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    i like girls, football, girls, football, girls, football... oh yes and girls lol

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    Sunny Nunny


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    Football Manager

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    Nuneaton Town FC
  1. First Name: Mattie Second Name: Short Nickname (optional): D.O.B: 18/08/1988 Nationality: English 2nd Nationality: Position: AM RLC Left/Right foot: Right Fav Club:Arsenal Dislike Club:Tottenham Fav Person: Cesc Fabregas Dislike Person: Wayne Rooney
  2. [FM10] Howay the Bay - From Whitley to Wembley

    What skin is that?? an interesting read anyways
  3. I like storys like this so will be following Keep it up
  4. Algeria cant be too bad keep up the good work
  5. Player Name: Matthew Short Position: ST/ AM RLC Date of Birth: 18/08/93 Height (cm): 172 Weight (kg) 63 Club*: Birmingham City 3 Technical Attributes at 20: First Touch, Dribbling, Crossing 3 Mental Attributes at 20: Composure, Creativity, Determination 2 Physical Attributes at 20: Acceleration, Pace i hope im not to late
  6. Who won the 2010 world cup in your game?

    Camerron 1-0 Ivory coast all african final :o
  7. Can I ask where did you get those logos for the Northern Ireland leagues? a good read by the way
  8. Can I ask what formation are you playing?
  9. How to get Rooney scoring?

    Thanks for the replies guys i have tried playing him in the complete forward support role and he scored in the 2nd min are you listening Fabio?
  10. In the England squad, I mean i play him as a lone striker in a 4231 formation and he never seems to score. Am i doing anything wrong? thanks for replies
  11. [FM10] Internationals Around The World

    This is an interesting read and i will be following
  12. [FM10] The Road to South Africa and Beyond...

    this is a good read can i ask what skin is that?
  13. Did you start as Ireland U19s or did you get offered?
  14. A Stupid Question

    Ok thanks guys
  15. A Stupid Question

    Anyone? (I have heard about people managing these sides in the career threads)