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  1. Go into your training, select schedules hit manage schedules hold shift key and highlught all your training schedules then select export save file and oyu'll then have all your individual training schedules saved in 1 file
  2. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  3. Solid Arsenal Tactics 10.2

    "Now for a little bit about the tactic - first of all I doubt they will work for a non 'top 4' team. Most of the settings are left on default and have been set this way because Arsenal have a variety of players who fit very nicely into 'central midfielder' or 'advanced playmaker' roles. Therefore if you do not have high quality players this tactic may not succeed as the individual instructions won't be tailored to make the most of those players' strengths. " My deaf dumb blind horse could do as well as this if your going to post a tactic based on the default settings with one of the best teams in the league at least show a screen shot of Burton Albion anyone new to the game could do well with Arsenal on the default tactics..
  4. I signed Max Noble (AMR) on a freebie at the start of the game for Leeds and he's great, Goodwin Antwi as backup rightback is ok as a freebie, upfront signed O'conner to partner Beckford sold Bechio 950k to Boca good bit of business there and I love Notts County for signing my rejects. Ihave signed doyle permanatly for 375K over 48 months and made him skipper as Naylor doesn't get a look in with Kisnobo & Bromby been so solid at the back