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  1. sorry if already mentioned ( i tried a search) but surely like monthly contracts or pay as you play contracts would be a great addition especially for lower league clubs. It is happening all the time in todays game and would a good addition.
  2. haven't completed a season yet! actually i think the furthest i got was about october 08!
  3. Off Topic but what skin is that please!?
  4. fm08 by far...i just have commentary and full speed, it is very slow and frustrating!
  5. 1st 11 GK - no.1 DR/L - no. 2/3 DC - no. 5/6 MC (more tough tackling one) - no. 4 MC (attacking one) - no. 8 MR/L - no. 7/11 ST (more creative/target man) - no. 10 ST (quicker/goalscorer) - no. 9 (my number) After that sub keeper gets no. 13 about it though sometimes i feel a players name and type revolves around certain numbers that feel right for them e.g. usually left wingers get odd numbers such as 17 or 19. As for myself its 9 (club number), 14 (day of birth/Cruyff) and 23 (when i was a kid, Man u didn't have a 23, so i kinda took it as my own!!)