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  1. Can somebody upload it somewhere else? I can't download it from 4shared.
  2. I'm trying to spot a problems by watching a game back but I don't see everything clearly and I don't know how to fix some issues (maybe I'm not patient enough). Guess I will just play next game and describe my approach in details. Will post it in a few moments (maybe an hour, because I have some work to do) and we'll see what me and my team are doing wrong.
  3. I'm doing something horribly wrong. I decided to start a new save to check some things and try this tactic with Arsenal. First game, away at Southampton - lost 1:4 with their 6 Clear Cut Chances. I don't know yet how to fix it but I want to learn and I want to understand how things works out in this game Do you have any opinion about my defence? Is it happening because of lack of pressing? My players rarely put a tackle and opponents have a too much time and space to play those balls. How to prevente it and how Cleon did it with same instructions (both players and team) as me? It has to be an answer somewhere, only need to find out where
  4. So after reading your feedback (cheers Cleon!), I decided I will give this a go: As you can see it's just a Cleon's way (I also added specific PI's to ML and MR to replicate Pires&Ljungberg style of play), but I do have some serious issues that need to be addressed. Hopefully we will figure something out I will describe the "bright side" of this tactic later. First things first as they say. First, let's look at my fixture. I played 4 games, scoring like mad... and conceding like mad In true, we were very lucky, because it could have been even worse. It's very entertaining but that's not the way I want it to be! We certainly aren't looking like Invincibles in terms of defence! My defence does not exists and our opponents creating CCC's with ease. There is something very wrong about it and I need to change it very fast. I tried a few things during the games (dropping deeper when my opponents played many through balls, pushing up when they were mostly crossing), but nothing helps. Let me introduce you to the goals my opponents scored and their CCC's. First game was West Ham away. Here are the stats from this game. They had 6 clear cut chances and we still managed to win it by a 2 goal margin :o Big Sam's luck I guess Let's look at the details. First, goals from the game. Forget mine (although Giuliano scoring 4 in his debut is worth mentioning ) and focus on theirs (third is from my defender mistake). Look how easy they go past my invisible (instead of invincible) defenders. What a mess! Now let's look at the CCC's of West Ham in pictures. As you can see all of them are really simple balls. Sadly, non of my defenders can deal with them. In our next game we conceded just 1 goal but let's look at the stats. 5 CCC's for them :o On to the pictures. I think that's enough to prove that my defence is very weak and they can't put a tackle. It's a simple scheme, that killing us. We can't deal with that through balls Do you have any ideas how to prevente it?
  5. Thank you, Cleon. That's amazing I guess I was right then with balanced style - although my left back was flying in a friendly, but I know this games are irrelevant. Will give it a go and post later how it looks during the game. I see you have Ball Playing Defender in your team, is he playing short passes by default? I don't have any player who could play that role and I don't want them to hoof balls (at least when I don't have Adebayor up front) so I set my team to play out of defence. Maybe BPD role is more appropriate because Campbell was more direct and Toure (I guess) distributed ball to midfielders/strikers. I decided to get rid of roaming, because I want my team to keep shape especially in the middle where we can easily be outnumbered. One question about passing - why not shorter passing? I guess you didn't want to restrict your players and allow them to play wider (expolit the wings is a self explantory )? Will check how my players react to that changes and will they play the "right" balls instead of short/long
  6. What role would replicate Bergkamp's style best? I see that someone mentioned False9 or Treq (I like that, although it's risky because of defensive issues) and I would like to try that, but I'm looking for a proper player because Spurs don't have any. Guess I just need to find a new Bergkamp. Should be easy
  7. Thanks for the feedback, will see how it works in the game and then I will put some changes if needed. I will propably finish my pre-season tommorow, so will be back tomorrow or day after I agree that Vieira wasn't just a destroyer. I watched some highlights from that season and he was often around the box and even scored a few. Deffo not a simple BWM.
