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  1. Just about to start a new save after exams finished and I was wondering, is it better to switch the leagues I know I don't want to play in to view only and load all the players based in the nation, or just to keep them all fully playable? In terms of player quality and computer performance.
  2. It was probably a mixture of the higher quality opposition and the Spanish/Italian clubs having better training facilities. That being said, the players you sent on loan to Spain/Italy could have had better mental stats which allowed them to develop faster/to a higher level
  3. Foreign player restrictions

    If there isn't anything there, I think you have to assume that Cypriots are classed as foreign
  4. Future Job

    Not unless you use the editor
  5. Amateur Status and a few bugs

    I still think that amateur status is the reason that higher class players are joining you because they know that they aren't tied into anything. I remember a save in FM10 where I was able to sign league 2 level players in the 10th tier, then when I went semi pro a few of the players who were keen to join my club didn't want to anymore.
  6. I would watch that game. How did you feel in the 83rd minute?
  7. Countries hosting UEFA/World Cup

    Even if there was some kind of message giving details on how football in the country was improving, e.g. "due to Australia/USA hosting the 2042 World Cup, there has been a great boost in sponsorship for A League/MLS teams and participation in the sport at a junior level has grown." This may indicate that either the importance stat or the ability of regens that appear will be better.
  8. Economical Ceiling in the SPL

    I think it would take quite a while and quite a few European Championships before you see the kind of quality that you see in England to reach the SPL
  9. Amateur Status and a few bugs

    What is your club reputation, if you are able to sign Marseille players in the BSS then you may have set it too high. I couldn't get Championship/League 1 level players to come to my BSS side so you must be doing something brilliant. That being said, players are more willing to join an amateur side because there is no contract, they get some game time in, prove to clubs that they are decent and then leave for a paid job. I'm not sure what you mean by the staff meeting messages, could you explain it further? Upgrading from amateur to Semi Pro status happens by having a high enough bank balance or promotion to League 2. Do you have the option to offer your players semi pro contracts? I'm not sure if the wing backs issue is a bug, it may be just a poor representation of what is happening by the 3D display, it may be because their dribbling isn't very good.
  10. Countries hosting UEFA/World Cup

    There's no financial model in the international side of the game, so you don't get any money gained or lost by hosting any tournaments. It is something that probably should be explored more, especially with dynamic league reputation, so that if China/India host the world cup one day and the FA makes a shedload of money, they can put this back into the league and make it stronger as a result.
  11. Can you "Freddy Adu" a player?

    I would offer them a pro contract as soon as possible and then keep them in the youth team until they are too old, that way they get a lot of training and a lot of match experience. I don't think I've seen an in-game example of someone breaking down because of too much training or anything like that
  12. I think I'll be the first to say "It's your tactics" this time
  13. Getting a Son In-Game

    It's something that happens once in a blue moon, I don't think being at the club for a long period of time has much to do with it
  14. I would love to try this with every nation suddenly only able to play with their own nationality's players
  15. Fernando Torres' Loyalty Rating

    I think it should probably have spoiler tags on it but I think it's fairly safe to say that by reading the thread title you know what the OP is going to be saying. Nice find, though