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  1. To offer an opposing view, I'm managing Spurs. I won my first game 2-1, went on a run of draws, then got battered 6-1 by Southampton - they scored every shot they had. I changed my tactic to 3-4-3 and went on a 10-game winning run, and I'm now five points clear at the top of the league in January.
  2. Absolutely, man. I love the 'no strings attached' gameplay. One game as Spurs v Palace? Completely okay. Proper session of 20 games? Also completely okay! Anxiety's a dog, man, it just stays with you and anything that can lift it is so, so helpful. The fact that I think this FM is the best one yet helps!
  3. Hey man, I've got depression and anxiety and I find FM really helps me too. Building a team, putting a tactic together, even winning a game, it just takes the stress away. Hope you're only feeling good things from here on in!
  4. Harry Kane scored 58 goals in a season for me, but that's all competitions. He did score six against a really low-rated Finnish team in the Europa League so that helped
  5. £7.5m rising to £13m with Spurs.
  6. To add to earlier post, managed to sign Tielemans in January on deadline day. Picked him up for £6m up front - and could be worth £18m in total. Reckon that's a decent deal tbh, and sold Carroll after he came in for £3m.
  7. Started my Spurs save a couple of days ago, brought in Gabriel Barbosa and Viktor Fischer to bolster the wings, Khouma Babacar up top as back-up to Kane, Aleksandar Dragovic after I sold Fazio to Man Utd for £22.5m (!!!!!) and a couple of other youngsters. Also had to sell Lamela to Monaco, as he kicked up a fuss about wanting to leave, but I've extended the contracts of Kane, Lloris, Vertonghen, Bentaleb and Chadli. Fischer is absolute quality btw, and is SO cheap. Has won five Young Player of the Month awards so far and he cost me £3.5m up front. I'm currently third in the league in mid-January, level on points with Man City and behind Arsenal by 3, so I'm in with a genuine shout of winning the league. I've been helped by being knocked out of the League Cup by Arsenal (boo) and the Europa League (I finished third in a group with Fiorentina and Panathinaikos as I played the kids constantly). Did beat Chelsea in the third round of the FA Cup, though. Will update as the season progresses!
  8. I've got a 2015 MacBook Pro with a 2.8 GHZ processor and 8GB of memory and it runs FM16 perfectly but I play with a small database, though I do load up a lot of leagues. During matches my laptop does whir a tad but it doesn't get too hot - as mentioned above, I play with it on my lap and I'd struggle if was getting ridiculously warm.
  9. I may be wrong, but is there not an achievement for surviving a takeover? Might be some aggressive AI!
  10. That's phenomenal. Vlad Chiriches scored an overhead kick for me but I didn't vine it Yours is better, mind!
  11. Yeah, I wasn't asked about it in the Tottenham interview, but Shakhtar did ask. So I'm kinda walking on eggshells here. I never knew that it had such an effect tbh, but I'm slightly glad it's happened, as I'll be sure to keep a closer eye on my promises at future clubs and in future saves.
  12. I'd broken a couple of promises at Wolfsburg - my previous job - but never at Spurs. I also won the Europa League and the Bundesliga with Wolfsburg and was never pulled up on it, while it wasn't mentioned in my interview for Spurs. Maybe Levy just hated me! Although, tbf, I did get a £77m transfer budget with Shakhtar so I was quite pleased!!!
  13. Never had this before so thought I'd post... I'd been managing Tottenham and took over with them in 19th, guiding them to 8th in five months - fulfilling the aim of 'mid-table finish'. A couple of players asked to play more - Nathaniel Clyne was one, and he did, before signing a new contract - while three more asked for new deals. Two got them (Dembele and Soldado iirc), and Jores Okore (a signing by the previous manager) wanted an improved deal to ward off interest from Man Utd. I opened talks but he rejected four offers of £70k a week and a day later I was called into an 'emergency meeting' by Daniel Levy and asked to explain myself. My answers were clearly rubbish, as he sacked me on the spot. I've gone through my news history and Okore was the only promise outstanding, so I'm a bit puzzled. It's not a massive deal - I was offered the Shakhtar job two days later - but I was just caught cold by it. Any help appreciated
  14. Haven't played in a while due to Christmas commitments and work getting in the way but this is very probably my favourite win on the game so far. First Champions League fixture, in 2015-16. PSG had spent bucketloads in the summer and I was predicted an absolute thrashing... Ruben Neves got MOTM - scored and absolutely ran the show. Still yet to truly develop; he's frightening.
  15. I wouldn't worry too much. At Wolfsburg I was a bit unsure, but I got a message when I went close to going over my allowed expenditure.
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