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  1. Thank you. Says 'pre-order' so assume it has the same issue regarding stock. The impression I got from Laptops direct is that it may be some time before they have the stock, so looking at alternatives. What is the difference between the two graphic cards? I could be persuaded to go to £900 but not sure if it's worth it or if I should remain patient!
  2. Hi, hoping you can help. I've ordered the MSI GF63 255UK after spotting in on here. Link: https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/msi-gf63-8rc-255uk-core-i7-8750h-8gb-128gb-1tb-geforce-gtx-1050-15.6-inch-9s7-16r112-255/version.asp Annoyingly it is out of stock, but I'm struggling to see anything comparable for the same price. I do not really want to spend more than £800, is there anything out there comparable? The next version up is in stock but the only difference I can see is 1050 ti graphics card, rather than 1050. It's £100 more, so is the difference really worth it? Thanks in advance!
  3. It's actually 1 month, rather than 3. But yes, different regulations for teams in England.
  4. Have a very similar save at the moment too. Just started my 5th season with AFC Wimbledon. Managed to get back to back promotions, and then have finished 11th and 9th in the Championship. Just moved into a new 14,750 seater stadium, which is helping finances massively, although having to pay back the loan to finance it. Seem to be selling out every home game, which comes as a pleasant surprise. Forced into selling a few key men every summer, managed to sell someone for £3mil in the summer transfer window just gone, and sold someone for £2.5mil the year before. Trying to keep the wage bill as low as possible, I didn't have anyone on more than £6k a week, until I managed to sign Adam Le Fondre on £11k a week. Being a Reading fan, I couldn't resist the temptation! Very hard to sign players though, even average Championship players seem to want £10k+ and I've had next to no money to spend on players. Have had a few moments where I've been tempted to jump ship (have had quite a few offers) but once I resigned myself to staying in the Championship for a few seasons just to try and expand the stadium and improve the training/youth facilities, I'm actually enjoying it more than ever. Even slightly hopeful of sneaking into the playoffs this season. Think my plan if I was to get promoted would be not to spend any money on new players, and then even if I were to come back down I'd have the finances to make infrastructure changes which should help in the long term.
  5. Reminds me of a season I had on FM 11. First season with Everton I managed to finish the season on 89 points, and the only signing I had made was Cardozo. Was one of those seasons where everything seemed to go right, e.g. few last minute winners, some unexpected away wins against the big boys. I actually regard it as one of my best FM seasons as I hadn't had the chance to rebuild the team, just managed to find a way of playing that really suited the players. So where did I finish? Third! Man Utd had 91 points, Man City with 90, me on 89, furious!
  6. I've got a Reading save at the moment where I've got Redmond, Ince and McClean as the wingers and it seems to be working pretty well, but I think its alot to do with team instructions as well as player instructions. At the moment I'm playing an attacking formation with passing focused down the wings. I've got short passing, as I think if you're too direct the ball just bypasses them. Think it helps to have attacking full backs too, otherwise the winger will get doubled up and they will struggle to beat their markers. Equally if I'm playing on the counter, if I focus the passing down the wings it seems to do pretty well. As for the player instructions, I'd get them to run with the ball often, cross often, hug the touchline and cross at the byline. I'd also get them to aim their crosses for a target man (I've got Andy Carroll on mine) as I think this is the most effective.
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