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  1. I am still plodding along on my Stalybridge Celtic game, a few weeks away from 2032, after the recent steam sale reduced my FM time somewhat. A few good youth intakes in a row have left me with a team good enough to challenge for the top 6 in EPL each season, hopefully my first CL qualification is on the cards this year. I am currently sat in 5th, 7 points behind Spurs in 4th, but hopefully I can close the gap. This Guy is the best player I have had come through the academy so far, he is a joy to watch on the highlights, especially with the current ME seeming to make defenders close down really high up the pitch, loads of room for him to exploit. My first season in the UEFA cup is going better than expected, it was not a competition i was looking forward too, but all those games are the perfect place to get my other youngsters some game time.
  2. I have found the AI to be much better at squad building on this version. They also seem much better at producing players, Barcelona f/e on my save are consistently producing world class players from there youth team, as are P.S.G. Even Man City, who I have found in previous versions tend to spend money really badly, have put together a quality team.
  3. Might as well stick this save in here as well. Year: May 2030 Leagues Loaded: all English Leagues with Large DB Description: Liverpool and Blackburn have front-end tycoon owners in the EPL. Cardiff, Southampton, Stoke and Fulham are in the championship, not quite top 10 teams,but might be a decent challenge. Sunderland just got relegated to League 2, and Preston are in the Skrill North, if you fancy dragging a team up from the lower leagues. https://mega.co.nz/#!woEnURoJ!E7yuICP3jyEPA1IFbO88NxUFI8YaipYWT5M6h0BPRY8
  4. Blackburn just got taken over by a front end tycoon on my save. It is in 2030 with all the English leagues loaded. Liverpool have a tycoon owner as well, and Arsenal are currently the richest club in the world, so there is a decent challenge. Anyway here is the save : https://mega.co.nz/#!woEnURoJ!E7yuICP3jyEPA1IFbO88NxUFI8YaipYWT5M6h0BPRY8
  5. I quite like Walker's stats, you can't go far wrong with teamwork/workrate/decisions and agility in a CM.
  6. Here is the liverpool tycoon save. they have 100M transfer budget, and you will probably need all of it, I think they finished 16th last season. https://mega.co.nz/#!dlUDmQCT!bBA5OkslNJMyJ73u9nMGvyfi-VI6EwPCc12bMeyUDTU
  7. A Tycoon just took over Liverpool on my save, but it is in 2028. I will happily upload if it is any use to anyone.
  8. Nice youth intake, I always like getting keepers, life is so much easier with a good one.
  9. I am pretty sure that it is not in fact a bug. At the end of the season I got a message from the board that my academy was now considered a rank 2 academy, again this co-coincided with my youth training facilities moving from good to excellent. My feeling is that a manual upgrade request via the board will only if you have a certain standard of facilities, otherwise you will get the news item, but nothing will actually happen.
  10. Interesting read, been trying and mostly failing to play 3-5-2 on this FM, some great ideas here.
  11. Well I have already fallen foul of the Belgian transfer system, I need to pay more attention to my news feed lol.
  12. So far after multiple attempts I have been unable to change my clubs academy status via a board request. After making the request and getting the message back that my academy was now level 2, the information screen still showed I have a level 3 academy. However I wondering whether this is a bug or if in fact in England you can't manually increase your academy level without certain parameters being met. My understanding is that IRL a clubs academy level is decided in part by how much money they spend on youth training, so I am wondering whether SI have implemented a system were your academy level will only increase if you have a certain standard of training/youth facilities combined with a certain level of junior coaching and youth recruitment. The only successful increase I have had so far was done automatically by the board and came immediatley after my facilities upgrade had been finished.
  13. Youth costs seems very expensive in FM, I think I was spending around 240k a month in league 1, I am up to 340k a month in the Championship. My feeling is that it is related to the Academy upgrades, irl having a tier 1 status requires you to spend at least £1.5M a year, while tier 4 requires £100,000. For sure on my Stalybridge save I was always struggling for money due to youth costs. I can't decide whether the youth academy implementation in FM14 is bugged or somehow tied into your training facilities and youth recruitment/junior coaching ranking. I have tried multiple times to get it increased from 3 to 2, and have had the news message to say that the increase has gone through, but the information panel still shows rank 3. I am pushing through a lot of facility upgrades at the moment so I am hoping it will auto-increase again. Losing Threlfall like that is a sickener, the players seem super greedy this year, though some would argue that it is realistic.
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