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  1. Olha um tuga Nice sometimes for specific problems little things help, most people just go overboard with adjustments and mess up everything else along with it.
  2. Or you try a different distribution from your keeper right away with roles upfront. Option 1- Distribute to Playmaker, this will get another outlet drop deep Option 2 Distribute to fullbacks, this will make the zone your opponent has to defend wide I would try option2 from what i see from your clips, i think the AI will often use the Avoid short distribution from GK shout (don´t know the name in english) against you. And i for my side will do a last attempt to get a nice 4-1-4-1 going with a fresh Bournemouth save, i don´t know but it doesn´t feel right and like i said i can´t get the same results with it. It seems sometimes like my version of FM19 hates 4-1-4-1 and just start messing around hehe I normally goes sweet and nice most of the games but then there are the "cancer" games in between, where my team forget everything or the opponents score one screamer after another, and you can try and do what ever you want cause they continue happily collecting Puskas goal candidates while heavily pressed. On the other hand when i switched to a 4-4-2 with the same principles and the results and the consistency just clicks in and that "cancer" games don´t affect that much, thats why i can´t explain what is happening between the 2 situations. Hell even the stats go up in record fashion with the 4-4-2(same principles) i lead every stat in the leagues last 2 saves, posession, goals and better defense, don´t get me wrong with 4-1-4-1 i am leading most stats too but not with the same ooomph. It is sad but i really think the ME still favors some formations over others, thats something that should be heavily addressed in the next ME or FM´s
  3. What i can say about this is that your team will not stop to play forward or avoid every through ball if you give 1 o 2 instructions like lower tempo and short passing in general, don´t think in extremes when you give some instructions. But take a look at the Developing my Tiki-Taka thread from herne and take some inspiration from there, there are a lot of things and links that explain this stuff far better then i could. And i suspect it may even give you a nice main frame to develop your own system. But remember if you want your team to play nice fast forward passing game, you also need to give your squad the players that can give you that. Without the players you achieve nothing even if the instructions would work in general in an other more capable squad. Brian Clough had some nice quotes about this,which i think that people took to literally "Players lose you games, not tactics. There's so much crap talked about tactics by people who barely know how to win at dominoes” That doesn´t mean tactics are meaningless, but you don´t need to think about complicate things if you don´t have players which can make this complicate things work. At least that is how i interpret this quote.
  4. I hope this thread don´t die because i wan´t some more input and ideias to test in my own setups, especially in this formation which i almost gave up before this thread came up. With some things from the Pressing part i could get a better defensive display, but i still struggle to get my team press with the intensity i want. Even with my focus being on high working, brave players and so on they still seem to refuse to get in the pressing like they do in your videos so i really waiting to see the rest of it and what causes this or not. I get possesion up without losing to much attacking thrust, but i can´t get the consistency i see in your results. For some reason i can´t explain, i easily set up a possesion based system with consistent results in a Flat 4-4-2. But with a 4-1-4-1 i struggle to get that consistency going in terms of possesion, created chances and team pressing.
  5. I wasn´t saying that you have to watch everything on full at any time, but when you are developing a tactic suited to your squad you need to see enough to get the right ideia what you need to do or not. For the OP saying he wants fast attacking football, that can mean a lot of things and that is what i meant. As an example someone could think you mean route one football with a lot of direct long balls bypassing your midfield, as fast attacking football which it could also be.
  6. In my humble opinion you should go balanced in everything and then watch some games full to identify what you like they are doing and also what you don´t like to see, write it down and then go for the problems you see or come here for help with more and better inside info for what you actually need to see. I see that you want a flexible approach and expect your team to do what it is needed, when it is needed. Well i would like that too but i personally think that won´t happen with good but not top class players. So you will have to choose an approach and style that works for your squad, you don´t need to go to extreme play styles, but one that your players can play without getting fatal errors that cost your team points. If your results are good but you´re not happy with the football you see, that is something diffcult to explain to others and you need to spot exactly what you really don´t like. Otherwise i feel that not even the tactic maestros around here can give you any helpful advice.
