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  1. After playing FM09 solidly for 10 days now, I would like to see the following for later versions. In no particular order of significance: 1) Stadiums that aren't just grey, and look realistic. Maybe even have crowds that start jumping when a goal is scored, or have banners in! 2) A better set of default tactics, so developing them is less of a chore for those who just want to get straight into a game, and those that do want to change them have more of an idea of what good settings are. Maybe also have a choice of tactic styles packed in as well so players can see how to get teams playing like their real life equivalents e.g. Barcelona 4-3-3. 3) A greater choice of skins packed in, or at least one light and one dark. Plus the ability to ability to customise text colours. 4) The difference between the 3 mentoring options to be explained. 5) More differences in managerial styles. Wheeler dealing, veterans vs youth, whiny or honest, nomadic or loyal, passing vs hoofball. The differences in managers could could be made more distinctive. 6) Players having the ability to be retrained to other positions and be natural in them. It happens in real life, that players end up in positions they werent playing at 16. 7) Boards that take into account past successes. At the moment, it seems that seasons are a bit one-shot, it would be nice if you could build up board trust like Wenger/Ferguson has, for example. 8) Trophy presentations, where you see you little captain pick up the trophy and go on a lap of honour. 9) When selecting assistant reports, being able to select any coach and not just your AM.
  2. I'm playing it right now! I wanted to like FM08, I really did. But the useful tweaks (reports for your own players, adjust budgets) nowhere near compensated IMO for the poor board confidence, ridiculous transfers, and worst of all, terrible regens which made long-term games difficult. Defenders continually making silly mistakes either didnt help! FM07 was for me, probably the best balanced football manager between challenge and fun. It was tough, it was a challenge, but if you had a decent tactic and built up a good squad over time, you could enjoy some success. It didnt require the forensic analysis of tactics that the later versions need.
  3. I posted these in another thread, didnt know this existed. So, in the hope that these are noticed... 1) The ability for managers to choose their own training, youth upgrades. If it is the case that facilities descriptions (e.g. “averageâ€) cover a wide range of values, it would be very helpful to see what the improvement actually is, as at the moment we can’t tell. But it would be an excellent feature if we could determine the level of improvement. As others have said it would be silly to improve facilities by an incremental step with each upgrade when you could just build a state of the art facility from scratch (i.e. if you have average facilities but 5mn in the bank, why do you have to build slightly better average facilities before you can afford to build an excellent one?). Perhaps when we request improvements to facilities the board can present us with a range of options, with the financial costs and timescales explicitly laid out. For example, you could order a limited upgrade for a small fee, or the board could ask you if you want to spend 2mn of your transfer budget a year on building and running a youth academy, or foreign youth camps. This would give managers the choice of forgoing current transfer spending for longer term success, and give managers more control over long-term strategy. 2) Enhanced celebrations for cup/title wins in 2D view. I always hate it when, after winning a cup, the match ends immediately and goes to the after-match screen. It might be a bit immature, but I would love to bask in glory a bit more, to see in the 2D view a podium wheeled out, and everybody collect their medals and then have the trophy lifted. Imagine the commentary “And there it is, Steven Gerrard lifts the European cup!†Then maybe a lap of honour, or the team going to the crowd. As the game is much harder now, I feel that if you do manage to win a trophy then more rewards for the player’s hard work would be good (rather than just have a message from the board saying “well done, now please concentrate on future successesâ€). 3) Hall of fame or fan club votes for your clubs best ever teams etc. Seen this somewhere else in the forums, thought it was excellent idea. Maybe best players for the club, national team etc. Imagine the thrill when a player you nurtured is voted the clubs best ever left back, or best striker. Imagine being voted your clubs greatest manager!!! 4) More manager information and feedback. On the manager screen, rather than just the aggregate number of cups won and games won, it would be great if you could break this down, for example individual cups won at which club, league positions. Achievements on the other hand show everything, right down to signing each individual player, which is unnecessary and perhaps this could be limited to cup wins. 5) The ability to scout your own players as well as you can scout other players. Mentioned already, it does seem silly that the information you receive from your scouts on players outside the club is much worse than information you receive from your coaches on your own players. Perhaps we can ask our scouts to scout our own players, I don’t know how difficult that would be to implement. 6) Post match press-conferences Seen this elsewhere, would love it to come in. Would be great to have the option of giving a team the hairdryer postmatch in the media, or criticise the opposition for playing defensively. Even say sorry to the fans! 7) Anytime interaction with players who have a problem (slight or major). At smaller clubs, it seems very easy for players to get unsettled through not playing, transfer speculation etc. It would be great if you could chat to the player directly about his concerns, and not just when a media item comes up. 8) Cup wins and other criteria counting towards board / fan approval. I hate it when the board gets uppity when I am not top six, despite all I have done for them. Cup successes and past successes should be considered when judging performance. If you led a team to the double and a European Cup final in a season, but came in only 4th the next season due to a spate of injuries, you wouldn’t expect the board to get itchy in real life.
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