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  1. Thank you both! Would having DLP(s) and CM(d) result in my forwards being isolated? Also, will shorter passing make penetration harder? As in, does it limit through balls, which my AF depends on? I'm visualising it as being seven deep players and four forward players, I just want to make sure the link up play flows well. Thank you once again!
  2. Hello, I've been scouring the relevant threads (pairs & combinations, etc.) to create a logically consistent primary tactic to use. I'm trying to rebuild Man Utd, and want to play possession football, 4231 - but without my CF being isolated out of the game. Currently what I've come up with is: ---------------------SK (defend)---------------------- FB(S) -------CD(D)-------------CD©-----------WB(A) ------------------APM(S)----------CM(D)----------------- W(A)----------------------T(A)---------------------IF(S) ---------------------------AF(A)--------------------------- This isn't helping me achieve consistent results - yesterday I played five games. Lost 3, drew 2. The APM(S) was initially a DLP(S), but I noticed it was suggested on another thread that this might result in my two CMs being too isolated from my attacking strata. The T(A) was initially a AP(S), but Trequartista seems to be working a bit better at bringing my AF(A) into the game. The AP(S) resulted in the AF being isolated and barely touching the ball. Consistency is a major problem - but additionally, my IF(S) isn't really having a huge impact (I've tried with the instruction 'sit narrower' and also without this instruction). Oh, I'm also playing Control & Balanced, with the instructions: - Work ball into box - Play out of defence - Drill crosses - Retain possession (although I am expecting that it will be suggested I should get rid of this one) Any advice at all would be muchly appreciated, I'm tearing my hair out over this!
  3. Thanks very much for this! Do you find that your Advanced Forward completes a very small (around 10) number of passes per game? Is this an issue?
  4. Every time I select this, I get given funds by the board around the start of November!
  5. What effect does shorter passing AND pass into space have, with both of these shouts together? I've always used one or the other, never both.
  6. Do you find any problems with having your front 4 all on attack duties?
  7. Apologies, was meant to be a light-hearted joke! Ah, thanks - yeah, I was hoping that they would do exactly that... I was wondering also, if I changed my centre-forward to AF(a) but kept the trequartista behind, would having them both on 'attacking' mentality mean that the AF(a) would become isolated? I suppose I would then have to make the wingers have a support duty, otherwise all my front 4 would have attacking duties, and then that would isolate my 2 central midfielders too much. Additionally is the Trequartista the best role for my AMC? I want a role, as you say, where he and the CF will feed off of each other, with both of them being goalscorers. Think Rooney and van Persie, I guess - Rooney plays further back than van Persie, but is still a great goalscorer. Would Enganche work better? I tried that before, and he didn't get me many goals in the season I played. Have tried that and it has sometimes worked, although I still don't score too many...
  8. I am Man Utd, and play 4-2-3-1. I've never been able to get the formation to work for me on previous FMs, but am determined to do it this time. I created my own tactic, which was: --------------GK---------------- ----FB(s) CB© CB(x) FB(s)------ --------------------------------- ---------BWM(d) DLP(s)---------- W(a)--------------------------W(a) -----------EG(a)--------------- --------------AF(a)--------------- I found that I did alright, but conceded far too many goals and always seemed to lose the possession battle against pretty much everyone, even poor teams. I then spent a couple of hours looking through all of llama3's tactical threads, and decided that one of the issues I was having was that my BWM was rampaging all over the pitch, leaving me with only one CM, which was causing possession problems. Based on what I read, I created this tactic: --------------GK---------------- ----WB(s) CB(d) CB(d) WB(s)------ --------------------------------- ---------CM(d) DLP(s)---------- W(a)--------------------------W(a) -----------TRQ(a)--------------- --------------DLF(s)--------------- I had the additional instructions of: Retain Possession, Use Offside Trap, Let Wide Men Swap Flanks, Work Ball Into Box. I included these to make the build-up play more patient. This worked MUCH better in terms of possession, I tended to finish matches with 60-70% possession now. However, the first 4 games of the season were Draw-Draw-Loss-Loss. It seemed I just wasn't scoring regularly. I checked the match stats - I was having about the same amount of shots as my opponents, sometimes more, and the majority of my shots were NOT from long range. And yet what was happening every game was that despite having the majority of possession, I either couldn't break down the opponents, or I just wasn't scoring enough and then the opponents hit me with a goal. Any advice would be much appreciated, before I hurl the computer out of a window! Matt
  9. Exactly this - I'm using 4231, and Jonny Evans (my LCB) seems to always be volleying or heading shots in at the near post - so much that it's actually a bit irritating (3 goals in 5 games). And I've not touched the corner tactics, I've left them on default.
  10. Pretty jealous about everyone who is enjoying Januzaj. He broke his foot in an U21 match and is out for 4 months in my game. I'm devastated. Being tutored by Giggs is still raising his determination though. I decided to play with no transfer budgets in the first window, first time I've ever done that and I'm really enjoying it. Buttner, Cleverley and Valencia (players I'd normally sell) are doing really well. Nani came back from his injury, and in his first game back broke something or other and is out for 3 months. Great. Welbeck is a goal machine coming in from the left wing (I'm playing 4-2-3-1, with the CMs as BWM(D) and DLP(S), the three AMs as W(S) EG(A) W(S), and the striker as AF(A)). Couple of defeats so far but overall it's going well, aside from the insane amount of yellow cards my BWM picks up, now that I can't tell him to chill out a bit.
  11. Is Januzaj's natural fitness terrible, or is it just randomised? He has a 5 on my game.
  12. Thanks very much! Shaw's natural fitness isn't brilliant but he looks like he really develops well, and Ward-Prowse isn't too shabby either. Think I'll go for them both. Cheers!
  13. Anyone seen how well Benteke develops 2/3 seasons in?
  14. On a related note, could anybody 3/4 seasons in post a screenshot of how Draxler develops? Especially if they control him and have had him tutored, that'd be good. Cheers!
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