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  1. Son In The Game FM10??

    How old are you in the game? Since your son is 16, wonder how old the manager needs to be to get his son in the Academy - surely there must be some cut-off point.
  2. "New Position" Training for Opposition Players

    Ha ha, would be nice. I don't think you can train players to GKs though (and you also can't train GKs to new positions)
  3. How to retire a jersey number?

    Interesting wiki article on the topic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retired_numbers_in_football_(soccer)
  4. "New Position" Training for Opposition Players

    I tried this (setting all Man Utd players to be trained as SW/DC), and a month and a half later, the training still remained in tact - the AI had not reset it. I haven't tried it long enough to see: 1. Whether these get reset at the end of the season 2. Whether the players actually get trained in the position after a while, and if yes - what effect this has on team selection (i.e. Rooney becoming a DC/Striker and getting played as DC in our games instead of up-front) Once I get through another season, I will share any new findings. If anyone has checked for the above, please feel free to share.
  5. "New Position" Training for Opposition Players

    Hm, I guess no one is experiencing the same problem.
  6. Not sure if this has been reported before (did not find it during search), or whether it's a bug at all, but I found that you are surprisingly able to set "New Position" training for your opponent's players. Can't upload image right now (will try later), but try the following in-game: 1. Go to your squad view 2. Click on the "Views" drop-down menu, then "Custom>", then "Customize Current View" 3. From the column on the left, select "New Position" and Add it to the columns to be shown. 4. Click OK, and if everything is done correctly, in your squad view you will see the new positions that you are training your players in. 5. From the power user menubar at the bottom of the screen (where it says "Europe/England/Premier League/Chelsea" if you're managing Chelsea for example), click on the small arrow next to your team's name and select one of your opponents in the league. Doing this, I was able to not only see what new positions my opponents are training in (which is perfectly fine), but also change the positions that they are training. So, if you really feel like playing games, you can set the whole Man Utd squad to become SW/DC (which theoretically reduces their training by 10% every month and can be used to your advantage). Please let me know if this is a (known) issue, and if it can be replicated. I can try to upload screenshot as well, if necessary.
  7. Assign each coach only one duty and you should be able to go much better than 3 stars.
  8. Tug's Training 2010

    I am with eazy dayz on this one - has anyone done that at this point? Figuring out any potential issues with installing has taken quite some time, and it might be easier to just recreate through a screenshot
  9. FM 2010 - which Face/Logo/Kit Pack to install?

    @ Ellis_D - facepack is huge, so depending on your connection, 15 hours might be realistic. If you're downloading with a torrent, hopefully there will be enough users seeding. @ petepompei - is the "graphics" folder where you're extracting the kits the exact same "graphics" folder that your facepacks and logos are? The kids should work in the exact same way as all other graphics, so there shouldn't be a problem if they are extracted in the right folder. Please note that you would have to extract each individual kit pack in a separate folder within "Kits", so as to not overwrite their config files. Each kit pack should have its own unique config file
  10. Manager Photo Disappearing

    I'm sure that if you just paste the text of the config file here, we can take a look and see if everything seems right
  11. FM 2010 - which Face/Logo/Kit Pack to install?

    FMGLive forums are a good reference for graphical information, I guess we're not allowed to share anything more here.
  12. Manager Photo Disappearing

    Thanks a lot - worked like a charm. My problem has been solved, so mods should feel free to close this one.
  13. My Dark skin.

    Dave, I don't seem to have a "panels" folder, or a "titlebar.xml" file. I have not yet installed any skins (I am using the default dark one), so I assume that in order to follow your instructions, I need to have installed some custom skin? Alternatively, can I just create a "panels" folder, and then create the "titlebar.xml" file inside, containing only the text above? I'm a fan of the default dark skin, but would still like to see bigger logos.
  14. My Dark skin.

    Thanx dave byrd, will try out at home and let you know if everything works well
  15. Football Manager Cut-Out Megapack

    Hope this helps: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=165802