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  1. What a waste of Talent with Turkey, they are poorly coached and played without any confidence. How can a coach let his talented side play without any attacking intent? If you don´t have any skillfull players i understand why you play like this, but this was the worst display i´ve seen from a coach with a talented side. Turkey have a great generation and another one coming through the ranks right now, if they really want to take a next step anywhere they need a foreign coach with very different mindset! Oh and i am portuguese just in case if you think i write this because i am fr
  2. My browser is flagging the download links as a threat to the system, would like to try it but this alert just comes up with this links. You may look into that
  3. Since the update something feels off with Staff demanding very high wages, anyone else starting a new save getting weird salary demands. I am trying to get my staff completed and half of the candidates demand an even higher salary then i have as a manager, and i am not talking about super high reputation guys or main positions to fill. Physios that are earning 5-10k a month for a mediocre club suddenly wanting 20-30k from me being a ChampionsLeague club like Borussia Mönchengladbach. One guy i really needed as a first team coach because there wasn´t any good alternative i gave t
  4. Thx for the screenshots, looks like i can finally head to the Eredivisie
  5. Hi did they finally fixed the transfer problem in Netherland? I started a save with Groningen and Den Haag at some point but the rest of the teams especially Ajax, hardly bought players from outside the league with hundreds of millions in the bank. Can you look up some transfer histories from the last seasons, because i really would like to have a save in the Eredivisie. But against competition that refuse to sign better players, it becomes boring very fast.
  6. Oh i am running Found this little thread 2 days ago and it gave me inspiration in one last save with a mid table team, where i want to build them around the Total Football philosophy. And i use this formation from this thread and the 442 formation from the other thread as kind of plan B tactic. I changed some TI to my likings and some roles that are better suited in my opinion for the level of players i can bring in. In the front three i went with 2 F9 instead of CF and a Poacher instead of a Trequartista, the AMC behind i changed to a standart OM on attack. Them my RPM is a R
  7. Thank you thats great i love it
  8. Looks very nice and would be right up my alley, but i don´t like the transparent background. Is there a fast and easy way to get rid of the transparent background and just have a black background?
  9. Yeah i did the same couldn´t find any pictures related to that, must be the coding where it uses pre existing pictures. But i am not a skinner and my knowledge is very limited on that end. I feel that it should be something fairly easy to change for a skinner, thats why i asked but it seems we are out of luck.
  10. Yeah it works for some time it goes and it comes back randomly, it is strange. It isn´t even a big deal for most i think because it doesn´t show very often, and if you don´t focus on it and continue your game it goes away eventually. I unfortunately have kind of a OCD syndrom that don´t let me relax when there is something bothering me.
  11. Does anybody know if it is possible to make the trophy pics showing in the club overview in the honours section, i mean instead of the competition pics which are there now? I started to win titles and i want to see my silverware! Would be nice if anyone could guide me in the right direction to change it
  12. Jep sadly i have the same issue still, it is sad because this would be clearly the skin i would use. I switched to other skins but never entirely happy, so last week i installed Yacs again and there was this issue again. Strangely enough i played nearly 2 days without noticing anything wrong and was happy, on the third day without changing anything this problem appears and stay like glue no matter if i clear cache, reload or whatever. I stopped using it 2 or 3 month ago when i encountered this problem i think i posted about here, nothing helped and i had to switch. Now like
  13. This is an highly underrated tactic in my opinion! The best word to describe it would be solid, the original tactic works very good and produce a very attractive football. But it needs very specific role players to fully shine, if you don´t have a creative player with good pass skills to play on the right in your squad for example. In my specific save i was playing there was just one player in the squad for that position, but the tactic impressed me so much that i decided to find a solution for my squad situation. This tactic surely inspired me a lot to already build 3 diff
  14. First you have to put the TI to standard, then you add the press more PI to your DLP. After that you can put the TI to more urgent or whatever it was, the PI will stay on the DLP. Don´t know if it has any added effects. I had the same problem when i tried to recreate duties from other tactics, and the option wasn´t there hehe The trick is to set the PI before you crank up the TI, but as i said don´t know if it has any added effect. For me it is like placebo type feeling on some roles, i like to have the PI anyway and it "feels" like they are more keen to get the ball somehow.
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