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  1. Drewski

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    I think it's about time I dusted this game off, download the newest patch, and give this challenge one last try. Damn you World of Warcraft, taking up so much of my time
  2. Drewski

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Also have a certain Andre-Pierre Gignac in my side, much needed experience
  3. Drewski

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Drewski. Boston United. 2019/2020. Premier League I made it my goal to make sure that we didn't get relegated this season, and to help me reach that goal the board gave me £19m to spend on players, needless to say, it paid off as we survived with 3 games to go, the final table, even though we survived I can't help but wonder what would have happened if we had continued our good form from the start of the season, we did start well but fell away and got caught in the relegation dogfight for the majority of the season. Squad - new squad for this season, there were only a few players that pleased me with their performances of the duration of the season; Akinfeev - that's right, you read that correctly, Igor Akinfeev, one of Europe's best goalies in his prime at 33, cost me a measly £800k after his contract was expiring, so I thought what the hell, put in a bid and he accepted, just thinking that if I had him a bit sooner then we could have been a few places higher than we finished, he put in some brilliant performances during the time he was in goal, I could not ask for anything else from him; Sanchez - my one reliable defender, never put a foot wrong and when he was on form then the team played quite well as well, I say quite well because the 6 in front of him were poor; Souza - came with a £6.75m price tag, doesn't look that special, but he's still young and I'm certain he will come good within the next few years or so, 3 goals in the league is a bit disappointing but hopefully this will improve once he plays a bit more next season. Transfers - the usual, players in, rubbish out/released. Finances Aims for next season: Stay up. Improve squad. Get someone who will score goals.
  4. Drewski

    Oh Dear Oh Dear

    It's not you, it's Ipswich Town, there must be something in the water, we can play well for a few games and not lose and then we'll play like Norwich the next few games.
  5. Miles better than FM09, so yes, get it.
  6. Drewski

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Drewski. Boston United. 2018/2019. Championship Shocked tbh, never did I think that we would win promotion to the Premier League this season, we had a good squad of players but I didn't think that we would be strong enough to actually go up, but with this game, there is a lot of surprises; here is the graph, we were actually top for a few games before finally settling for 2nd place, it was nice to see the team always challenging for at least a play-off spot. Squad - it was nice to see three of my strikers getting into double figures, as well as my midfield contributing a few goals as well, you can say the only thing that ****ed me off was my goalkeeper, he couldn't save a shot even if he had a robotic arm that was programmed to save shots, lucky for us our team was going to score goals. Kilgallon - he may have gotten worse this year but the stalwart still put in a very good performance over the duration of the season, I doubt he will be able to stand up to the ferocity of the Premier League so a replacement will be vital. Mahoto - again, like Kilgallon, he was a stalwart in the heart of my midfield, he wasn't the fastest of fittest, but he was able to break up play and bang in a few stunners this season, he might need to be replaced next season. van der Waal - superb, 21 goals for my main striker, very pleased with his overall performance this season, he will be my main man next season until I get someone better. Transfers - lost my RB to Dundee United, but it was good money, most of the players bought in did well, whilst those who left were either crap or unhappy, with money made this leads to our finances, with over £4m in the bank, and with the tv money next season we should get a half decent budget to splash on new players, and I'll need it. Me Aims for next season: Stay up, I don't care how we do it, but stay up.
  7. Drewski

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    About 60%, though I'm likely to get more funds with our improving finances.
  8. Drewski

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Drewski. Boston United. Championship. 2017/2018 Out first ever season in the Championship, and with the squad I had I did not think that we would be able to survive unless there was a massive overhaul, so, after signing a bunch of players we surprised ourselves and the rest of the division by finishing in mid-table, we started the season very well, accumulating enough points to make sure that we would not be involved in a relegation battle come the end of the season, graph Squad - Defense was solid, midfield was competent, and my strikers were able to get into double figures, so overall, not bad; Kilgallon - solid in the heart of defense, his experience was valuable at the back, and with his age I will look to bring in someone younger next season; McCartney - only signed him in January but he had an immediate impact with his defensive abilities, he will be one to watch next season; Wallace - better of the two main strikers, although some of his play was a bit unconvincing, I have two more strikers coming in so he will most likely leave. Transfers - crap went out, also made over £3m in sales, Fenton was only with us for 6 months before he left for £2.5m, hopefully I'll get some kind of budget next season. Finances - we've become a selling club now, our 6k capacity stadium cannot cope with the wages and other expenditures, so unless we move to a new stadium we're stuck with selling players etc. Me Aims for next season: Improve squad. Move up the table.
  9. Drewski

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    Drewski. Boston United. 2016/2017. League 1 After finishing just outside of the play-offs last season I made it my aim to try and do one better and actually get into the play-offs this time around, but we had other ideas, and finished the season as Champions, for the majority of the season we were in and around the top 4 and by the last 14 games or so we went up another gear and let the chasing pack, confirming promotion with 5 games to spare and the title 1 games later. Squad - It was pleasing to see my front two score more than 50 goals between them this season, and that we actually had a midfielder contributing with another 12, out keeper, who was on loan from Aston Villa took over from Stech, who was very poor; GK. Armstrong - wow, his presence in goal made a huge difference to the way my defense player, before him we were crap, when he arrived wee played with more authority I would loved to have had him again this season but he has moved to Celtic for £900k; McLaughlin - another superb season from the DL, he was a rock in defense and his set pieces were deadly, it's just a shame that I think that The Championship will be too tough for him, but I'll still use him as a squad player; Turnbull - finally! It's about time I managed to get a midfielder who could contribute a few goals and assists, and that's what he did, I will be looking to him for more of the same next season; O'Brien - my main striker, he had a bit of a dry spell right at the start of the season but the more games he played he started to find his rhythm and finished with 26 league goals, I will look to him again next season; Wallace - was used as a sub for the first half of the season, but once my loan striker Romario's form dipped I brought Wallace back into the fray and he did not disappoint. Transfers Finances Aims for next season: Stay up, for the love of god, I don't care how, but I hope we stay up.
  10. Drewski


    I think we've found the answer.
  11. And? Maybe they got a competent manager in charge?
  12. Drewski

    dafuge's FM10 challenge

    We were going well in the league, pushing for automatic promotion, morale was high and the team were playing well, and then this happened