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  1. Yeah i did the same couldn´t find any pictures related to that, must be the coding where it uses pre existing pictures. But i am not a skinner and my knowledge is very limited on that end. I feel that it should be something fairly easy to change for a skinner, thats why i asked but it seems we are out of luck.
  2. Yeah it works for some time it goes and it comes back randomly, it is strange. It isn´t even a big deal for most i think because it doesn´t show very often, and if you don´t focus on it and continue your game it goes away eventually. I unfortunately have kind of a OCD syndrom that don´t let me relax when there is something bothering me.
  3. Does anybody know if it is possible to make the trophy pics showing in the club overview in the honours section, i mean instead of the competition pics which are there now? I started to win titles and i want to see my silverware! Would be nice if anyone could guide me in the right direction to change it
  4. Jep sadly i have the same issue still, it is sad because this would be clearly the skin i would use. I switched to other skins but never entirely happy, so last week i installed Yacs again and there was this issue again. Strangely enough i played nearly 2 days without noticing anything wrong and was happy, on the third day without changing anything this problem appears and stay like glue no matter if i clear cache, reload or whatever. I stopped using it 2 or 3 month ago when i encountered this problem i think i posted about here, nothing helped and i had to switch. Now like i said tried it again after noticing an updated version, but unlucky me this problem is still there
  5. This is an highly underrated tactic in my opinion! The best word to describe it would be solid, the original tactic works very good and produce a very attractive football. But it needs very specific role players to fully shine, if you don´t have a creative player with good pass skills to play on the right in your squad for example. In my specific save i was playing there was just one player in the squad for that position, but the tactic impressed me so much that i decided to find a solution for my squad situation. This tactic surely inspired me a lot to already build 3 different sytems out of the same principles, all to fit my needs with my squad i changed the creative outlet more to the center roles. It changed the way i build my systems now when i choose roles and formation! Now i look into it with different eyes and try to find a balance between the formation, who is holding and who is the runner and so on like passing options. I never detailed it so much looking it from every position if there are the right options. So @kr10 your original tactic great but i have to thank you more for the inspiration it gave me to build some masterpieces!
  6. First you have to put the TI to standard, then you add the press more PI to your DLP. After that you can put the TI to more urgent or whatever it was, the PI will stay on the DLP. Don´t know if it has any added effects. I had the same problem when i tried to recreate duties from other tactics, and the option wasn´t there hehe The trick is to set the PI before you crank up the TI, but as i said don´t know if it has any added effect. For me it is like placebo type feeling on some roles, i like to have the PI anyway and it "feels" like they are more keen to get the ball somehow.
  7. Oh ok i understand Well with that exact same idea to do soemthing different, i started a new save in France with Auxerre with the purpose to make something happen in 4-3-1-2 narrow formation. I never gave a narrow formation a real shot because it felt wrong every time i tried it, but this time i said to myself that i will stick to that until it works somehow. And the first signs (still in pre season) are impressive - High possesion numbers with a very good amount of chances created, and on the defensive end i couldn´t see anything problematic yet. But the most impressive thing is that it seems not stuck to one form of scoring, which alot of tactics have. For example tactics that just seem to exploit never ending crossing, i hate that even if the tactic has good succes rate. I feel it could be a good experiment and a lot to learn for me, with a very fun save with Auxerre. Can´t wait to see how you tackle a 3-6-1 formation
  8. Why 3-6-1? The only tactical ilustration i found about his Nantes was this. https://lagrinta.fr/lage-dor-nantais-le-fcna-de-coco-suaudeau-1994-1996&7245/ And there it shows Nantes playing more in 4-3-1-2 The article is french but luckily for me if you translate it to portuguese it works well for me, at least it inspired me to try out something like that in my current save. I like having at least 2 strikers, and i like possesion-controled football! So this is worth a try. Thanks for bringing this up, i am always interested in this type of manager portraits, and how the respective teams played with detailed analysis like in the link.
  9. Jep that worked thx for the quick answer. Perfect might be the first time my little OCD problem with skins can´t find any problems, now i can properly play the game instead of searching solutions.
  10. Yeah i already searched the default background with the resource archiver in the game files but no luck. No you understand me wrong i don´t want background support i hate transparent skins, the best for me have just one background picture default. I tend to make the default all black to make it darker. Is there a quick answer to make it darker? If not no problem it works for me the way it is, but would make it even better for my taste
  11. Hi i really learned that simple, clean and organized is better with your skin, after trying and never be totally happy with all that fancy skins around. Some just overdone it and their skins feel "heavy" after a short time and others made good looking stuff but also touched things that are perfectly fine in the default skins. It was here all the time glad that i tried it and now it is my go to skin right now, i even managed to include what i wanted in this skin without messing anything else up. So i have to say thank you for this "less" is more masterpiece One thing i want to know where can i find the default background picture, cause i hope to make the grey a tiny bit darker?
  12. Hi i know this questions are not welcome for most skinmakers, but does somebody know or have done it already how to include citypics in the club overview? Because this skin is very tempting and fells well balanced between information and design, nothing overloaded or heavy. But after years playing with Citypics i can´t play without unfortunately, it feels wrong when i try it. Or if someone just could give me some links where i can figure it out to include them myself, would also be very kind and make me a happier FM Player.
  13. Yeah i looked it up it is exactly the same problem i have you described there, will try the solutions posted thx
  14. Deleted my old version and put in the new Darker version, looks even better then before. But now it has an bug that makes it unplayable for me now. The boxes i choose in the player profile where you can see the attributes and stuff, always revert back and 5-6 boxes show the same information. I put training in one box but the next time i look again it reverts back to an unusable profile. I don´t know if it is skin problem or si stuff, because some views also don´t save as i want but that i know is game bug because it happens with all skins. edit: Nevermind i restarted the game and problem dissapeared 😊 edit 2 : Well now all of a sudden the bug is their again i hope it can be fixed soon, this is a infuriating one and makes it impossible to play i test other skins to see if it is game or skin bug
  15. Great Skin again this year and will be my choice once again! Two things i don´t like i can usually change myself easily. First being the font which i find horrible i already found one i like, second is the colouring of the attribute analyzer polygon or whatever it´s called. I searched everywhere but i couldn´t find any graphic or option to change the look of that thing, can you guide me in the correct direction please? This last thing changed and i will be a happy man with my skin of choice!
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