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  1. 4-4-2 blitz

    working a treat with Cambridge United in the Conference, I'm using the one for weaker teams, first full season using it I made the play offs (lost to Fleetwood), reached the third round of the FA Cup and won the FA trophy. Second season 8 points clear in the Conference! Thanks heaps, I lost the tactic I'd been using for years and was struggling using my own, its the one area I do cheat with admittedly as hopeless at creating my own. This tactic hits the spot very nicely indeed so far!
  2. I had a few seasons in Sweden on FM10 and quite enjoyed it, Norway wasn't bad either and pretty sure there isn't too many league games there either.
  3. Playing in Hungary at the moment and it's a 30 game season but two cups which add onto the season games, league cup has a three team play each other home and away group stage, if you win that you're in the quarter final and it's 2 legged including the final. If your in the top division you enter the Hungarian Cup at the third round which is one leg along with fourth and fifth rounds then quarters and semis are 2 legs before a 1 leg final. Still makes for a pretty short season and I reached the final of both cups. Portugal is only 30 league games a season as I recall but again with 2 cup competitions.
  4. That's football I'm afraid and it does happen in real life. Darn frustrating I know but at least on FM we have the option to replay! Gotta take the rough with the smooth at times!
  5. In all my time playing the various versions of CM/FM I've never managed to achieve the feat of winning every single competition I entered but have now. Playing as Benfica I won Portugese Super Cup, European Super Cup, Club World Championship, Liga Sagres, Portugese League Cup, Portugese FA Cup and Champions League. I suppose if I was being picky I didnt go the whole season unbeaten, lost a couple in the champions league, was unbeaten domestically though. Didn't use genie scout but did, admittedly, use a tactic taken from this forum!
  6. am i really that sad ?

    I'm nearly 41 and can't stop playing! Probably explains why I'm single and live alone....
  7. followed up that astonishing euro cup turnaround by comfortably retaining the league cup beating nacional da madeira 3-0. Even better been drawn against Arsenal in Quarter Final of Euro Cup, they knocked me out last season so a chance to get revenge on Mr Wenger!
  8. Benfica 5-0 Porto 2nd knockout round of the Euro Cup 2nd Leg, was 3-0 down from the first leg and thought I was going out the competition to an arch rival. 1-0 up at half time, went overload and got a 2nd with 15 mins to go, told them to take more risks and they duly obliged by scoring 3 in the last 10 mins (although i went back to my usual defensive tactics when i levelled the tie). Absolutely delighted, one of my best comebacks ever!
  9. Greatest Strokes of Luck ...

    needed a point away at Roma to win Serie A against all the odds with Atalanta. I was getting completely outclassed, they hit the woodwork 3 times and missed an injury time penalty but I held on for 0-0! And the way the other results went meant had I conceded would have finished 3rd. Once managed to stay in the prem league with Cambridge on goal difference at the expense of spurs (that was on FM09 I think), I lost 1-0, they lost 2-0 and went down having scored less goals. On the unlucky side, again with Cambridge, lost a 122nd min goal in the conference play off final against mansfield. Even more annoying is I blew a ten point lead!!!
  10. Benfica 1-0 Bordeaux Final group game in champions league and despite a decent enough win still only finished 3rd and thus 'relegated' to the Euro Cup and a tricky looking tie against Juventus.
  11. Declaring your interest.....

    I've found you can usually get away with declaring your interest a couple of times but keep doing it and the board will quite rightly get hacked off with your lack of loyalty. Same with applying for other jobs but if you go on holiday you get no repurcussion for applying for another job! I tend not to do that as its not in the spirit of the game. In fact it would be better to not let you apply for other jobs whilst on holiday and you have employment.
  12. Declaring your interest.....

    yes it worked for me, when I was at Valencia and had won the domestic double and champions league I wanted a new challenge and declared interest in the Rangers job, they sacked the manager and offered me the gig almost immediately! but I dont do it very often cos I do try and stay loyal to my club!
  13. I get irritated by a former player of the club commenting on things about the club but not to the extent it spoils the playing of the game but wish they'd keep their opinions to themselves. when i was managing rangers Maurice Edu was making a couple of comments every week!
  14. Started a new save as boss of Benfica, great first season won the domestic treble but knocked out euro cup by arsenal in only defeat of whole season and deservedly so, wily old Wenger got his tactics spot on in the 2nd leg after I got an encouraging 0-0 at the emirates. latest result Naval 1 Benfica 3 a reasonably comfy win against a plucky Naval side who battled throughout.
  15. yep the fans sometimes complain about a signing, when I was at Rangers I signed a brazillian keeper for 11 million and they were moaning about him but he quickly won the fans over with some impressive performances. Fans are a fickle bunch at the best of times and need to have something to moan about!