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  1. I mentioned this in a previous post...FM20 is a stadia launch title, what if stadia launches before the 19th!
  2. Ok, but it could drop 1st November, so does that mean FM20 would go live too?
  3. If FM20 is a google stadia launch title and stadia launches 1st November does that mean FM20 will go live?
  4. Hey Seb….just noticed you are the Leeds Utd researcher! Do the Leeds younger players...Clarke, Shackleton, Pearce, Edmondson, have a better potential rating this year?
  5. Im the same... not sure how many leagues I can run with this Intel core i7-7700HQ @2.8GHZ 16.0 GB Ram
  6. Just say she's adopted ...that might cause a ding dong!
  7. what about a joke session!! what's the strongest thing in the sea?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A muscle
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