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  1. i think this tactic is well underrated. compared to most on here anyway. i started as gloucester in the bsn and won the league using xenons 4-2-4. so i'm in the bsp and still using xenons tactic. i came 3rd then 3rd again and lost in the playoffs both years. gave it another year and came 6th. i thought to myself i'm never getting out of this league so i switched to the ballista 4231 and won the league with 98 pts. went up to league 2 and couldn't really make any signings due to my poor finances, anyway to my suprise i came 3rd. 1 point off 2nd and got automatically promoted. now i'm in league 1 and STILL haven't really made any signings except from a few loanees, and i'm sat in 2nd places after 27 games with 53 points, 2 points behind leaders sheffield united. for me, it's a great tactic. getting (hopefully) 3 consecutive promotions with no finances is fantastic. i was trying to upload some screenshots but i'm not sure how.
  2. any chance of uploading the 442 again? the original and most popular one from post #1. the download seems to have broken.
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