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  1. Hi, Love the game on the Vita but just wondering is their a way of looking back through previous months transfers on the World - Transfers Tab. When I click on it, all I can see is the current month's transfers and no way of going back in time. On FM13(Full Version), I used to be able to go through previous months, looking at departures trying to pick up gems. Thanks.
  2. I'm addicted to signing cheap youngsters from all over the world! I'm Brisbane Roar - have 50 players in my youth squad, my first team has an average age of 21! I never buy anyone over 23. Ive had 16 million to spend for the past five years but haven't spent over 100k! Signed an Aussie for 7k from the state leagues - Hes now worth 12 million and wanted by arsenal! Also, signed an Ivorian beast from JCA for free. Scored about 80 goals in 3 years and then undersold to Juventus for 13 million because of my chairman!
  3. One thing they really should fix

    For me, theres too many one on ones that the striker misses. No matter what rating. There through, they sent it wide
  4. @Miles Jacobson Is there a new feature where you can eye gouge the opposition staff!
  5. Getting Jobs

    Yup, have 11.3
  6. I recently made the Canadian Leagues Playable and took over at Kamloops Excel in the PSCL. Ive won the League 3 years on the trot so i wanted a new challenge i declared interest in a few low rep team and I was declared a leading candidate or outside chance. However 3 weeks passed and i declared interest in the same jobs again and now they laugh off my interest! Is this a bug?
  7. Shamrock Rovers to get them into the Champions League Group Stages!
  8. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  9. Help with Fixtures

    Its the competition reputation different to the fm one
  10. Help with Fixtures

    Yep:( I Ticked it and Unticked
  11. Ireland- http://rapidshare.com/files/353414238/LOI.dbc.html Leagues down to Munster Senior and all transfers in the league
  12. Lower league Ireland?

    http://rapidshare.com/files/353414238/LOI.dbc.html Lower Leagues in it. ALL LOI transfers up to 20/2/2010 Derry Demoted , Fingal up Leinster Senior Cup in , Cup names changed I Did all the fixtures but for some reasons there not showing up :confused: ANY IDEAS?
  13. Help with Fixtures

    Have the same problem took me ages to do the fixtures in the editor
  14. Help Crash Dump

    When i start with my new database it never gets past starting the new game it turns off with a crash dump being made:confused: what do i do?