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  1. Finances - Chelsea

    you should just wait for the likes of Lampard, Terry, Ballack and many others that are 30+ and bring in younger players who want less money
  2. How long will it take?

    yeah i werent really interested in there walkthrough thing, i just wanted to know when or if it happened with other people.
  3. Evening guys, I have just started a new FM after wanting a new challenge and thought that Everton would be a good choice to try and make a European force, but when i took over there i was offered £4 million and told to use that to get into the Europa League next season which i think is achieveable when the likes of Arteta and Jagielka come back from injury so i spent all of the £4 million on the Reading striker Simon Church as he is only 20 and got decent stats, but then now im wondering when there will be new investment into the club as i know in real life Bill Kenright is trying to sell the club so how long has it taken the club to get a new owner in your save? thanks!
  4. why not be a championship team and try to get them to the promised land and then into Europe? Preston, QPR, Cardiff City are all good teams to be
  5. NO new regens?

    not many regens come through at the begining of the game, the further into the game you go the more regens there will be.
  6. yeah i think that they should go back to the old style of you going to the tactics when the game has stopped, for example when there has been a foul or the ball has gone out for a throw in, cos then nothing will change by the time your players come on and you change all of your tactics.
  7. Appealing a ban

    i stopped trying along time ago!
  8. if your on patch 10.0 then there was a bug on th e game that meant you couldnt do both a nationals and club job, that was corrected in the first patch, simply download all of the patches and you will be fine !
  9. French Club Names

    you could just set a nickname for all of the teams of there shortened versions, or whatever you wish it to be
  10. why are my fans so stupid!

    an even stranger thing has just happened too, i just drew with Valencia, i took the lead only to be bought back to 1-1, and the fans are happy with that result, why are my fans happy with a draw over Valencia but not over Real Madrid!
  11. wow Leedsunited-Beckford, you have been on these forums for 3 days and commented 175 times, that has to be a record!
  12. Evil youngster Pablo

    its good that he has the aggression, you have just got to make him use it on the pitch not the training ground!
  13. why are my fans so stupid!

    no they went ahead and we clawed it back after 70 ish minutes.
  14. firstly i want to say that i love this game and has nothing bad to say about it until now.... I started unemployed with the international reputation, and in November the Sevilla job was up and i was shocked to see them in 19th place, i took over and has slowly been bringing them up the league and is currently 13th, and in the Europa league after going out of the Champions League and then i got a game against Real Madrid, where i managed to scrap a 1-1 draw which i was delighted with. But for somereason my fans were dissapointed with a good home draw against the team that are currently top, why are they dissapointed with a brilliant draw!
  15. yeah but look at it now though, Capello says that he wont pick Owen because he isnt playing enough or in good form. when Walcott has just come back from injury rarely playing and in awful form for Arsenal, it does happen!