplus to requirements I'm in negotiations to sell him. It's to Fiorentina, so it's to the same country, though. I have also tried holidaying forward to see if Vargas was eligible to play in my first Serie A game as an U22 player: nope. But like I said, I could register Vidal...
  3. So I sign Matias Vargas, a young Argentinian winger, on loan with a future fee, and he has the "ineligible non-EU player" message, though I had been informed towards the end of the season I'd be able to sign and register one non-EU player without offloading another. When squad registration comes along in July, I still can't register him. He's 22 years old. Yet I then signed Arturo Vidal on loan - thinking wrongly that he was an EU citizen - and can register him even though he's also non-EU. What gives? Is the young winger able to play without being registered due to being U22?
  4. This is a genuine issue. I'm looking at the red card table for Serie A, 33 games into the season. There are three players who have three red cards, all of whom have BWM as their natural position in the game. There are a further 12 players who have two red cards. Five of these have BWM as their natural position, and all but one are midfielders of one kind or another. Now in real life last season (2015-16), one player in Serie A got three red cards in the whole season, and he was centre back. Nine others got two reds, of whom three were midfielders. Now I look at League One in England, where the other team I manage play. There is one guy who has a ridiculous six red cards, and he's a BWM. Two guys have five reds: one of them a BWM, the other a DM (with BWM his second position, or his most suitable position if played in a flat midfield line). One guy has four reds. He's a BWM/DM (natural as both). Four players with three reds; again all midfielders, one of them a BWM. Five players have two reds, and they're all BWMs. The overall number of red cards seems about the same, but the preposterous weighting towards midfielders and in particular BWMs is a problem. If I have a player - in my case Daniele De Rossi - whose natural position is BWM, what am I supposed to do? Why bother having BWMs in the game at all if they are a problem for teams due to being card magnets? The fact that the stats show that this applies to AI teams as well as the human teams suggests it's something that should be looked into seriously, and not just something to be brushed off with "it's your tactics". If anyone from SI is reading this, I have uploaded my save game as "red card example". Please look into this.
  5. I signed Lautaro Martinez for Roma and he had a little red box by his name telling me he was a "non-EU player who can't be registered until the new season or until a space is freed up" or somesuch. I figured I was already at some kind of quota, so decided to loan him out so that he was getting first-team football to aid his development. A few teams made loan offers, and he opted for Bologna, which pleased me as they are in the same division so it would be a good high level. Except now he isn't playing and he still has the little red box saying he "can't be registered". So my questions are 1) what is this about? and 2) why did Bologna offer to loan him if they weren't going to be able to register him either? Any ideas?
  6. I have two managers. The two play different tactics, the one thing they have in common being that they employ a lone striker. Both teams are doing pretty well, but what both have in common is this. I'm on the verge of giving up. What do people do to, you know, get the whole "scoring goals" thing working? Like I said, I have two different tactics, so any suggestions at all are welcome...
  7. Not sure if this has been covered earlier in the thread, but when changing a player's role on the 'make substitution' menu, the "attack", "support" and "defend" settings are now invisible. You just have to blindly select.
  8. Another one suffering from poor finishing since the update. I've played three games and collected two points despite absolutely dominating each one. The last game I lost 1-0: I had 23 shots including 3 CCCs, the opposition had 3 shots and 0 CCCs. The other games were 0-0 and 1-1 respectively, the shot stats 18-6 and 16-4 in my favour. Given that my striker is an on-loan striker rated at two divisions too high who already has 30-odd goals this season, and that if I don't get at least another point in my last game I could miss out on top spot in the league (promotion is fortunately already assured), this is rather frustrating!
  9. On the pretext that it was "a thinly veiled attempt at criticising the game". It was nothing of the sort. It was an affectionate joke about some problems and bizarre occurences within what is otherwise a very enjoyable game. I remember having a similar thread about the last edition of FM I owned, two or three years ago, which ran for quite a while without any moderator interference, because most people could appreciate that it was a harmless way of expressing minor frustrations with the game. I would appreciate the thread being unlocked.
  10. Congratulations to Georgik, the first one to get the right answer. Here's question 2: You are a midfielder for a League One team playing at home against a Premiership side in the FA Cup. Entering injury time it is goalless, with your side arguably having had the better of the match. You pick up the ball in the centre circle. Do you... a) play a lofted ball forwards for one of your attackers to chase, with the aim of perhaps creating one last opportunity to win? b) look for a calm sideways pass in midfield to keep possession and wind the clock down, knowing that an away replay will be a good moneyspinner for your team? c) turn round and randomly, blindly punt the ball into a big space behind your centre-backs in the middle of your own half, so that the opposition's striker can nip in, round your keeper and win the game for the opposition?
  11. The opposition's striker has 14 pace and 14 acceleration. My centre-back has 17 pace and 16 acceleration plus a head start of, ooh, 20 yards or so. He is also in better condition, 90% as opposed to the striker's 87%. And he has better determination and work rate attributes to boot! Based on the above evidence, who gets to the loose ball first?
  12. There's your answer. FM2015 is so advanced it's taking inflation into account. A £145k/w contract in 2027 is about the same as a £5k/w contract in the present day.
  13. First he keeps complaining to me that he wants to stop scouting the Swedish Allsvenskan because he's not finding any players. I tell him fine, stop scouting it. Then a week later he comes back with the same complaint. Again and again. Now he's started telling me that my loaned-out players are being played out of position. Angered, I pick up the phone and give the manager of the club where they're on loan an earful. He protests that he is playing them in position. I check out the players' stats and form and yes, they are being played in the right position. My Chief Scout is trying to make a fool out of me. Whatever is to be done about this goon?
  14. I am quite good at this game. I have two managers on my game, both of them doing pretty well and using different tactics. Both could be doing better, though. And both have the same problem: their teams create plenty of opportunities, have lots of shots on goal... and don't score enough. My last game with my Oldham team finished 0-0. I had 18 shots to the opposition's 3. My last game with Roma finished 2-0 to me. A welcome victory, but when I've had 34 shots to the opposition's 5 I expect a little more bang for my buck. Does anyone have any tips for tactical tweaks to help my forwards find the goal instead of the woodwork or the opposition keeper? I feel like I've tried everything here...
  15. I just saw the opposition left-winger send in a terrible cross with no attackers in the box. My keeper spilled it onto the post, and it dropped out at the feet of my centre-back. Who decided to poke it into the net. Oh dear oh dear.
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