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  1. Look, this is very attacking tactic.If you put pressure to your team you will probably lose, so with this tactic always choose Pressure is of, or result will come
  2. What teamtalk did you used? That is very important segment of this tactic.
  3. Sorry, forgot to say, I always ask assitant manager. In match preperation stick attacking movement And move regler to very high. I hope it will work for you Post some feedback.Cheers
  4. After making a lot's of tactic's, I decide to create something tottaly different and I created this.I had amazing results with this tactic. I have tried it with few teams and had excelent results, cuz it was all wak teams like West Ham (with no signings), Partizan Belgrade, QPR... It's 4-1-0-1-4 tactic Here is some results, sorry for my bad english, I hope it will work for you guys!Cheers PS With West Ham i was in holiday so results aren't that good, but still It's amazing with no singnings. http://d.imagehost.org/0627/s3.jpg' alt='s3.jpg'> Tactic link: http://www.mediafire.com/?jc1qibnx77upczu
  5. This item is currently unavailable in your region This is such discrimination...
  6. Bayern - Chelsea 3:2 For Bayern: Pizarro 65, Guerrero 90, Scholl 90 For Chelsea: Lampard 30, Drogba 80 Champions Lge Q/F, Second Leg Wednesday 13 April 2005 Stop complaining... Maybe this is better, it was yesterday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-45cQQSwgU&feature=player_embedded How could i forgot this
  7. OK, but Stojkovic ins't playing for club 4 years...
  8. Serbia beat Cameroon 4:3 tonight.Damn our goalie is bad :/ he isn't playing for any club i don't know 4 years maybe :S
  9. Do you even know, who is Serbia manager?It's Radomir Antic man who was manager of Atletico Madrid,Real Madrid and Barcelona... I admit our form now is bad, but Croatia in 1998 have poor form in friendlies before WC, but in WC they where third