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  1. A little while back I was messing about with a Chelsea save and, with the formidable attacking powers of Hazard, Mata and Oscar at my disposal, I decided out of curiosity to modify my already cavalier 4-2-3-1 formation, setting all the attacking midfield roles to advanced playmaker, with maximum creative freedom and attacking mentality. I had a fluid, direct, attacking style with attacking full-backs. I was expecting an entertaining trainwreck but, to my surprise, it actually worked fairly well; not to the extent that I'd consider it a viable formation for every match, but something worth using against smaller teams perhaps. Anyway, since I don't have a great tactical mind (usually when it comes to setting up a match I just go '4-3-3...fluid...attacking... and done!') I was wondering if people had suggestions for what player roles would best fit the two central midfielders behind my trio of APs? At first I tried pairing a defensive BWM with a defensive DLP, which sooort of worked if I was lucky because everyone just rampaged forward and we could have a good go at outscoring our opponents, but, as I've said, it's not the sort of thing I could get away with often. I tried two central midfielders with defensive roles but that was an unmitigated disaster. I was thinking perhaps I could pull the CM's back into a DM position? I doubt I'll ever be able to make this into a world-beating tactic without sacrificing the all-out attack that attracted me to this idea, but I thought with a bit of advice I might be able to make it as good as it can be.
  2. FM13 What team should I be!

    This thread was very helpful last time I was looking for a club, so I thought I'd try it again! Nation: Anywhere in Asia is fine, though I'm particularly interested in Australia and South Korea. Division: Any Continental Competition: I don't mind! Media Prediction: Not important. Board Expectation(s): Play attacking football. Transfer Budget: Who cares? Not I! Wage Budget: See above Finances: Either profitable or a total mess. Other: I tend to cling to my 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 in terms of tactics so a squad that fits those systems would be cool.
  3. FM13 What team should I be!

    Club Brugge sound great, I'll give them a go. Thanks!
  4. FM13 What team should I be!

    Nation: Any European nation that isn't England. Division: Top Flight European Competition: Europa League Media Prediction: Top five, but not 1st. Board Expectations: Attacking football, develop players using youth system. Transfer Budget: Hmm... £5-10 million perhaps? A level that lets me buy players without tempting me to do what I do whenever I get a decent transfer budget and splurge it on unnecessary big name signings. Wage Budget: See above (except without the 5-10 million bit obviously) Finances: Healthy Other: Essentially, I was feeling nostalgic for my Lille save on FM 2011 today and wanted to recreate that again with a different team. I liked that we made a profit every month and that we had some future stars like Cabaye, Hazard and Gervinho, and also that we seemed to finish 2nd in every single competition. Infuriating, but it motivated me to keep going. So this one is for the no doubt millions of users who are big fans of 2010-2011 Lille and happen to know of similar teams in Europe that are not Lille. Any help would be really appreciated!
  5. I genuinely don't get the furore over this. Yes, it's debatable whether it will in any way prevent piracy, and yes it's going to be a pain to install Steam. But I'd imagine that downloading steam, putting in the activation key and then setting it to offline mode will take about an hour maximum, and then you've got what should be a terrific game for the rest of the year. Would I rather I could just install it and get going? Of course. But I'm not going to boycott the game because SI have mildly inconvenienced us in an attempt to crackdown on piracy, when they spend the year trying to improve the game for a largely thankless audience.
  6. Shakhtar sounds good to me, to Ukraine I will go!
  7. Possible, but aren't they massively racist? Wouldn't feel totally comfortable managing them if so, even just on FM... thanks for the suggestion though.
  8. Wondered if anyone can help me. I essentially want to take a club with lots of money but few trophies, and use the cash to build a dynasty. I'm not looking for a Man City where they've got the money, not got the trophies, but already have tons of star players, I really want a team where I can build from the ground up. I was contemplating Malaga, Hoffenheim or Crawley (being as they've got a ton of money for the level that they're at) but I wondered if anyone had any better suggestions?
