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    i like girls, football, girls, football, girls, football... oh yes and girls lol

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    Sunny Nunny


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    Football Manager

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    Nuneaton Town FC

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  1. Does anyone have a link for the kits and logos for England Thanks
  2. http://photobucket.com/Screenshots_2009 here is my new profile as i have started again all the best:thup:
  3. When a club has money problems then this shouldnt effect their rep and maybe you are right boston should have a high rep but i guess SI see this differently Its Boro and it always will be
  4. I understand what you are saying with SI making rep totally unbelievable but i have supported the Boro all my life and we have got a good reputation from our blue square premier days but what i dont see is why the rep in fm 08 when we where in the blue square north is 1500 and in fm 10 it is larger even though we are in a lower league oh and also you cant sayu we werent a force in the blue square north when we were two points away from the playoffs
  5. here is my profile. I could have chosen Nuneaton like i said but Hornchurch caught my eye(sorry about my profile not being a link its just im hopeless with technology)
  6. i have decieded to start again after my computer crashed and i lost all football manager files (and other stuff) So this time i will backup my saves and have a go with my hometown Nuneaton who i supported as a kid. i will give my profile soon
  7. Tonbridge Angels-Season10/11 Pre-season: Tonbrigde 2-2 Kingstonian Ramsgate 3-1 Tonbridge Margate 1-2 Tonbridge Dulwich Hamlet 1-0 Tonbridge Tonbridge 1-3 Gillingham Tonbridge 4-0 Lewes Overall a pretty gloomy pre-season espacially with the Dulwich and Ramsgate result and im hoping the form will improve in the league:o
  8. Well done with promotion and all the best for next season in the football league;)
  9. Hello all, I was reading this challange and i think im going to give it a shot. Oh and by the way can anyone give me an idiots guide to screenshots. Thanks alot.(:
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