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  1. You have hit a bad patch, I was worried about being bored of it just like you but took up a team I have never used and it got me back involved.
  2. You guys playing full screen or windowed?
  3. I'm loving it, renewed my love for the game, feels a lot better more realistic.
  4. I could never imagine myself tweeting.
  5. Can you change this thread name to [FM11] Bromley with love mixed with a bit of Blue magic!
  6. I did a career thread a while back but the game crashed and I lost intrest
  7. Thinking of doing a Career thread what is the quickest way to do things and what sort of updates should I include?
  8. Didn't really know anywhere to post this but if you use steam and like to talk about FM or your Career on fm then add me Blue_nightmares
  9. can my thread be deleted please a bit of blue magic-rise to fame crash dump ended that save so upset about it aswell. thanks
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