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  1. Something like that amount, yeah. And I agree, £25 for that much entertainment is great value - if I didn't have 12 I'd buy 13 in a second, and I'd gladly buy Miles or any of the team a pint or two to say thankyou. But given that I could just put another 200+ hours on 12, the question is whether 13 is £25 better than 12, I guess, and I'm just not sold that it is. Even assuming FMC, challenges and the online leaderboards work perfectly (and history suggests that they won't) I'm not interested in those things. The other changes are fine, I guess, but nothing worth jacking in my existing save and spending money for as far as I can see - especially given that there's a decent chance that having done so I'll then find some issue that won't get fixed until December (remember the year when the AI managers all fell out with all their best players?).
  2. This will actually be the first CM/FM release I haven't bought since CM '93 (including Italia, and the update disks). I've watched all the video blogs, looked at all the screenies etc. and I just can't get over the line. Part of that is actually testament to FM12 - I'm really enjoying my game at the moment, and would quite like to play through until my first wave of regens retires (at least). I'd probably still buy the new one, but I've been disappointed for the past couple of years with pre-ordering the game to find significant issues that then get patched months later. The new features for the last few years have either been broken (add/remove leagues), detrimental (team meetings) or only incrementally better than what's gone before - moving from '09 or possibly even '10 to '12 (once patched) would probably have felt like a new game, but moving from a patched '11 to a patched '12 feels like a minor update at best. It still makes for a great game, it's still better than the previous edition, but it's no longer enough to justify blind loyalty. Maybe leaving it a year or two is the right plan. I'll be watching the release with interest to see what gets patched in a couple of months. If SI breaks the cycle, maybe I'll crack (and hey, while I'm wishing, why not get the game ready to go by 31 August, update the database at midnight to reflect the transfers that have gone through and release on 1 September?). It feels really weird to not have my pre-order locked in - when I was a kid, the specs for the next version of CM were what drove the PC upgrade path in my house! But I can't justify it, not this time.
  3. One Day We'll Basque In Glory!

    Sola is INSANE. I've never read anything close to this, it's madness. Um...what's the name of your tactic? ;-)
  4. One Day We'll Basque In Glory!

    No goal from Sola in the CL Final? Big game bottler, is he? ;-)
  5. One Day We'll Basque In Glory!

    Bloody hell BWG - how do you do it? I remember following your Welsh save on '11 and that was impressive, but taking a relegation-threatened third tier team to champions of Spain and Europa League winners in nine seasons without any signings? It's outlandish.
  6. I think that's what he meant - link ;-) As I'm no longer lurking - great career, really enjoying it. I've been reading since the start! Keep it up, look forward to seeing what you can do in Genoa.
  7. In the category of "annoying but harmless": 1) Rest superstar player, 25+ appearances this season, for game against relegation fodder sandwiched in between big European clash and top-of-the-table derby. Play squad player, making his third start of the season, instead. 2) Squad player picks up minor injury in game. 3) "The injury to [squad player] must be a major blow to your ambitions" um...no, not really. 4) "Who are you considering as a replacement for [squad player]" er...the superstar who has been in my first team all season and was just being rested for one game? 5) "Do you think there's a chance that [superstar] could put pressure on [squad player]'s first team place?" ...uh...yeah, I'd say there's a chance of that happening. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.* * - that's not strictly true, sometimes (just for fun) the software pretends that when I've been asked who I will use as a replacement, my answer was 44-year-old scout Roberto Baggio. That's always a giggle. Do I think he could put pressure on [squad player] and take his first team place? Meh, sometimes that's a close call...
  8. Hmm, okay. That might be the plan then. I'm trying to play as United without making any blockbuster signings, so trying to fit my formation to the squad that's available and the youth that I'm bringing through. Nani and Valencia have been amazing in the AML/R roles, but Gill stepped in to accept a £10m bid for Obertan (who I was grooming as my next AMR) so now I think that I've got a bigger talent pool at striker (Hernandez/Macheda/Welbeck/two regens who look good) than in those wide roles (Bebe can play well as an inside forward, I've found, but not consistently...). Only real issue with switching to a diamond is that I lose a natural fit for Anderson, who always performs well for me. Might try to juggle the two formations for a season or two, see if I can establish which works better. Chasjs, ballinisahabit and gandycoleuk - thanks for weighing in. My defence hasn't been spectacular, it must be said, so maybe playing the wide men a bit deeper would be a good thing from that point of view as well!
  9. Really? What role are you playing your sole striker in that you've seen work well? I'm playing a 4-2-3-1, and I can't for the life of me get my striker to pick up goals regularly. Rooney is up and down, although that's partly injuries etc, but Hernandez and Macheda really struggle. When Rooney went down for two months with thigh-argh I switched from Advanced Forward to Poacher, as I thought it would suit those two a bit better, but no particular improvement. I've got a few games left, and I suspect they'll both finish at around 12 goals and with an average rating that might just about hit 7.00 - and their goal numbers, frankly, have been inflated by getting hat-tricks against soft opposition. The three attacking midfielders are getting the vast bulk of my goals - even Tony V down the right is around double figures I think, and still gets the "A goal from Valencia - that's a bit of a collector's item" news story each time... I dunno, just find it a bit frustrating that I can't seem to get my strikers to score. EDIT: I'm more or less at the end of season 2, and although I do think that I'll stick with my formation next season I'm giving some thought to adding a secondary one - probably the old midfield diamond. Has anyone tried juggling two formations over the course of a season? Has anyone tried Nani and Valencia as ML and MR rather than AML and AMR?
  10. Moldovan Monopoly

    Average quarter for Tury - I assume Valladolid aren't exactly setting the league on fire? The man needs to step up - at least he's playing regularly, I guess.
  11. I've added the "Pivot Years" sheet to the Greece 2010 workbook. Please could you have a look and let me know if it's what you're after? If so then I can try and do some more of them next week.
  12. On the "Pivot Years" and "Full Data Pivot" sheets, you mean? Yeah, I can do that.
  13. Moldovan Monopoly

    I'll stick with him as he is, please - the man seems to be coming into his own, after a slow start, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt! I've been looking for the signup thread, which I think would've had this info in, but can't find it - could you let me know which three attributes were the fixed 20s please?
  14. I hadn't seen that netbook, that looks like it might be bang on. Sorry to keep bothering you, but are you saying that it'll do 10 leagues/3D on low?