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  1. Really looking forward to this.
  2. Hello Everyone Looking to start this challenge, What countries have you all loaded?
  3. I am confused so do you not change any of the settings E.G Passing - direct or Defending - more aggressive
  4. Can anyone explain to me the differences between medium and large db (other than the number of players loaded) I plan on having a save running from now until fm 14 so any help will be good
  5. what is the main difference between medium and large? and are they all top level leagues or all of them in that nation
  6. Really need a good edited team/player panel...please help if you can
  7. I like team talks every game so far when I am losing at half time, i give them the pep talk and they score withing 2 mins of the restart
  8. Good luck pal, will be watching this thread closely.
  9. You will do it pal, promotion is defo coming your way soon.
  10. Has anyone got any useful player panels uploaded
  11. Can I get some help, please I have a:Amd 965 x4 3.4ghz4gb of ramGtx 560tiWindows 7 64bit How many leagues and players would not blow my comp up? I plan to have one save from now till fm14
  12. Ok mate, I look forward to reading this as it will give me tips for my challenge
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