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  1. Probably "start as unemployed" and "start as national team manager". I am fairly sure that U-level management won't be a feature.
  2. Seems like nobody's willing to get this thread going, so I just as might contribute! Three youngsters I'm pretty excited about in my Arsenal save: Aymeric Barbier. Quite the adept poacher and will probably take over for Walcott on a permanent basis in a couple of seasons. Dick Dorst. Hopefully I'll be able to work on his physical stats a bit more. Aside from that, he's on the road to become a decent midfield substitute. Orlando Roselia. Already got a lot of the basics down. His low anticipation and aerial ability are drawbacks, but the rest is pretty solid for a 17 year old goalkeeper.
  3. The experiences of my game thus far: I started out with the same tactics that I used on FM14. A narrow 2-3-2-1-2 with attacking wingbacks. It leaves me open on the counter, but when I get the ball rolling, there's no stopping it. Much like last year, wingbacks in this setup are ridiculously overpowered. Gibbs is my 4th highest goalscorer with 6 goals and 5 assists in 16 matches (two of those as a sub). Debuchy on the other side has gotten himself 8 assists in 19 apps, leading the charts. My forwards are also doing well with 3 of the 4 (the last being the injured Walcott) heading my scoring charts. Halfway into the season, Sanchez and Welbeck are both into double digits. I'm currently heading the league (though I have more matches played compared to Tottenham, so they might catch up), barely ahead of ManU, Spurs and Chelsea. I've also gotten out of a rather easy CL group with only one hickup against Sporting CP. The biggest struggles thus far have been a few of the matches against smaller teams. They seem to outplay me at times, which might be down to overconfidence or pitch issues. I'll to look into tactics tweaks for rainy days. Transfers in: Eder Balanta Youri Tielemans Lars Bender Gino Peruzzi Maximillian Meyer (last minute panic buy, but seems to be progressing well) Transfers out: Cazorla Podolski Joel Campbell Arteta Coquelin
  4. As far as I can see, he said 0.07 per game (not the chance for a goal coming from a direct free kick), and his maths checks out. 38 matches a team, always 2 teams involved per match, 27 goals from free kicks: 27/(38*10) = 0.071 And just to correct you: 27/1000 = 2.7/100 = 0.27/10 = 0.027
  5. I'm currently half-way through my third season with the Gunners, and I've noted that my taxes have risen steadily. Each month at the beginning of the game I paid about 3 mill GBP in taxes, having a little bump in july/august but then falling back down. The last 3 months thoug (oct-dec) I've paid almost 9 mill a month in taxes and I've already spent more on taxes this season than I did the entire previous season. Why? Have anybody else noticed this?
  6. Cazrola's been out with a long term injury in my game, so an image of him would be somewhat misleading. Isco (2 seasons in, playing for a human controlled team):
  7. Jordan Rhodes (7 weeks of injury the last two seasons):
  8. Bear in mind that this is almost 2 seasons into the game and that Wisdom was injured 10 weeks last season. Christian Eriksen: Andre Wisdom:
  9. I guess that's aimed towards me? To be honest, I'm quite sure there wasn't a template in the OP when I posted.
  10. Name: José Enrique Age: 26 Nationality: Spain Club: Liverpool Position: D/WB L Value: Unsure Sale Value: £6.5 mill Work Permit Needed?: No Name: Gomes Age: 31 Nationality: Brazil Club: Tottenham Position: GK Value: Unsure Sale Value: £1 mill Work Permit Needed?: Unsure (Probably yes)
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