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  1. for realism and much more a challenging game, i will stick to strictly basque only.
  2. U guys play with strictly basque or laxer requirements such as sign spanish players 16 or younger
  3. wonder does this tactics works well with bilbao ? they go this basque restriction, talent pool is much smaller.
  4. you mean full green circle ? only a few players of my squad have that. im using bailly and lindelof as of now. matic as regista, left side cm is pogba and right side cm is herrera. Not sure they are the best players for the roles. left inside forward goes to Alexis. right inside forward goes to Mata, rotate with Lingard
  5. I was playing man united.. and i struggle.. lukaka and rashford aren't false 9.
  6. what are the key attributes should i be looking for the player roles, inside forward, false 9, regista and the 2 cm
  7. so llorente the best striker to get ? for youngsters u guys sign strictly from basque or any spanish players 16 and below ?
  8. so all along i did it wrong by signing any spanish players 16 and below..
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