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    I'm not 54, I'm 20. I don't know why it says that.
  1. Tactical Challenge

    nice one, thanks. Nice tactic, Liverpool always use it against me but never used it myself, should be good to give it a go.
  2. Tactical Challenge

    I'd like to give this a go if there's still room.
  3. Er.... pretty sure my list above showed that both Arsenal and Man U have 5 full backs each. Santon is 19 and is equally a Left Back, Zanetti is 36 and on the verge of retiring. Maicon is also getting on a bit. Chivu is their only recognised Left Back, so signing Chretien would give the same number of full backs (5) as Man U and Arsenal. Seeing has how he (Chretien) can play at centre back and also do a job at DM, I'd say that even if he's not going to be starting at Right Back all the time, he'll get a fair few games at Inter. And he'll win something, which is probably more than can be said if he moves to West Ham. The move is realistic, which I guess is the most important thing
  4. Really? so Chretien, who is actually a very good full back, if not quite in the class of Maicon, is expected to go to West Ham, a team struggling to stay in the Premiership, where he'll be paid much less, instead of Internazionale, who are realistic Champion's League contenders, he'll be paid a king's ransom and he'll probably only have to wait a year before Zanetti retires and he gets a lot more playing time. The game is meant to be realistic....
  5. I would usually have at least 4 full backs in my team, two for each side. its not uncommon in real life either e.g Man U: Evra, Fabio, Rafael, G Neville (and probably O'Shea as well) Arsenal: Sagna, Eboue, Clichy, Gibbs, A Traore And who would you prefer to sign for, Inter or West Ham?
  6. Their fullback didn't "literally chop him in half", pretty sure that isn't included in the 3D animations. This is FM, not Saw. As regards the sliders, I can't think of a better system to set up the large variety of tactics that FM enables. The roles and responsibilities are more accessible, but in the end they just vary the positions of the sliders. And I don't think the controversy thing would add much (if anything) more to the game. All it would do is annoy you more when your star centre back and left back have a huge falling out, rupturing your painstakingly put together squad. Deadline days are fine, the game pauses much more frequently to enable you to push through those last minute deals, although one slight change I would like to see is work permits given on deadline day, as all to often you can miss out on that non-EU player because of work permit regulations. Apart from that, not many problems.