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  1. These are the type of saves that SI are looking for and want. Just follow the instructions given by Neil Brock a few posts above and let them know the name of the save game uploaded.
  2. Just started a brand new game in EPL with new patch, and went on quick holiday for all friendlies and about 6 league games. Some points noted: - Several players, as mentioned in other threads, like Bale, Dembele, Nani, Gervinho, Mata average 10-12 dribbles a game. - Man City just looks unstoppable, averaging 4 goals a game and thrashing most teams with huge scorelines, including Chelsea 7-4. - Other leagues (La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga) which are playable but are not run on full detail look very very "normal" as compared to the EPL on full detail. Dribbles there average around 4 max and no "crazy" scorelines of 7-4 noted by any team. Yes these scorelines do happen, but are really really rare in real life in a top league. Yet it sounds like this type of scoreline is seen by too many FM players after the new patch. - Viewed a few match highlights of high-scoring games and a handful of them are scored when one of the "pro at dribbling" players goes on a godly run and tucks the ball away past the keeper. Granted the observations above cannot be used to prove anything concretely just after 6 games, but it seems to suggest that something, or some things, aren't exactly right.
  3. Thanks for offering to look at it. Here you go. Not sure if it would be possible to add the numbers on this page as well?
  4. Is it possible to do this for the "tactics overview" page as well? I seem to use that view more often to adjust slider settings than going into each individual player's instructions page. Other than that, thanks for this mod, works great.
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