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  1. Started a game with NUFC today, currently 7th in the league after 7 games. Battered Man City 4 - 0 on the opening day which was made sweeter due to Mancini's pre match comments that we would get relegated, only lost one game so far away to West Ham so not too bad, havent played Chelsea, Man U or @rsenal yet...... Signings so far.... In :- Lukaku - £6 Million over 48 months Marco Paladino - £1.9 Million (the board signed this player for me due to insufficient funds ) Ruben Suarez - Loan - 24k Gai Assulin - Free Bernard Mendy - Free Out :- Moyo, Renger, Ferguson, Tozer - Loan Lovenkrands - Loan to Getafe, £110k fee £2.2 Million future fee (hopefully) Ameobi - Wigan £3 Million Alan Smith - Burnley £2 Million (have to pay £30k per week wages for him :/)
  2. He has been reborn! Glad I dont have to play them, I wouldnt stand a chance.
  3. Guess it was a win/win situation for Geromel then, I knew players were as fickle as the fans
  4. No Mr. Doll, i'll think you find I only need a draw to win the league, bloody idiot
  5. What about Mads Jorgensen, Mantorras, Damian Manso. Also was Assane N'diaye really any good i remember he had about 8 or 9 20's on CM 00/01. Can anyone remember Peter Prospar, think he was on CM 99/00, 18 yr old Striker with 20 pace and 20 shooting, fast forward to CM 00/01 he was 31 and rubbish
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