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  1. Robbie Thomson

    A New FMC Skin with bigger text

    Just downloaded this and i'm having the same problem.
  2. Robbie Thomson

    From zero to some form of hero

    Accepted a job offer from the Ukranian team and was surprised to find that they were only formed in 1999 and have moved quite fast through the leagues so a lot to live up to however the media are predicting a very meagre 8th. The team seems very balanced but i may need to bring some people in on loan to add other options. The main problem however is the fact that while my ukranian isnt up to scratch none of my team can speak english. (Dont know if this makes a difference to team performances etc?) Will update with screenshots once i figure out how.
  3. Robbie Thomson

    From zero to some form of hero

    Was quite bored tonight so i thought i would give myself a challenge ... work from the bottom all the way to the top. I started as unemployed with no footballing experience and with a selection of leagues ranging from Ukraine/Poland, Scandanavia, Britain and the USA. Never done this before so will see how it goes, will post updates if/when (probably more if than when) i get a job. Things looking bright though with applications for Peterhead and Krymteplytsya (Ukranian first division)
  4. Van der Meulen has been put into the game with the 11.3 update and is in the reserves when you start
  5. i found a great wee player called Anicet Andrianantenaina. he plays for madagascar and AJ Auxerre and you can get him on pre contract during the january window of season 2010/11 and he only asks for £1500 p/w. hes got very good physical attributes apart from his jumping but still manages to get in the air and socre. hes already scored 5 in 8 for me.
  6. cheers for this. this will definetly come in handy for retaining the scottish cup!