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  1. Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    Ah, bugger. That's all that comes to mind. I didn't know him personally, but obviously know of him and his dedication to FM and the community. Sad news, a big loss, and my warmest condolences to anyone who knew him. Rest in peace.
  2. FM 2008 patches

    Yes, it does. Latest patch at any point always includes all changes from previous patches for the same product.
  3. In that case - by transferring the file to you laptop, did you copy the patch installer you downloaded (Called "FM2009_v9.3.0_Patch_Installer.exe" or "fm2009_930-pc.exe" and/or something like that) to a folder on your laptop? If so, run Windows Explorer, go the folder you copied this file to, and double click the file to launch it. If you do this correctly, if should show a window similar to this: Click the "Update" button and the patch installer will update your FM2009 installation to 9.3. Then run FM and it will be patched to 9.3. You will need to run the installer, copying the files using a different method is most likely not going to work. The above image is on Vista x64, on a 32-bit Windows version the (default) update path will read: C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2009\. If you are on Vista and User Account Control is enabled, you must allow the patch installer to run as administrator first (it will ask you when you launch it).
  4. You will need to activate the game on any computer you run it on (wether you just copied the contents of the FM2009 installation folder or installed it and patched the installation - the latter is the recommended way). The usual way to activate is online, but you can do it via phone.
  5. Nice one. Could you give details as to where in the BIOS this was? Thanks, and enjoy!
  6. Patch Problem. Mac

    Almost. The eSellerate patch is for digital download purchases through eSellerate, and if you were to install this on top of the normal (non-eSellerate) install, it will ask you for an eSellerate code. The non-eSellerate patch is for the boxed DVD version of the game. All bug fixes and database updates are included in both patches, but install the correct patch that applies for you. If you by mistake install the wrong one, download and install the correct one (you shouldn't need to uninstall and re-install the game, just install the correct patch on top of the other patch).
  7. From what I can find out it is not possible to turn on or off individual cores on a Core 2 system, so if this is the case there wouldn't be an option to do this in the BIOS or anywhere else. What might be happening is that the processor power saving feature turns one core into a very low power state, effectively turning it off. What is your current power scheme set to in Windows (Control Panel -> Power Options -> Power Schemes)? (It's also possible that Dell comes with its own power management software installed, if so you should check this too) Do you have a boot.ini file on the root of your C: drive? To check this you will need to make sure hidden files are visible in Windows Explorer (Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View -> Advanced settings -> Hidden files and folders -> Show hidden files and folders). If you do, can you post the contents of it (open it with Notepad, Select All, Copy to clipboard, then paste into a reply)?
  8. This is the key - FM is disabling the "Threading" option because it can find only one processor. This is backed up by CPU-Z and Windows Task Manager. What version of Windows are you using (please include the full edition)?
  9. Patch Problem. Mac

    The patch installer attempts to find the location of your Football Manager 2009 installation automatically, and in most cases will find it without problem. If there is a problem and the patch doesn't seem to install (like in your case), then it's worth checking the patch install location to make sure it does install it the correct location.
  10. Patch Problem. Mac

    If the 9.3 database is not available there's a possibility it did not install the patch to the correct location. If you run up FM, and go to the Game Status Screen (from the Options menu once you've loaded a game), it should give you what version it is (9.0,9.1,9.2 or 9.3). If it says 9.3 then it will have the fixes (but no db as it is not listed when starting a new game). If it says anything else it is running and older version. When running the patch installer, once on the step that says "Installation Type", click "Change Install Location...", then select the Mac OS X disk, and click the button labelled "Change Folder...". Make sure the folder chosen is the one that contains your Football Manager 2009 installation (if it isn't, locate it, double click it so you're actual inside the folder and can see the "fm" application, and click "Choose". Complete the patch installer - if everything succeeds it should now patch correctly, including the 9.3 database.
  11. Yeah, just copy the downloaded patch installer file and run it on his computer. It will patch his installation. No, 9.3 (and all our patches) are fully inclusive of all fixes from 9.1 and 9.2, so all he needs to install is 9.3.
  12. The thing is if you directed the patch installer to the wrong folder, then you may be missing updated data. The additional folders contain files that have been updated for the patch.
  13. The patch installer should look for the game, but if you haven't run the game at least once it may not find it. parai11, if you installed FM09 to the default location, it should be installed to /Applications/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2009/. Running the patch installer (the PKG inside the DMG) should find this location, but if not, you can direct it there manually by clicking on the 'Choose folder...' button on the second step ("Destination Select"). Navigate to Applications -> Sports Interactive and click on "Football Manager 2009", then click the "Choose" button. Now click "Continue" on the patch installer and follow the rest of the instructions to complete the patch install. It should then have updated your FM installation with the patch.
  14. I replied to your post here, here and, indirectly, here. Posting duplicates in multiple threads doesn't always help and makes it harder to keep track of who/when/where responds to your query