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  1. Started a new save with Saints a couple weeks back, back to back promotions and have just started the PL season with a respectable 1-1 draw at anfield. I have managed to pick up a few bargains on the way through, especially at the start of this season with an increased budget. My PL starting line up is looking like this: Gk - K Schmichel (?) 2.8m RB - Kyle Walker - 3.6m CB - Fonte CB - C Clark - Loan/Jordi - 200k LB - RM - Chamberlain CM - Delph - 1.5m CM - Thiago Gomez - 120k/N'zonzi -5.25m LM - Lallana CF - C Wood - 3.2m CF - C Cole - 4.2m Clearly weakest in defence, as with any promoted side, but Im still confident of avoiding relegation. One side note, I made the grave error of signing James Beattie, thinking that he'd be a good championship striker, the guy is pony. Signed him on a 2 year deal thinking it would take me that at least to get promoted, nowt he is my highest earner, but in the reserves. Under no circumstances should anyone sign him.
  2. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    Four games left of the 22/23 season, I have Man City next in the league, a win will secure the league title for back to back seasons (i am top by 3 points, they are second) I then have one league game remaining before a wednesday night FA Cup final and then the CL Final on the saturday. I've already one the league cup. its been a game every 3/4 days since january, players are going to have earnt the break this year!
  3. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    Further update if anyone is still using this forum, won the domestic treble, and the board have announced plans for £102m new stadium, with 35,000 capacity, undersoil heating and a retractable roof. Will take 2 years to build. PLus I have a transfer fund of 74m for the following season.
  4. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    I lost interest in the game for a bit, so didnt have much to update. Got back into things recently, and have been very succesful. Won the CL and finished second in the PL. Have won the Euro Super Cup and Club World Championship, and am currently sat top of the PL, after a 16 game winning streak (I beat City 1st game of the season, and then lost the next 3, and havent lost since) also in the KO stages of the CL and Semi of the league cup. Going to be some serious burn out of players before the season is out. I had to play 2 months without a regonised full back as I had injuries to the 4 in my squad.
  5. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    Mr D, here's an update of my save, Qualified for the CL last season 2019/20 by finishing 2nd in the PL, have won both the FA and League Cups in the previous 2 season (1 each season, not both) and am currently 3rd in the PL (and England Manager) and have got to knockout stages of the CL, so am hoping big money will be coming my way at the end of the season! Am hoping that I can win the league this year, as I am only a point of, and am still in Jan. Completely revamped my tactics, am playing Fluid, attacking, short passing, more expressive football and I still have the bext defence in the league by 6 goals, and the 2nd best strike force (although I dont have one player who has scored more than 9 in the league) Just out of interest, have you become a legend of the club yet? I thought that 2 cup wins and and 2nd in the PL after leading them from the BSP would have been enough, but sadly, im not even on the favoured personnel list!
  6. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    Won my first major honour last night, beat Villa on penalties in the FA Cup final. The board are finally expanding the stadium to 20k+. I have also beaten chelsea in the Community Shield, but got knocked out of the Europa League 4th Qual by Hearts fielding a a weakened team. So a bit of a mixed bag really. Getting a bit annoyed that i have not reached "Legend" or "Icon" status yet despite the FA Cup win and guiding them from the BSP to the PL.
  7. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    Not wanting to question your save Mr D, but if you have only played 10 PL games, Im guessing that you haven't played any FA Cup games yet, so assume that that was a mistake
  8. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    4-1-3-2, rigid, counter - not the most attractive but works with the combative type players I have.
  9. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    made a pretty good start to the season last night, am currently sat 7th in the league having lost 2 games and am currently in the middle of a run of games including Man U (A), Chelsea (A), Man Ciity (H), Arsenal (A), Liverpool (H) and Spurs (A) good to get them out of the way early in the season, so with a bit of luck will be able to pick up points against the "lesser" teams in the league and be pushing for a Euro spot. As for any comments about taking teams from the BSP to the PL, its not that easy, being a low rep manager at the start, struggling to find players and attract anyone any good, its all about uncovering those hidden gems, takes ages and can get tedious. Until I reached the Prem, the most i had spent on a player was 2k, and I did that when I was in the BSP, so free agents and slightly higher wages are the way that I have managed it.
  10. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    Just an update on my Xmas activity - relegated from the PL in my first season up, kept my job, bounced straight back up, and finished 11th in the PL the following season. The issue I am having now is attracting players of sufficient quality to make a step up. I have signed Phil Jones, Alex Smithies, Nathan Delfonso, Lee Cattermole, Darron Gibson, Henri Lansbury and a couple of other good young regens, but its proving hard to step up again. Just about to start the season animprove on my 11th place finish - going to be tough.
  11. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    Im one of those that have dragged to the shops instead of getting game time! hoping the Xmas break will let me get back into it! I've managed to get a 34 year old Berbatov in for a free, hoping that his experience and extra bit bit of class will get me a few goals this season! I have a 12m budget but managing to get in a lot of players on frees.
  12. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    Just got ino the PL, council turned down an application for a new stadium, so am having 6,000 terrance convered into seats. So will have a 6,500 capacity stadium in the PL, when having to pay through the nose to get players to sign! (although I have already tied up Lescott, Cattermole, Gibson) Just need a decent striker, so if anyone has any cheap recommendations, let me know!
  13. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    No didnt sign him on your recommendation, he's highly rated at villa in RW, so as soon as I saw he was available on a free (before I started looking on here) I snapped him up! Turning out to be one of my best signings, when I get into the PL he will easily still be my starting GK, and at 23, will only get better
  14. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    And Mr D, I assume the New Stadium came with promotion to the PL? And was it ready for the start of the next season?
  15. FM 11: OFFICIAL AFC Wimbledon

    Mr D, I have Siegriest as well, got me promoted from Leage 1 and finished 7th in the Champ last season with him, he's developing very nicely, I'll post a screen shot of him when I get chance.