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  1. Its not exploiting the game. Like i mentioned sometimes the clubs don't agree to it and you also sometimes have to negotiate a fee. You also have to manage every game and rotate your players properly and is something that could be done in real life albiet unlikely.
  2. I know this works on FM09 but i havn't tried it on the others but If you want to make money then arrange friendly cup competitions with the top teams in Europe through the whole month of July and the first week of august without leaving a single day empty. First select the date, lets say July 11th & 12th with the 3 teams being Barca, Inter & AC Milan then another Friendly Cup on the 13th & 14th with say 3 top prem sides. Then on the 14th & 15th another cup with Barca, Inter & Ac and on the 16th & 17th the same top 3 prem sides. As long as you alternate between the two sets of 3 teams they should agree to the cups on the basis that you can agree a fee with the teams. Lets say you are set to make 900k in revenue from the cup, you could then offer each team say 100k each (300k in total) which would still leave you making 300k a DAY! Sometimes they will take less and sometimes they will want more but overall you will make alot a day. Make sure you arrange cup competitions every two days throughout July & mabee the first few days of August all at once before pressing continue and if after continuing some of the teams turn you down simply try again offering more money or look for other big teams. Now once that has been sorted your going to need players.............Lots of players as otherwise your main 11 will be dead after the first few matches so what you do is simply rotate your starting 11 with your subs 11 on the 2nd day and then on the 3rd day your reserves 11 and then on the 4th day your under 18s 11. if you don't have 11 under 18s or enough of them you can also bring in 11 players on 4 week trails (doesnt matter who just bring in total crap for 4 weeks) which will act as a 4th or 5th team so essentially each team is only playing one match every 4 or 5 days so make sure you have 4 or 5 players for each position or around 55 players in your squad in total so you can do so. Even with a tiny stadium you can still make over 9m pounds in just 30 days just by doing this. If i were to do it with my Cwmbran Town Team that currently has a 55k seater stadium with 3 top teams on my save i could make around 700k a day or 1.4m per cup tournament after fees paid out to the 3 teams! The negative is the month of July and first few days of August will take a long time to get through as you will have a match every day and you cant just let your Assistant take charge of friendlies as he wont switch the starting 11 properly. This is how i managed to keep my Cwmbran Town bank balance in the black when i was in the Championship and loosing money every month due to high wages and only a 12k capacity stadium.
  3. FM 09 In the year 2038 (30 Seasons) with Cwmbran Town (rep 900) which i took from the Blue Square South all the way up to the Premier League and finally won the League in 2032. They were originally in the Welsh Premier so i had to put them into the Blue Square in place of another team (Newport). I have since won the Premier league every year and have also won 4 Champions Leagues, 3 Carling Cups, 3 Club World Cups, 2 FA Cups, 1 Uefa Cup and a host of other minor trophies. I also managed a Septuple twice (Comm Shield, Super Cup, Club World Cup, Premier, FA, Carling, Champions League). I had a new stadium built in 2034 at a cost of £45m with a retractable roof and under soil heating and a capacity of only 29k but over the last 4 years has been expanded to 54700. Current bank balance is just over £605m so over the coming seasons i hope to either continue to get the stadium expanded or get an entirely new one built. Oh and i forgot to mention i have not taken a single holiday or used any aids like Genie Scout and due to playing on a fairly slow Laptop my game time is currently just over 156 days! My addictiveness rating is: Congratulations from everyone at Sports Interactive, we never thought you'd make it this far.
  4. Right its ok i downloaded the latest 9.0.3 patch and finally it worked. I was able to continue with my save file.
  5. Im having trouble loading a save game from a created database. I uninstalled the game then reinstalled it. Then when i loaded the game up and went to load game and clicked on my save the LOADING BAR appeared but the bar never gets any further than 5% I still have the edited database folder which i copied to my desktop. I tried putting the edited database folder in C:\PROGRAM FILES\SPORTS INTERACTIVE\FOOTBALL MANAGER 09\DATA\DB so it was in there just underneath the 900 folder and tried to load my save again but the same thing happened. Am i doing something wrong? The only difference is there also used to be a 901 folder a 902 folder & a 903 folder in there also. Do u think i need to update to the latest patch?