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  1. The network game keeps crashing when one of my mates hits the continue button... I don't know what's going on...
  2. Does any one of you know, if you can continue a network game with the newest patch, if everyone is patched to the same version?
  3. I think the effect of injuries on most players is ridiculous... They don't lose a point here and there. They lose what's giving them the edge compared to similar players, at least at Bayern I made this experience with Ribéry, Gómez and Müller. For the network game we use my set of editor data which has proven to be well rounded. You see some smaller teams surprise (in the two seasons it's been Mainz and Freiburg) and some bigger sides coming close to relegation (Werder, Stuttgart) with the Bundesliga-typical performance changes from one season to another that many clubs go through irl. I also reduced the impact of every injury by 10% or a bit more and the bad ones don't appear as often, which has to do with lowered injury pronenesses as well
  4. C'mon guys keep it up! No one playing Bayern anymore? My network game season ended great, I won both Cup and League but lost to Chelsea in the CL final on penalties after being very unlucky not to score nor get a penalty... Currently we are in early November and things aren't going that well. I'm sitting top of my CL group with Ajax, OM and Bucarest and play 1860 (away ) in the 3rd round of the cup, but the league sees me sitting third five points away from Köln (yes, that Köln-issue gaian :/ ) and three points away from my friends Doofmund side.
  5. Hi guys! I'm back for the Bayern thread! I would love to see people reporting on their progress again! I'm currently in a network game with two friends from uni, that I got to buy the game and so far, they are loving it!! My Bayern side sitting top with 4 matches to go in the season. I'm 12 points clear and should win it, Cup final is against Köln and a bit of draw luck (a group with Shakhtar, Lille and Otelul, Kiev,ManUtd) got me in the semi final of the Champions League against Valencia. It was a tough season so far though, my friends Doofmund side were really lucky to get away with a draw from AllianzArena in the Hinrunde with a header from Schmelzer in the 93rd and I secured the first place just at the 17th game day. In the Rückrunde I also lost away to my other friends Leverkusen side unluckily. But then the away match in Doofmund... I had 63% of the ball, 21-15 chances and lost it 3-0! But a tough stretch for them saw me opening up the gap. Hopefully I can get the triple! I don't know what you think, but I find the network game even way more enjoyable then the SP... Much more rewarding and emotional. I wanted to throw the laptop out of the window, basically after both Doofmund matches and with human managers, you really are put to the test!
  6. Don't forget: -Bender twins (Leverkusen and Dortmund) -Schweinsteiger has an older brother, who currently tops all goalscorers in 3.Liga -Ribéry has a brother in a lower conference in France -Jürgen Klopps Son is in the game (Marc Klopp) -Mario Götzes brother Fabian -Christoph and Malte Metzelder -Joel and Marvin Matip ..... the list goes on for ages, so why don't we see more of that with regens?
  7. Both don't have the required potential to be as good as Robben and Ribéry in their prime I'm afraid, but one major injury to either one and you can probably call it a career. Well I made some changes to the database, because I think there are some underrated players in the Bundesliga. I also decreased some CA, especially at Köln^^
  8. I started a new game with Bayern now since the old one lost its challenge due to the successive CL titles and I also bought a lot of foreign players. Now, I will only buy players that are either German, Austrian or Suisse. I also made some changes to the database where I believed they were necessary. I took Friedrich's injury and ban away for example and slightly increased Reus' and some other youngsters' PA (like Wollscheid). I will also try to keep the best players in the Bundesliga by answering offers from foreign clubs for other players that are not at my club with ridiculous offers from myself and then canceling the deal to make it tougher over a longer period. Additionally I wanted the German national team back to be able to manage them in the near future. Hope you understand this. I will keep you updated.
  9. Alright. The formation we talk about is this one right? Those are the team instructions I employ: I have not ticked the box for Schweinsteiger being the primary playmaker, since I believe that he does that as a dlp in his role anyways and Robben and Ribéry might not get enough touches that way. I use him in the right spot of the two central midfielders since this is the flank he is coming from originally when he played as a right winger and Luiz Gustavo on the left since this is his preferred flank. I also think you can't really say one of them play 'on the right side', because especially Schweini moves around the whole pitch. I have no further player instructions employed. P.s.: If you would go on an experiment to figure out how Bayern plays the same way on FM as in real life, this would be a great contribution to this thread. I do not have enough time on my hands right now, since the university exams will start in a few weeks... Could be in the style of this: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/275877-The-Barcelona-Style-My-Interpretation
  10. But I'm obsessed by Quaresma's flair and dribbling ability. He seems like the perfect fit for my team. I could also get Hleb's loan terminated to clear out €4mil p.a. of the wage budget... Dilemma.
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