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  1. Alex O'Hanlon CM. Free. Toni Martinez ST. Loan from West Ham. Ryan Lloyd brilliant from Conference to League One. Matty Waters solid LB from Chester good up to league One level. Great at free kicks Lateef Elford-Alliyu. St. Free. Martinez is class, scored 50 goals in under 2 season on loan from West Ham on my Chester save. First in League One then scored 26 the following year in the Championship.
  2. This bit made me laugh out loud. Poor Adam, thought he was carrying out his Dad's final wish to the letter, then the penny drops he didn't actually mean literally accept EVERY job that comes your way! I've loved reading through this story though. Inspiring stuff!
  3. Hi there, I'm a long term player on FM. First purchasing FM05 12 years ago, and before that playing Championship Manager 97/98. In all those years I have never experienced the pain of relegation. This will be only my 2nd ever blog on FM. My original effort coming with FM15 taking my beloved Chester to the Premier League but died after the save file corrupted (sad face). So after purchasing the game in the summer Steam sale, and reading some of the absolutely fantastic and utterly enthralling careers of my fellow FM colleagues I feel inspired to start a new save with a self imposed challenge. I'll save the new save unemployed, no badges, and only Sunday League experience - true to life. The Rules With just a notepad and a bucket full of enthusiasm I will ONLY join clubs at the bottom of their respective division. The aim? Simple. To keep them up! If I keep a side up, I can only leave them for another club who are bottom of their division, or if I am offered a job by a side bottom of their league I have to accept it. For I am the Saviour, and my time has come.
  4. Thanks, the new season should be a journey into the unknown. European Football, fighting to replicate that 6th place finish and fighting for a domestic trophy. I've used the cup competitions in the past just to play promising youth teamers, but might go for broke and target both League and FA Cups. Certainly got more strength in depth than I've ever had before!
  5. And so Promotion from the Championship to the Premier League was secured at first time of asking. and then promptly defied all odds and finished a dizzy 6th in my debut in the Premier League. Some crazy results in the process, some cracking deals in the summer transfer window with Ademola Lookman coming in on a free from Everton, Che Adams being signed from 2.2mill and then bagging 25 goals upfront, Sergi Canos getting 18 assists from the right wing, Angelino being a beast of a left back, George Thorne playing in the holding midfield role, and Kristoffer Ajer being a beast in the middle of the park. Meant a big cash influx by the end of the season so been and splashed the cash on Tammy Abraham (signed from Barnsley), some Romanian right winger from Liverpool for £34m (Hadji?) a couple of Italian centre backs and some cheap options from Scotland to add a bit of depth to the centre of midfield. Board announced a 22,000 all seater stadium is being built, and will replace my now 12,500 capacity Deva Stadium in 2 years time. Can't wait for the new season to start!
  6. Thanks mate. I stuck to Alabi in the end and then managed to pick up Toni Martinez from West Ham on a season long loan. Martinez is class.
  7. Just bought the latest version in the Steam summer sale. Been playing this since back in 97 when I was just 15 years old (a looong time ago). Liking the game. 1st save, just do the usual trick. Start with your favourite club (Chester) and work out the basics till you get sacked... Only thing is... 14 games into the 2020/21 season and I'm 3rd in the Championship... Managed to get 3 promotions on the bounce, all by winning the play-offs in the Vanarama Conference, League Two and League One respectively. I've done Non-League to top flight before back on FM15 a couple of years ago, but that took 5 seasons, this would be a personal best if I somehow manage to go up again. God knows what this will mean with the ground. Capacity is still only 5,500!
  8. Try switching to a 4-1-2-3 DM wide against the bigger sides. I usually use this formation as standard. Tried implementing the 4-2-3-1 formation a couple of times but found it didn't give me the results like my old trusty 4-1-2-3 did. You can try using the DM as a Regista if you have a good one on your books already, or as a Defensive midfielder, Support role. Change the 2 centre mids to Central Midfielder (set one to Attack, another to Support). Should give you a bit of balance to the midfield then and the defensive cover you were after to stop teams running through you.
  9. Sorry misleading title, not necessarily for free but within that 250k transfer budget and wage budget ideally.
  10. Hi there, Just bought the latest edition of the game the other day in the Steam sale Looking for a consistent goal scorer at League Two level. About 5 games into Season 2 with recently promoted Chester. I have a transfer budget of about 250k, and a maximum wage of about 1.8k per week to offer. I have Jake Cassidy, James Alabi, Lateef Elford-Alliyu, and some kid from Everton on the books upfront, but all are far too inconsistent. Looking for someone who can also slot into the 4-1-2-3 DM Wide central striker role. Possibly a False 9 or Complete Forward. The above are Targetmen, Defensive Forwards or Poachers. Many thanks in advance
  11. Anyone still playing older versions of the game? I'm still hooked to FM15. After I started a thread last year taking my beloved Chester FC up to the Premier League the save file corrupted and I lost everything! Now I'm back on it, and back in League One, with a 2 legged play-off semi final with Rochdale!
  12. Hmm, all food for thought thanks. It's whether I decide to go wide (and stick to my beliefs) or aim to dominate with 3 in behind the CF. How I adopt those 3 with their roles will be the interesting bit. At the moment the idea for the midfield is: -IF(s)---------SS-----------W(a)- --------CM(s)-----BWM(d)------- Play the wingers out wide, get the SS in behind a CF/TM (undecided as of yet but will have a play around with it later), but then possibly look to tweak the CM(s) to a DLP(s). Given that in my current tactic my Regista does all the creative work in between the two central defenders and two in Central Midfield, the above - to me anyway - looks to lack that creative spark it needs to bring everyone else into play. In addition I suppose that formation could easily be changed as well to a tight 3 to dominate the centre. Apologies for my ramblings, just ideas tumbling out of my head, if I don't put them down on here then I'm likely to forget when I get back from work later!
  13. Not developed a tactic as of yet, it was more of a 'thinking off the top of my head' kind of post, and trying to obtain some ideas of how people utilise their SS. Off the top of my head, I think an F9 with SS sounds a good combination. But then it's how I go about building the rest of my midfield around it that encourages a possession based game. I am an advocate of a back 4, so defensive shape is sorted in my mind. Midfield, I don't really fancy the idea of a flat 4. Maybe 2 in the middle of the park CM (S) and BWM (D) with the SS infront supported either side by either an IF(s) on the left and a W (a) on the right. But again, no screenshots available as I'm on at work at the mo and all this is off the top of my head. If I get chance tonight I'll put some of these ideas into practice.
  14. Generally sits in, takes the ball from the back 4 and supporting midfielders and like a master artisan he creates majestic pieces of work. I generally dominate possession (which is what I want) and create lots and lots and lots of chances for the CF (who is on fire at the moment with 8 goals in 6 games).
  15. In work at the mo, but will have a think tonight and put something up Cheers fella.
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