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  1. I have always played with a back four, and when I finish up at my current club Corinthians I want to play a 3-4-3 for something different. I don't adjust individual sliders, instead just picking a role and duty. So with two DCs I would have one on cover and one on stopper. My question is, with three DCs (and no fullbacks or wing backs), what would be the best way to set them up? I'm assuming there will be either two coverage DCs and one stopper or the other way around. Anyone know which is best?
  2. I had a save exactly like this and after some experimenting I'm convinced the reason was my manager reputation was too low. I thought I was pretty good at FM as well until this happened to me. Turns out the game is a lot harder when you start with a low rep. For years (real life years) I had been starting every save as a former international. In my latest save I started out as a former sunday leaguer and it took nearly 20 years (in-game) for me to hit World Class reputation.
  3. I am newly promoted to the Chilean first division, and the media prediction on the club information screen is 16th (out of 18 teams). The board want me to avoid relegation this season so there's not a lot of pressure to win games. Anyway, at the mid point of the season (the end of the opening stage) we are coming second. The board are extremely happy, as are the fans. However the media have inexplicably been referring to us as 'underachieving' for a couple of months now. I just chose to ignore it as maybe a bug in the text until I was asked about it at a news conference. I said I was happy with how we're going and left it at that. More recently I re-signed all the players and staff I want to keep for next season, and one of my stars (player of the year in the division below) said he wasn't interested in extending his contract. Fair enough - I will sign a replacement for next year. Also one of my centrebacks is a foreigner (Argentine) and not high enough quality to hold one of the seven foreigner slots in my roster, so I will sign a better replacement for him next year as well. Anyway, within the space of a week, both of these players have come to me complaining that the team is underachieving. I got into arguments with both of them - after all, I am in the right when I say that the club is doing well; we are coming second for ****'s sake. Now both of them want to leave the club as soon as possible. I have no problem with players wanting to leave for various reasons, but this 'underachieving' thing is obviously ********. Is this something I should be complaining about in the bugs forum or is this just an imitation of the real-life situation where media and players blow **** out of proportion?
  4. So if anyone's interested, the guy is now 24 and willing to be the team captain again. There was no particular news item, just the line about him not wanting to be considered for the captaincy was no longer displayed on the 'choose captain' alert. He is now my captain and most of the other players were happy about it, though of course my best player complained that he thought he was a better choice - despite having an influence attribute four points lower.
  5. Yep. Also the young guy's Determination was too low but now it's reasonable.
  6. Does anyone know how to change this? When I took over my club there was a 19 year old vice captain, who I replaced with an older player that was more suitable. Now every year when it's time to finalise my captain I get the message that this guy doesn't want to be considered for the captaincy. I never really cared about this in previous saves but this guy is now old enough to take on the responsibility, and his influence score is second highest at the club. Has anyone seen this attitude turn around before?
  7. I'm happy using it as much as I currently do, thanks. I'm getting good results.
  8. I tend to have this shout 'on' for well over 50% of most matches.
  9. The update 12.2.0 is here!

    Or at least the changelist.
  10. My Career Destroyed!

    Sounds like your players are just going through the motions - not unmotivated but not particularly motivated either. The only thing your 'experiment' should tell you is that it's not your tactics. I'd say you have a squad management issue - have you considered maybe you're not getting enough new players in each year? Counterintuitive I know, especially when people on this board overstate the importance of team cohesion (but who hasn't ever won a league with twelve new players in the squad?) - in real life sometimes players just get jaded. I also suspect players in this game don't always tell you straight away when they've got a problem; I've had plenty of players give me three months of poor form before the PR appears that they want to move to a bigger club or they want a new challenge. I suspect the people that make the game have fixed the old career mode of: 1. Settle into groove with rich club 2. Only buy promising youngsters 3. Win year after year with nearly the same squad I've been waiting for the new patch before I really get into the game this year, so I haven't played it enough to be sure. But from the little I have played it, it seems harder than previous years. Certainly, an ongoing criticism from fans of the game has been that long-term play is just too easy. Maybe you've confirmed that it no longer is.
  11. Porn Star Regen!!!

    As they say, "aggression is lube".
  12. Bored with Regens

    I prefer playing with regens so now whenever I start a new game I never use real players, and I always go on holidays for a few years to build up a history for them. I got that idea off someone on this forum about 5 years ago actually.
  13. It's not just goals and assists that make his rating - look at his runs and key passes.