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  1. another crash dump FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.01.21 23.08.18).dmp
  2. already tried increasing virtual memory, still got the same issues closed other application before playing fm 2020, still crash before match / after playing few matches no need closed other application before playing fm 2020 at 20.1.4 i think there was a bug causing memory leak since 20.2.0
  3. still got the same issue after updated to 20.2.3, but this time can play few matches before it crash
  4. already updated graphics card drivers still got the same error i was using amd gpus, what should i do???
  5. FM 2020 v20.2.1.1326301 (2019.12.13 21.31.30).dmp hope it can help~~
  6. i already tried, still got the same issues and no crash dump files created thanks for your reply
  7. can't play this game anymore after update to 20.2.0/ 20.2.1 , always show this error before match
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