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  1. This seems very gimmicky to me. Plus, I'm sick of Brexit in real life. Now it's messing up my free time, too. A lot depends on how the AI teams adapt. A human manager won't have too much trouble. Without forward planning a lot of AI teams will have 90% of their squad become ineligible overnight.
  2. I just think there isn't much to talk about. I know we're supposed to be constructive in criticism but this year's new features are seriously disappointing, virtually none have anything to do with what I consider to be the core of the game: tactics & team building. Unless there's something big being held back I'll basically have to decide whether to pay £35 for a data update.
  3. Sorry, I'm just going to repeat: The sidebar is just a space-guzzler. Makes everything cramped and I can't see what's been gained by moving it. Tactics screen: absolute horrorshow.
  4. I used Man City as a test team for my tactical ideas, so I tried a LOT of combinations. Couldn't get 4-2-3-1 to work at all. I know that isn't very helpful but you might consider other formations.
  5. This is actually the easiest FM to play. The game will pick your team and tell you what tactics to use. But any deviation from the script is punished with total destruction. Personally, I just can't play this way.
  6. I still think the new system badly restricts creativity but after reading what wwfan wrote I've bought the full game and will give it a try.
  7. Would anyone NOT vote for designated takers only? I once had a DC get a hattrick with a penalty. Even though we were 3-0 up I would still have insisted my striker take it. IRL this almost never happens but it's quite common in the game. In theory it's a nice little feature, in practice very unrealistic.
  8. I've always found that this varies a LOT from player to player, especially the final step to "natural."
  9. Still too long. I want to use instant result.
  10. It's been suggested that it will be necessary to WATCH all your games live. I just don't have time.
  11. Really? Doesn't that defeat the whole point of having a streamlined version? That's pretty much a game breaker for me.
  12. If the players are going to do what they want to, why bother having roles at all? Also, FM classic doesn't have most of the match analysis options. And if you're using instant result you can't watch the match either. How can you tell what your players have been doing?
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