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  1. Sorry Neil, it just seems like the complete opposite of what football manager has always been about, which is making you the manager. Now it's not me, and as i'm completing the additional info screen, I'm just thinking whats the point, hopefully it'll be barely noticeable in match. Then horror of horrors, staring at me from my manager profile and news feed is the monstrosity I have just created. It is very gimmicky. Can it be disabled?
  2. Can you disable that manager visual set up thingy? The image of me / my manager is already getting on my wick. I would say why have they wasted development time on something so trivial, but it's so poorly done I don't think they wasted more than 10 minutes.
  3. Can someone post Jordan Ibe's PA please as I can't seem to fix the editor black screen issue.
  4. New one, just had a player 20 yrds offside not give because a player was receiving treatment behind goal.
  5. Did we not have the too common one on one, and poor one on one finishing a year ago?
  6. Keepers seem too slow to come out, and under-hit back passes are very common so far.
  7. In 4 seasons I have seen 1 penalty missed in open play, is there an issue with too many being converted?
  8. Are you having any success? I feel I'm pretty close to what Rafa's tactic was like but my results are average at best.
  9. Scraped past Bradford, then Lamped 3-1 by Brentford. Although their goals came from a corner, long throw and free-kick and we seemed to play better.
  10. Lost the first game 3-1 at home to Notts Co, mainly due to a poor first half. 1st note would be to give the DM the PI pass it shorter and hold position. Although masch did chase the ball down, I believe he did it only when it came into a threatening area or his defensive zone. I also think giving the GK the PI distribute to defenders would help as he completed only 52% of his passes.
  11. I've also added higher tempo to try to increase the chances of quick breaks, mainly as control strategy is lower in counter attacking play than Def, Att, Counter strategies.
  12. I agree that when the side was struggling to break teams down they were notorious for lacking width. However, when they were on song, width largely came from supporting full back (right) who would maintain width and winger (left). So I have removed this and added the below PIs. I definitely agree that the front line (right side in particular) was often very narrow so I will be giving the DWr the PIs sit narrower and get further forward (to provide more of a wide threat on goal - as Kuyt did) In terms of player instructions apart from the above; DLP = More direct passes FBr = Stay Wider FBl = Cut inside AMC = get further forward (in the hope he still links play but also supports the striker) LW = stay wider DWr = Sit Narrower, Get further forward DLF = Move into channels, close down less Just about to play the first match of the season as Sheffield Utd, here goes nothing!
  13. I think this is a very difficult tactic to re-create in game (and be successful). I have tried a number of times and had no joy in getting any real success. The other reason I believe this is the case is that Benitez himself repeatedly fails and is generally sacked in almost every game I start. The difficulty I think is in linking the attack with the defense AND getting Gerrard to be in and around the front man. The tactic in game is heavily reliant on the passing and vision of the DLP, if the opposition can nullify him you can end up with what looks like 2 teams on the pitch (the front 4 and the defensive 6) with very limited passing options between the two. Giving Gerrard and AMC-S should help with this, it should encourage him to drop a little deeper and link play, and because he has a 'gets forward whenever possible' PPM he should still get forward enough to support the striker. I would still personally go with 'Fluid' as I would only have specialist roles for the 'Kuyt position' - DW, and the DLP. Although I first thought Agger should be a BPD, I think that was probably a lot due to his own personal playing style (again 'gets forward whenever possible PPM'). I'm going to give this a go a little later as follows; Fluidity - Fluid Mentality - Control (although I believe Rafa adjusted this most depending on circumstances) Shouts; Pass shorter Play out from defence Play wider Pass into space SK - Defend RFB - Support RCB - Cover RCB - Defend LWB - Attack (Unsure on this role & duty at the minute) - Agree with OP - Cut DM - Defend DLP - Support (both the above in the Defensive Midfielder slots) RDW - Support AMC - Support LW - Support (unsure on this duty at the minute) DLF - Attack Any input welcome. Will update further later.
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