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  1. I have that PC now(or very similar) and I'm about to sell it because it doesnt perform well at all. Dont get me wrong it plays FM, but it annoys me how long it takes to boot, load FM and quite often just takes an age to perform a simple task like load skype. Plus it often crashes when shutting down then I have to wait a good 3-4 minutes before I can close the lid as its still doing something. When I reboot I get an error message saying the PC ran into some problems. The computer isnt very old at all and has had very little use as I use the desktop most always.
  2. Actually those Lenovo cashback offers are a bit of a naughty scam. Glad I didn't rush into buying it now. On the website where you claim it says you have to claim "21-51 days after purchase" so you have to wait 3 weeks before you can claim. http://gyazo.com/1c7fb9c4d6551a3d9376b9fccb454eb0 But the offer expires 5th December 2014, meaning it expires before you're able to claim. Back to the drawing board for me, I don't have the budget for the spec I want, sigh.
  3. Going to compare these here incase I've missed something, don't want to spend that much without being sure. http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/Q2756N-V2-CF1-Gigabyte-Q2756N-V2-CF1_1660277.html http://www.laptopoutlet.co.uk/59419186-16gb-lenovo-z710-17.3-full-hd-multimedia-laptop-core-i5-4210m-16gb-ram-1-tb-8-gb-ssd.html Both match up on Graphics, OS, screen, HDMI, DVD drive etc Processor - Gigabyte = i7 - 4 x 2.5GHz Lenovo = i5 - 2 x 2.6GHz RAM - Gigabyte = 8GB Lenovo = 16GB HDD - Gigabyte = 1TB HDD Lenovo = 1TB HDD + 8GB SSD Price - Gigabyte = £730 Lenovo = £700(£570 after cashback
  4. I know the one I linked was ebay, but its actually a shop, they just sell on ebay. You get good service, Ive used ebay for 10+ years for all sorts and never had a problem buying from shop sellers. There is no postage fee on that listing. The reason I said its £130 more is because the one I linked you get VAT back via cashback. My last 2 laptops have been "refurbs" but I get them from an official retailer, like PC world or Dell. What happens is a customer brings back a brand new laptop after a day or 2 and it cant be put back onto the shelf so it goes to the outlet store and they know a big c
  5. Is that really worth £170 more than the one I posted though? It doesnt have an SSD at all according to the listing. The one I'm looking at hs some kind of hybrid drive. Anyone know much about hybrid drives? I researched some and all I could find was the sellers comments "as fast as an SSD, with the capacity of a HDD" I found that the seller on ebay has the same laptop listed 4-5 times for the same price, well Ive just noticed that each model has slight differences, this one for example has 16GB RAM instead of 8. I dont know if this is a mistake on their end or not(if it is they may still hon
  6. I've been looking into laptops for a week now. My requirement list is: 17" screen, Full HD, SSD/hybrid drive, 8GB RAM+, Windows 7. Cant match up all that spec with W7, without going 2nd hand so W8 on desktop mode it is. This looks to be best: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lenovo-Z710-17-3-Full-HD-Gaming-Laptop-Core-i5-4210M-8-GB-RAM-1-TB-HDD-8-GB-SSD-/191389024610?pt=UK_Computing_Laptops_EH&hash=item2c8facc162 That or waiting for a Dell Inspiron to come into their refurbished section... They change daily. The one I've linked there is £560 once you get the cashback, seems great value. Tho
  7. Do you mind changing to windowed mode and checking for me please? I would appreciate it.
  8. I forgot to add that I need to be in windowed mode for multi-tasking. If anyone has a Full HD monitor laptop and can just check if FM shows all the panels on players profiles in windowed mode I would really appreciate it. Either 15" or 17".
  9. Its more a case of me showing the illusion that Im spending time with her... Sat just a few feet away, but in a whole other world, its a beautiful thing What about 1920x1080 in 15"? And for that matter 1920x1080 in a 17" screen, will that even cover it?
  10. Hi guys, I have a dilemma I was hoping someone could help me. I currently play FM on 2 computers, the PC I built myself upstairs, and so that the missus can watch her soaps I'll play on the laptop rather than subject myself to such depressing nonsense Problem is the PC is a quad core 3.1GHz, SSD, good graphics, 2x22" full HD LED monitors, it boots up in under 20 seconds, it loads FM pretty fast considering how slow they like to make it, it will run just about any game specs I want. The laptop on the other hand, takes ages to load up, even longer to load steam/FM(sometimes crashes), then wh
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