  9. So then, the second part of the 2010-2011, and the month of January went well. We dropped a couple of points, but also had impressive victories, and despite AFC Telford turning on the style we still looked good for a run at the title. Then, it all went to pot. We went on a 9 GAME run without a win, losing to play-off rivals Corby and the aforementioned Telford, as well as seeing arch rivals Redditch beat us 1-0 in a flat match. By all rights we should have slipped right out the play offs, but thankfully the teams below us couldn't put together much form either. We turned it around, put two wins together, and sealed our place in the play offs and a 4th place finish with a 4-2 win over Hinckley with a game to spare. However, that final game of the season was a 0-0 draw against Blyth Spartans, mid-table no hopers, and it left me seriously concerned as to whether we'd make any impact in the play offs at all. The play offs follow the same format as most others in the English leagues, although being as there is only one automatic promotion place, it's 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th who enter, winner going up to the Blue Square Premier. We were drawn against 2nd place Nuneaton, and in the first leg, at home, we played....brilliantly. Performance of the season without a doubt. We stormed to a 3-0 win, and knew all we had to do was keep it safe at their ground, Liberty Way, and we'd be through. That's exactly what we did, easing to a 1-0 win. In the other tie, 5th place scraped past 3rd as Gainsborough beat Alfreton. We had a really decent chance of going up, and handily it was decided that the final would be played at our ground, St George's Lane. Again, we were faultless, dominating Brian Little's side, but they did have a lot of luck. Early in the first half, my CB Rob Elvins dallied on the ball and gave it straight to Jefferson Louis, who ran unchallenged into the penalty area and slotted it into the net. We redoubled our efforts, and were rewarded later on in the half. A free kick was flighted into the box from just outside the area, and the impressive freebie Jimmy Fullam powered a header into the net, like he had done so many times in the season. Going into half time, the score was 1-1. The second half was tense, and we had the better of it. James Davis hit the post, while Mark Danks went on a sensational run only to fire straight into the welcoming arms of their goalkeeper. Somehow, Gainsborough held on, taking the match to extra time. The pattern continued as we battered them from pillar to post, frustratingly unable to make the breakthrough. Then, the ball falls to one of their midfielders, Kendall, and he strikes it sweetly from way outside the area. It floated agonisingly into the corner of the net, our keeper Owen Jones missing it by the tiniest margin. To our credit we didn't give up, but it was not to be. In extra time, we lost our chance to go into the Blue Square Premier. It finished 2-1 to Gainsborough. On a happier note I won manager of the season a few days afterwards, but it was scant consolation. Coming up, league table and summary of the season.
  10. League Table, taken from the end of January- http://s1108.photobucket.com/albums/h416/jackst1/FM2011%20Worcester%20Album/?action=view&current=LeagueTableJanuary.png Transfer Update- http://s1108.photobucket.com/albums/h416/jackst1/FM2011%20Worcester%20Album/?action=view&current=Transfers.png As you can see, I've made some big changes over the course of the half year. I don't regret ditching any of the players I dropped bar maybe Ryan Clarke, and all of the signings aside from the useless Chris King played some part in the season. I suppose Stephen Gifford getting a 5 month injury on his debut wasn't great either... Next up, part two of the 2010-2011, featuring heartbreak, triumph, losing streaks, drama, and yet more signings!
  11. JULY-DECEMBER 2010 Blue Square North A http://s1108.photobucket.com/albums/h416/jackst1/FM2011%20Worcester%20Album/?action=view&current=ScreenshotofBlueSquareNorth.png- Blue Square North B http://s1108.photobucket.com/albums/h416/jackst1/FM2011%20Worcester%20Album/?action=view&current=ScreenshotofBlueSquareNorthB.png FA Cup http://s1108.photobucket.com/albums/h416/jackst1/FM2011%20Worcester%20Album/?action=view&current=FACupScreenshot.png FA Trophy http://s1108.photobucket.com/albums/h416/jackst1/FM2011%20Worcester%20Album/?action=view&current=FATrophyScreenshot.png In this post, summaries of our league and cup campaigns so far. In the next post, the league table and a transfer round-up. We've had a really good campaign so far. Our predicted finish was 14th and I would have been satisfied with that, but instead we're firmly entrenched in a play off battle, and regularly trade 1st place with Boston and Corby Town. In terms of performances we've been mixed. I've sacrificed attacking football for neat passing, playing a rigid 4-5-1, switching to 4-4-2 if particularly confident, with the focus on keeping possession and slowly building chances. This means we're hard to beat and rarely bad, but it also means we never truly excel. When I did try to play more entertaining football, with a flowing 4-3-3, we got hammered 4-1 by Alfreton, and even when I kept the formation the same but told the players to attack more we lost 3-1 to Telford. Still, we've had our moments, and we have to have played reasonably well to be in the top five position we are in. Probably our best performance came in the 4-0 home win over fierce rivals Redditch, a tremendous all round effort. We're out of both the FA Cup and Trophy, but we met our expectations in both. We made it to the 1st round proper of the FA Trophy, where we lost a replay to Maidenhead. In the FA Cup we went out in the 4th Qualifying Round, but not before a cracking tie with rivals Kidderminster of the Blue Square Premier. At home we were 2-0 up before capitulating and drawing 2-2. This meant a replay at their place, and the fire had gone. We lost 3-0 in a disappointing match. Overall, I'm pleased with how we're doing so far. We could have an appalling second half of the season and still probably slot neatly into mid table, so I'd consider it mission accomplished. Of course, I'm not taking my foot off the pedal- I'd love to take Worcester into the Blue Square Premier, and the title race is tight. Very tight.