  8. As I've read this forum, I noticed that Cleon and few other masters of this game had an idea to replicate Arsenal's unbeatable team. I'm still reading about FM and still learning because i'm pretty far from master it (I'm not very good tbh ). I wanted to do it with my Rangers in Scottish Championship but after the promotion I messed up a few things and my team is on the edge of disaster, so I started a new save. Idea is to recreate the style of that Arsenal's team with... Tottenham I read about the system Wenger's used in that year, here are a few links which I used: http://www.zonalmarking.net/2010/02/12/teams-of-the-decade-9-arsenal-2001-04/ http://footballperformanceanalysis.com/2013/01/10/the-invincibles-arsenal-2003-04-analysis-1-squad-and-formation/ (part 1 of 4, great analysis) http://footballspeak.com/post/2012/03/30/Legacies-Of-Invincible.aspx So basicaly the shape is a simple 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 with Bergkamp in the hole. I think 4-4-2 is more appropriate (Bergkamp dropping deep), but I want to use Eriksen in this role and try how this will work out. If it won't, I will try and put him on the wing to play Pires's role. So this is my basic shape. I decided to play fluid based on The Hand of God guide, but I don't know if I can recreate the power of the left flank and "convince" my full back to get further forward just like Ashley Cole did. Also I don't have a slightest idea if Complete Forward can play like Henry (move into channels, dropping deeper) and how he'll cooperate with my AM. Of course I added my left mid instruction to cuts inside and play more risky passes to replicate Pires's style. I'm not sure about Team Instructions, but I think Invincibles were roaming, played shorter passes and didn't shoot on sight but tried to get in to the box. I'm thinking about playing out of defence, because that's the way Kolo Toure played in that system. I don't think Arsenal's defenders played many long balls. More to follow because I'm still in my preseason. Any obvious flaws? And sorry for my english because it's not best
  9. I've put the files in skins folder but the game don't see it and I can't change skin.
  10. ...Well, at least tryin' The idea of this thread is to get feedback from you and beat top teams with average Stoke team together! Hopefully we all can learn from this. I'm counting on you As you can see on the picture below, FA (or shall I say FM?) don't play with me easy. I was trying to beat or at least get a draw from Man United and Tottenham games and I failed massively, so I decided to get a closer look on my team, tactic and try to figure something out. As you can see I will try (with your help of course) to beat at least one of the top teams i'm facing on early Premier League days. It will be an ultimate challenge to get something from these games, as my team is very average and currently under construction. Well, picture means more than thousand words so here they are, starting from the comparison screens: STOKE CITY TEAM I brought some new faces to Britannia Stadium so we are slightly better team (maybe better is not a proper word, but I feel we improved in footballing terms) than in the beginning. We are still awful at passing, but we are fairly balanced and good at the other aspects such as decisions, strentgh, work rate and teamwork. In the games against United and Spurs I got it totally wrong as I tried to play a deep counter-attack with less pressing and low tempo. We didn't defend well and didn't create any chances (goals came from set pieces and opponents fault), so I decided I have to change something. Let's go further. We are certainly not good in terms of tackling and marking so the idea of sitting deep was some kind of suicide. Our pace and positioning is not splendid but at least it's better than marking&tackling stuff. Our strength is... strentgh and air play so maybe forcing opponents wide players to cross more often is a good idea? We are not quickest but we should be okay if we won't be too high up the pitch. My midfielders are terrible at passing and in technique terms so we won't playing tiki-taka for sure We are decent at tackling so we can push up little more and try to win a ball high up the pitch. Decisions, teamwork and creativity are also our strengths so I have to use it somehow. We have terrific movement, anticipation and heading (well, at least when Crouchy is playing) so we have to use it. I think the shout "hit early crosses" will suit us very well although we are terrible in terms of quickness so my strikers shouldn't be feed by any through balls. We have to pump the ball into the box more often! So, how does all this ideas mix together? I think I i should use the power of my team, try to win ball high up the pitch and feed my strikers with crosses. This is my intepretation of the comparison screen. I decided that this formation will suit us best. We are not very good in the midfield so we can't afford to lose battle in the middle of the pitch (so that's why we are playing with three central mids). Our striker should link up with central mids who will provided ball to the flanks and they should feed the DLF with a cross. My left fullback should overlapping IF and provide us extra width on the left side. In first three games I played with balanced style but due to have only two specialist roles (DLP and AP) I think we should play fluid. If you have any ideas or concernes please give me your feedback. Next post will focus on Arsenal team and players.
