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  1. I find that if I try to play a player out of position he can have 2-3 good games then out of nowhere he'll have a complete shocker.
  2. I'm pretty sure I've found the answer. Tielemans just came back from 5 months out and his physicals took a little hit, and pace aside they weren't the greatest to begin with. So I decided to play Tiels in the #10 position and move my regen back to CM, he seem much better suited to that anyway. Here's a screenshot. http://gyazo.com/0a388d1372fb8f168cc1424f6bcd3075
  3. Both of those ideas go against the fact I hate players not tracking back. I realise this leaves me very limited, but I've tried having 3 passengers before and it always ends in me leaking goals to poor opponents.
  4. Ok so new question... Making him into an AM makes sense, that's his best role according to my scouts and coaches and his stats. BUT, I really can't be dealing with 3 lazy players not getting back when we lose the ball. So I'm really reluctant to make him have the attack duty. Is there a way to make him play as attack duty when we have the ball, but play as support duty when we don't have possession? Basically I'd like all the advantages of him being on attack, long shots, driving at teams etc, but when we don't have the ball I expect him to pull his weight.
  5. So Roam from Position and Move into Channels allow for him to stay forward more? Maybe I need to make my team more rigid to stop him getting right back into CM?
  6. Hi, I'm playing as Aston Villa in a network game with a friend and we're up to 2020. I'm just at the stage now where I have a squad capable of winning the Premier League and Champions League. Last summer I spent £58m on a new CAM and £83m on a new ST, both are regens and both have Ronaldo/Messi-esque stats. Unfortunately I am not the host so I cannot take a screen shot of them at the moment. I play a 4231 with the following roles: GK - GK defend RB - FB support CB - CB defend CB - CB defend LB - WB automatic CM - BWM defend CM - RPM support AMR - W support AMC - AP support AML - RMD attack ST - CF attack We are top of the league and we won our group which included Bayern with ease. After 19 games in the league we were 17-2-0. We have been utterly dominant. OK so 1st world problems... Anyway, my AMC is truly world class, hes American, hes 6'3 and he uses either foot without seemingly any negative effects to his stats. But hes only scored 1 goal for the club this season and has only contributed 4 assists. I have Oliver as my back-up AMC(previously 1st choice) and he never really contributed much in way of goals/assists either. Strangely Oliver is chipping in more when he plays now, I can recall a couple of nice long range goals from him and free kicks, but still not close to what I would expect from a top level player in a team like this. I watch the games in 2D classic and often you can pause the game and put a coin over both CMs and AMC, AMC drops deep a lot and is often on top of the CMs, and RPM often drives beyond AMC. RPM gets very good numbers of goals and assists. Now the thing is I'm very limited with my options for AMC, I converted Zivkovic from ST to AML to be my RMD with the new guy up front, but I hate having more than 2 players on attack, I've tried it before and I'm never happy with how exposed it leaves me defensively. Plus Zivkovic and my new ST both are 1st and 2nd for both goals and assists in the league I really don't want to change that set-up at all. That only leaves me support roles for my AMC, and the only support role options are AP and AM. I know you will most likely want to see some stats but I can't post any at the moment, suffice to say all of his AM/AP stats are incredible, he lacks a little pace and acceleration(12 for both) and AM 1st and AP 2nd are my coaches suggestions of his best roles. I don't use any PI's for my AMC, how can I get him in on the action? Would I be better served changing the RPM role instead as he seems to steal a lot of the AMC's thunder, but I have Tielemans there and I can't really see any other good role to get the best from him. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. We'd all love to return back to that world, unfortunately those days are well and truly gone. As for FM, well its job is to be as realistic as possible and in this scenario here it seems perfectly viable to me that a player could enjoy a brief spell of success at a club punching above its reputation and tradition and use that to engineer a move to one of the worlds giants. Theres been a few examples in this thread about players that have left big clubs for other big clubs, but there are literally thousands of examples of players that have left clubs the size of Spurs for bigger clubs. The problem seems to be that you think your trophies last year immediately put you at the top table of world football and thats just unrealistic, as said already for a club like Spurs to be put into the Man Utd, Bayern, Real, Barca bracket they would need a very long sustained period of success. There are literally hundreds of examples of medium-big clubs putting a great side together and having some success then having that team be broken down for the players to move on to bigger and better things.
  8. That might be the problem, he might be upset about his squad role, try moving him up to first team or key player. This is strange because on any save I've played this year hes basically impossible to buy. Also with players getting unhappy, just keep them on 18 months or longer contracts and ride the storm with them. I have a home grown GK that hasn't played a single game for me in 5 seasons and hes constantly moaning, I keep promising him games then when he has enough of my promises I say OK go, I've plenty of players who want to be here... I leave him on the list for a few weeks/months and he comes crawling back, at which point I give him another new contract. Thats basically my approach to all and any who complain, I try to tell them what they want to hear, then when the transfer request comes in I accept it and ride the storm out until they want to stay again. As long as they never get below 18 months on their deal it works fine. If I ever have a player unhappy into his last 15 months or so I offload him and get the best deal I can rather than risk losing him for under market value, or free.
  9. But if it doesn't say either way then a point deduction could be for the overall FFP and fine could be for going over the new wage increase regs. That would be in line with what I've read elsewhere just now. I don't know for sure either way, thats what I'm saying, I would rather know now for sure rather than wait or guess.
  10. You can offer a contract, but mostly they just leave rather than agree to join. Look at it like this, if he wants a release clause its because he sees your club as a stepping stone, so when that move finally comes around rarely will he decide to stay.
  11. Except the squad looks quality, and I doubt the owners have pulled out, I dont know, but I'd rather assume that than assume they have.
  12. What do you base this on? I've just read elsewhere that its a fine, for the same amount that you're over your wage allowance. So in my case that will be somewhere around £30m
  13. Ahhhhh, I didn't check that on mine, maybe the projected figure is wrong. I was shocked that the board would tell me I can spent that much if I couldn't, and then tell me I'm passing all FFP with flying colours(I make anything from £140m-£290m/year) I'm guessing no-one really knows what will happen since no-one has replied here, and that must mean no-one has faced sanctions because of this so I must be ok.
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