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  1. I've now won 3 Champions Leagues, 2 World Club Cups and 2 La Liga titles, have a 39,000 seater stadium and sold 670,000 shirts last year, but still don't have an individual tv deal. Is that to be expected?
  2. Yeah, of course, but if I can get to the level of say the deal Valencia have (as detailed in the link below) that'll make a big difference. It'd be an extra £20m a year, so an additional circa £400k per week on the wage budget. http://worldsoccertalk.com/2013/11/14/revealing-distribution-of-tv-money-for-la-liga-clubs-compared-to-epl-clubs/ That's why I was asking the question and what I'm aiming for. I'm guessing I could play the save for 50 years and not reach Barca/Real levels.
  3. Thanks Alex, that's much appreciated. So if we don't have a tv deal is there just a pot that's shared between all the remaining teams that don't have deals?
  4. If it helps to clarify the current situation, I get a message like this each season, with no reference to a deal.
  5. Ah, cheers Alex. My board haven't yet no. Would you be able to explain a bit more about how these work, what sort of things need to happen to trigger them and how the tv money works if you don't have one?
  6. The base amount's stayed the same for 6 years and the overall amount only changing slightly each season due to the amount of games we have on tv and the reputation of La Liga. I was earning more than the two big Basque clubs get in real life in my second season and this hasn't changed since, which leads me to believe the tv money in La Liga isn't dynamic. Does anyone know for certain if that's the case or not?
  7. We're the 9th most reputable team in the world now according to this list. With La Liga the third most reputable league. Yet my tv revenue has gone backwards from when Eibar were only national rep in the second season. EDIT: Oh we don't have any affiliates yet mind as our board can't find anyone to link us with, which seems a bit broken given the reputation above, but there we go.
  8. Is it dynamic? I ask because I'm playing as Eibar and I've received the following over the years: 2014/15 £9,362,500 2015/16 £20,562,500 2016/17 £20,600,000 2017/18 £20,750,000 2018/19 £20,169,409 2019/20 £19,565,313 And I've just been told that in 2020/21 we'll receive £17.61m. Since starting I've done pretty well and while we haven't won anything yet we have finished 10th, 11th, 7th, 3rd, 4th and 4th and according to the reputations list we're now the 4th most reputable club in Spain. So, is it dynamic and when can I expect it to reflect Eibar's revised reputation (and get a bit closer to Barca and Real's circa £90m a season) if so? Ta muchly.
  9. Fair enough, might be my imagination on the speed. Any chance of an option to reduce the size in the full game if (m)any others aren't keen on it either?
  10. Looks pretty slick so far, but I'd suggest a rethink over the calendar that appears when you press continue. It's massive, actively slows the game down and so far the extra space seems pretty pointless. What was the rationale behind increasing its size? I thought it was pretty bang on in FM13.
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