  11. Something is wrong with my training. Suddenly I can't train positioning and marking :confused: wtf?
  12. Thanks for feedback. I will play today and I will write about it later
  13. As i said I want to use a pace of my forwards and I think that can be achieved by dropping them a little deeper. My only issue is that they will have to pass the ball which they are not best at (but I hope they will cooperate with my AP) . I will see how this will work in the game.
  14. I posted about my latest game in the other thread and I thought it will be easier to start everything from beggining. I'm managing Anderlecht and I have one aim - to create a dynasty builded around the tactical system which I'm trying to... understand . This thread will be a mix of Cleon's threads (Understanding your tactic & Ajax youth development) which I'm totally inspired . I'm still trying to understand this game and I have so much time now to achieve it, so I will share everything with you and enjoy my game with (hopefully) your help . So, first thing first - I will start from the presentation of my team and my idea of tactic. TEAM & THE SYSTEM Strengths: Passing, first touch, workrate. Questionable (average): Decisions, teamwork, aggression. Weaknesses: Strength, leadership. Conclusion: I want to take advantage from my strengths - which is logical. Due to very good passing and first touch of my team, I will play short passing game and maybe with low tempo, as my players are not very good in making decisions - I want to get them time to think about pass. Or maybe I'm thinking wrong and I shouldn't do it, so they don't have to make decisions but just play simple balls to the next player? Teamwork is also worrying me, because I want them to play as a unit, not individuals. But due to my idea and limited budget I can't get any reinforcements (as I want to develop young players) and I have to live with it. We also lack leadership, so I have to be the tough boss . I ommitted goalkeepers because I can't think of any special role for them - they will just focus on defence. Strengths: Sadly none. Questionable: Positioning, pace, acceleration. Weaknesses: Tackling, heading, jumping, marking, strength. Conclusion: My defence is woeful. I will have to win the ball high up the field because I can't depend on my defenders. We are decent in terms of postioning, pace and acceleration, so I will push them up that they don't have to sit deep and mark opposition players. Strengths: Passing, Stamina, technique Questionable: Long shots, decisions Weaknesses: Creativity, teamwork, tackling. Conclusion: My midfielders are also struggling in tackles, so I think I will need to play with easy tackling and depend on my team shape as actually we can't put any tackle . Passing and stamina is something i'm very happy about - I can play short passing game and hassle opponents - something I really like and want my team to deliver. We have also good techniques in the side, so short passing option should suit us very well. We are not very creative side, so my players won't have any free roles - they will have to play exactly as I tell them to do. Strengths: Heading, movement, pace, acceleration. Questionable: Finishing Weaknesses: Jumping, anticipation Conclusion: I have very fast forwards, so I need to feed them with some throughballs and maybe drop them a little deeper. Due to my team is favourite to win the league I except to meet many teams that will defend deep and wait for counter. So this is where movement should be a help. My forwards are struggling with jumping (although they are good headers) so I will go for drill crosses. They're not good also in terms of anticipation and I don't know what to do with this . I put all the pieces together and decided to play 4-2-3-1. I'm a big fan of balanced style and I want to create a system depends also on PPM's. I want especially Denis Praet to shine, so Advanced Playmaker is very important for me. I want him to roam and looking for opening passes to the attacking three (something similar to Coutinho in Liverpool). I'm looking also for overlapping from fullbacks (my left backs are yet not capable) but I will explain it later when I will analyse games of my team, as well as my shouts. Any suggestions so far?
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