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  1. Youth costs seems very expensive in FM, I think I was spending around 240k a month in league 1, I am up to 340k a month in the Championship. My feeling is that it is related to the Academy upgrades, irl having a tier 1 status requires you to spend at least £1.5M a year, while tier 4 requires £100,000. For sure on my Stalybridge save I was always struggling for money due to youth costs. I can't decide whether the youth academy implementation in FM14 is bugged or somehow tied into your training facilities and youth recruitment/junior coaching ranking. I have tried multiple times to get it incre
  2. Just out of interest did you request the Academy upgrade or did it just happen automatically? On my save I can't seem to get a manual upgrade request to work for the Academy, but twice now the board have just announced that it is going to increase and that works fine, can't figure out why. Fwiw I brought back one of my former academy players on my save, I told myself it was within the spirit of the challenge at least.
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