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  1. Yep I remember on Fm 11 where I had great success with this (Domestic treble with United first season, then quadrupole, then everything) I always made sure I had at least two strikers playing. When I started I used Rooney on the left the Berb in the middle and Nani on the wing and then bought Hulk in January and played Nani, Rooney, Hulk. Reminds me of when someone said to Trapatonni why he doesn't start playing a 4-3-3 or something like that with Ireland and he said for that to work you need wingers who can score regularly. That's about it. However it's quite hard to find the required players for a decent price in the game.
  2. I started a new game with United with this on the new patch and won the treble and lost in the League cup final on penaltys to city. It was a weird season though the team really struggled for goals at times and espically after Rooney broke his leg. There was one stage where I drew 4 league games in a row including a 0-0 draw at home to 9 man bolton!! I remember playing barca in the quarters and bossing the first leg and not scoring then bossing the 2nd leg having 4 clear cut chances and not scoring. Took a Carrick goal in extra time. Can't argue with what I won but it seemed a like I wasn't scoring as much as I should have and killing games given my dominance in them. Unfortunately now im going to have to start it all over again with United after getting that run time error. After doing everything they suggested to do I still cant get the game save working and a different game save still works so the file must be corrupted or something. Or it might be that I have it on a large database. Also does anyone has the name of a good Wing Foward for a decent price for this formation? I'd love to buy someone like Neymar but SI seem to believe santos will only leave him go for Ronaldo money (cue 30 million move to barca) Also a decent priced playmaker. I used Eirken there and he had a good season but I couldn't help feel he was more suited to the mcl position.
  3. I think Im gonna use the new one for my 2nd season. A question. Do I still use the same instructions as I did for the home and away that where in the original thread? Like increase the tempo to 9 or whatever if I cant break them down or time wasting to 3 if im looking for a goal before half time etc.?
  4. I used the old home and away in my Barca save. Won everything finished the season unbeaten (although drew 6 games) conceded 17 goals and scored over a 110. Although I lost on penalties in the CL final to Chelsea.
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