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    i like girls, football, girls, football, girls, football... oh yes and girls lol

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    Nuneaton Town FC
  1. First Name: Mattie Second Name: Short Nickname (optional): D.O.B: 18/08/1988 Nationality: English 2nd Nationality: Position: AM RLC Left/Right foot: Right Fav Club:Arsenal Dislike Club:Tottenham Fav Person: Cesc Fabregas Dislike Person: Wayne Rooney
  2. What skin is that?? an interesting read anyways
  3. I like storys like this so will be following Keep it up
  4. Algeria cant be too bad keep up the good work
  5. Player Name: Matthew Short Position: ST/ AM RLC Date of Birth: 18/08/93 Height (cm): 172 Weight (kg) 63 Club*: Birmingham City 3 Technical Attributes at 20: First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing 3 Mental Attributes at 20: Composure, Creativity, Determination 2 Physical Attributes at 20: Acceleration, Pace i hope im not to late
  6. Camerron 1-0 Ivory coast all african final :o
  7. Can I ask where did you get those logos for the Northern Ireland leagues? a good read by the way
  8. Can I ask what formation are you playing?
  9. Thanks for the replies guys i have tried playing him in the complete forward support role and he scored in the 2nd min are you listening Fabio?
  10. In the England squad, I mean i play him as a lone striker in a 4231 formation and he never seems to score. Am i doing anything wrong? thanks for replies
  11. This is an interesting read and i will be following
  12. this is a good read can i ask what skin is that?
  13. Did you start as Ireland U19s or did you get offered?
  14. Ok thanks guys
  15. Anyone? (I have heard about people managing these sides in the career threads)