  7. Yeah thats kinds obvious isn´t it? It is impossible to include every detail form a real life side into the current ME, but i still think it is possible to implement the general frame of that concept in the game. People just need to realise that to get quality results in real life and in the game, you need high quality players in terms of creativity and ball control to pull that of. If you try this high demanding stuff at a side which doesn´t have that kind of players in crucial positions, that just doesn´t work if you don´t have a Xavi you can´t expect high quality through balls and you need to adjust. But you can mantain a general mainframe of the philosophy and build a team with that ideia, but for the Pep style you need creative high working players with ball control, there is nothing going around it even if your tactic is 100% correct it could go wrong with the wrong players for the job. You see guys try and implement a high possesion, passing game with mediocre teams, and then ask for help and why it doesn´t work out. Yes it is a just a game and not real life, but you can replicate great teams with time and development.
  8. These maps are great and give you the best input you would need to work on a specific tactic. In case of ManCity you can see that they are very organized and rigid at their position, and that they don´t use prominent playmakers at all. The whole team is responsible to get the ball running. And another thing you see is that they abuse flank switching with players giving space to each other. In contrast you can see Liverpool under Klopp like to switch flanks very often too, but is way more urgent upfront and uses designated playmakers which get the ball often in the middle of the pitch. Also you can see the are not very rigid at their positioning and allow more penetration at each teammates space, you can see clearly with this maps how urgent they go forward. Very interesting and the best addition to this thread which surprisingly didn´t got the attention it should have.
  9. I started a save in france just after the completed update to 19.2.2. Can´t sign any staff for reserves or youth because i can just give around 50k a year and the minimum every candidate is asking is 115k, even the low rep ones ask for a minimum that is way to high for me to sign. And for the first team i just could sign with a lot of bonuses included or with the help of the ingame editor, otherwise i wouldn´t have any decent staff If i aproach a low rep coach as a ligue2 side with good history, at least the low reputation coaches should run through my doors and i should be able to meet the minimum requirements of these coaches. So i think there is still an issue with wages in france. I uploaded my savegame to the cloud. name - FC SOCHAUX Edit: oh and don´t go the easy road thinking it is caused because i am over my salary budget at the time from my uploaded save, it was exactly the same when i was way under the salary budget and still had a lot to spend.
  10. Where is a thread to talk about the new update, and what should have been fixed? Cause one of the points says that a minimum wage problem was adressed in france, just started a sochaux save right after the update completed and it is impossible to sign any staff for reserves or youth. I just can give them half of what they expect as minimum, and for the first team i have to include a lot of bonuses to get them signed!
  11. Ok now played a day with this fantastic and didn´t had the need to search for something better, it fits my needs perfectly i just changed the font to something i like and doesn´t mess with anything else to much. The only issue i found is on the squad panels the player info icons where we can see if they are suspended and such, if they are unhappy the icon is green like there is no problem and i really would like a red or orange color for that . This is something i probably can solve myself if someone point me in the right direction and where i have to look?
  12. Wow i was trying out the different available skins at the moment, just to see if there is one i can enjoy playing with. Well how do i put this? You sir a Champ! This was the last skin i tried and was sure i would just use the Base Skins once again, i have it now for 1 Hour but i can already say that you did amazing work with this. It has all the essential options and nice details without feeling overloaded on the eyes, i have to repeat myself that you did amazing work with this. I found my Skin for this Year.
  13. Oh my GOD! That is all i would need included in the base skins, how can i do this? Is there a panel somewhere i can include? Or something different which shows stadium and city for the Base Skin? But this one here is pure perfection in the layout not to much and everything essential congrats. People often overshoot with stuff and their skins get overloaded very quickly and i end up dissapointed. The Basic One with this Panel would be on point for me.
  14. Which citypack are you using? I changed the pack to the Vitrex City pics and now it works look it up on google and you will find the link to download them
  15. OK thx because it dind´t had the effect i expected when i deleted the snapshot selector 1 I will have a look at another day, already took more time i wanted to spend on it and i can live with overview like it is in your file
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