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  1. The Official Editor Suggestion Thread

    Two suggestions from me. * - Under Future Transfers, add a checkbox for loans. Recently I had a case where I wish to put in a future loan for a player, but the players was already loaned out to another club in the current season. Adding a checkbox for loans in future transfers would overcome this and I'd imagine would be easily done. * - League Point Halving, the new Polish league system splits the table into two groups after 30 games (modeled well in the editor as is) and then also halves the points of all teams in the league. The second part cannot be done in the editor, but I am sure could easily be added. edit: also don't forget the sub-option of selecting to either round down, or round up following halving the points.
  2. I am trying to implement the new Polish Ekstraklasa rules into FM13. The new rules are as follows: * Normal 30 games, home and away * League splits into two. Places 1-8 play for Champion and Europe spots, Places 9-16 play to avoid relegation. * Points are split in half. * 7 further games are played. I got everything else working so far, but I can't get the points to split in half. Any suggestions? Maybe I am blind to it but I don't see the option anywhere in the editor. I know it is possible because I've seen someone else do it before in the past. I hope someone here knows.
  3. I wasn't going to buy FM this year but I saw it was 50% off on steam. In previous years, there used to be mega-threads with uploaded training schedules that for the most part worked very well. I am getting the impression there are no more training schedules in this years FM? If that's the case, can anyone link me to a general training guide?
  4. Haven't checked the update yet, but if the game follows real life at all, Rafal Wolski of Legia Warszawa should be a -9.
  5. The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    I already set everything to 10000 beforehand, still doesn't work. For the next update, you FMRTE people should think about making the 'swap manager' option create historypoints and stuff.
  6. The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    Ok... the game would rather create a regen manager than select me as int. manager. Any suggestions?
  7. [FM12] Poland by Macdab55

    I would definitely be interested in this. Are you using Polish characters like Ł?
  8. The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    Just a quick question... I really hate the manager of the nation I am playing in atm, because he is an idiot and is losing every match and isn't calling up the right people. However, he is nowhere near getting sacked. His job Security is stable. I want to change this on FMRTE. Since I want it to be organic and for me to apply for the job and go through the process, etc. I am not wanting to just simply switch jobs with him. What I want to do is lower his job security to very insecure and watch him get sacked next game against Holland and then apply for the job. I was wondering what number I set his 'manager status' to? It is currently at 500. Thanks for the help. Appreciated.
  9. [2012] Release: Expanded NextGen competition

    What do you mean random? If I were to upgrade say, Lech Poznan's youth facilities to top levels, will they appear? Or is it only from select nations?
  10. Can't find a particular thread...

    He is probably referring to this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/282387-INF-Clairefontaine
  11. Dynamic Ticket Prices Ticket Prices should be determined by the board (maybe to make it interactive, decision effected with the "helpful suggestion from the manager(you)") based on the current status of the club, quality(league level), opposition, form and the competitions they are in. Because at the moment they are static. This means it doesn't change despite what happens to a club, which is an issue if a club from a lesser league (Like the Polish league) improved drastically from game start(thus meaning having to pay more wages/transfers/etc.), they would need regular European success to make profits as the profits they make from ticket sales simply is not enough.
  12. FM12: Erik Grendel

    Had him on FM11, always performed well for me in Ligue 1. Glad to see he has been improved on FM12.
  13. FM 12: Athletic Club Bilbao- A New Era Begins!

    When the game comes out, i'll write a mini-guide on how to add the Basque Flag to the game that you could add to the OP. That is considering if SI ignore my persistent request about adding it in the final game.
  14. I wouldn't mind these either.