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  1. Hi Jack, thanks for the reply. I think the integrated one is doing something. It does look like the Nvidia one is taking most of the load. How do I split the workload between GPU’s?? thanks
  2. Deleted the preferences and cache and still doesnt work. i have attached the dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  3. Plus whilst FM21 is running its slowing everything on my laptop down. eg just switching to this forum page takes ages. My fan is going mental!!!
  4. Hi, i cant watch the match due to it freezing / juddering. anything i can do to stop this?? thanks
  5. I think I have read before that the amount of injuries is toned down in football manager...should be a option to have it set at real life so squads get stretched more.
  6. I mentioned this in a previous post...FM20 is a stadia launch title, what if stadia launches before the 19th!
  7. Ok, but it could drop 1st November, so does that mean FM20 would go live too?
  8. If FM20 is a google stadia launch title and stadia launches 1st November does that mean FM20 will go live?
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