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  1. Prize money increasing unrealistically

    The problem being that your league is much better than the other leagues in ability, so whatever you set your rep, it'll still be incorrect compaired to other leagues, yeah, I see your problem... You could well do that, I suppose the question is, will the TV money change much over the years?
  2. Prize money increasing unrealistically

    It's that your rep is initially set too low. What's happening is that you're prize funds are increasing in relation to the level of your rep. As the league gets bigger/better then so does the prize money. What you need to do is look at the other leagues around your level and set your league rep around the same so that the changes are minimal. I did the same thing with one of my leagues and within ten years the teams had maxed out the £100,000,000 limit for prize funds :S
  3. Regional Division Levels

    Good to know, thanks ThomasH!
  4. FM2012 scotland 4th league ?

    There's the SPL, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Division and that's where the league structure ends. There is more leagues on a regional mostly amateur basis, which are refered to as 'non-league' which just means they aren't connected to the top 4 leagues. As for links to them, there's information readily available on both Wikipedia and non league Scotland
  5. Regional Division Levels

    Thanks for the info. I may now need to resist putting my fist through my screen but it's good to know why it wasn't working at all! EDIT: Can I just make this clear, is it the geographical data for the stadiums or the cities the stadiums are in? Thanks again.
  6. Regional Division Levels

    When inputting Regional Divisions does it make any difference whether you put in the level or not? I'm unsure as to whether the computer works it out for itself or whether you need to provide it with all the info. Thanks!
  7. Scottish amateur leagues

    Just so you know the League set up is incorrect. It should go SPL>SFA>Senior Non League (HFL, EoSFL, SoSFL) > Junior Non-League ( North, East, West.) Then Amateur and Welfare Leagues so in your case ( North Caledonian, Shetland FA, Lewis and Harris FA) If you are planning to attack doing the entire leagues of Scotland, there are at least 53 different Amateur and Welfare League structures to tackle, and until there's actually a mass editing tool, you'll be at this for ages. Saying that though, good luck!
  8. Scottish amateur leagues

    Here's the link that you mean Scottish Amateur Leagues
  9. Official: Editor Suggestions Thread

    A few things would make my day 1. A Mass editor, preferably in spreadsheet format. 2. Better sorting of regions so that you can keep teams from different regional leagues in those leagues. 3. Random creating of players. Enter a name, level, position and age and let the computer create a basic set of values for your new player.
  10. Failed Changes

    I'm getting the same errors, coming up with it saying the error is on line 54604 which after searching turns out to be a </record> after a three sub-league competition. I've tried running the game under the old database, but still with the same problem, any clues or ways to figure out how to solve the problem? Ta
  11. As a Scotsman, I've always been more interested in our own system (and indeed how to improve it!) But since downloading your pack I've loved exploring and playing this rather in depth and expansive world! The English football Pyramid has a lot to teach the Scottish system! Currently playing as New Mills in the NW Counties Premier Division.