  12. The title explains it all really, as I attempt to take my local club, Worcester City FC, from the Blue Square North right up to the dizzying heights of the Premier League. I will no doubt fail miserably at this task, but it's always worth having a go. In real life, times have been tough for the Blue and Whites. Last season we finished in the relegation zone in the Blue Square South, but several teams were forced to fold and thus some re-jigging had to be done. Thus, we've stayed up, though not on merit, and find ourselves in the Blue Square North this season. Obviously, in reality we're approaching the end of the campaign, and club legend Carl Heeley has, in my humble opinion, done a pretty good job as manager, keeping us in a safe mid-table position and playing some quite nice football for this level. I, of course, look to go even better, but I've told the board to expect mid-table mediocrity. In terms of the League we haven't had much history, but we've had our moments in the F.A Cup. The 1950's saw us knock out Liverpool, then in the old Second Division in an impressive run, and more recently we made it to the 2nd round proper before bowing out 1-0 to Huddersfield in a game live on BBC1. The real kick in the teeth came after the match- if we had won (and, as someone who was there, I can testify we had our chances) we would have been rewarded with a trip to Stamford Bridge to take on Jose Mourinho's Chelsea! Our fierce rivals are listed as Redditch, though I'd possibly add Kidderminster to that list as well. Our finances are OK, although by the time I'm done they probably won't be. I'm hopeful having a thread here will motivate me to keep this one going and try and take Worcester as far as I can. The only two clubs I'd consider leaving for are Charlton Athletic, who are my team, and Coventry City, who are the rest of my family's club of choice. My main priority at this moment in time is to take them into the League though. On 2005 and 2006 I had them in the play-offs of the Blue Square North, but couldn't take them further, and on 2008 I won the league in one of my favourite FM seasons ever, but bailed on them to head to promotion Brentford midway through the following season. Worcester went back down to the Blue Square North, and I flopped. I regret the decision now. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys reading this, and, yeah, Come on you Blues!
  13. buying romelu lukaku

    I brought him to Chelsea for £10 million in 2012/2013. I had big plans for him but he's not been great so far, made his debut in August, it's now January and he's only got three goals in all competitions. Admittedly I'm not starting him every game now, but it's still a disappointment, although being two of his three have came in the last month, maybe it's just taken him a while to settle in...
  14. 2011/2012, midway through the season, and I've killed Rangers. We're sat in 9th in the table, my signings, aside from occasional glimmers of talent from Capelli and Valeron have flopped massively, the team can't string any form together, we lack any sort of leader with Weir and McCulloch having dreadful seasons, and, in a bid to get out of the club without resigning I've became the most miserable manager alive, declaring interest in as many clubs as possible and giving the most downbeat press conferences possible, making sure to take swipes at the fans. In short, I'm an unprofessional idiot who has taken the most dominant club in Scottish footballing history and, after one league title, has dragged them into a relegation battle. This has apparently made me a prime candidate for the vacant Chelsea job. 4th in 2010/2011 and no trophies was enough to get Ancelotti sacked (eerily similar to real life) and the Blues went for a blast from the past in appointing Claudio Ranieri, who promptly took them to 11th. He was out by Christmas, I applied for the job out of hope more than anything (Ian Holloway had already beaten me to the relegation battling Championship side Sheffield United) and, to my shock, got offered the post. I gleefully accepted, with the only catch being I could only join at the end of the season. After a 5-1 defeat to Celtic, I decided to resign and holiday from Rangers, now knowing I had a job neatly lined up for me. I spend some money in the transfer market in the summer and acquire Romelu Lukaku to lead the line for years to come, as well as a bevy of back up players. Playing an attractive 4-1-2-1-2 results are initially great- we ruin West Ham 6-0, dominate Wigan into 4-0, and come away with a crucial 2-0 win over Man City. However, a frustrating 2-2 draw with Stoke is the catalyst for a long and painful Autumn- we slide down to 7th from 1st after a 0-0 draw with Wolves, 3-2 loss to Man Utd, a 1-0 shocker at home to Blackburn (one chance, one goal for the Ewood Park side,) a 4-2 defeat to Aston Villa and an absolutely pathetic effort in a 3-0 home mauling at the hands of Everton. By now, I'm feeling deja-vu. In a desperate attempt to shake things up, I transfer list some of my under-performing stars and sell them at rock bottom prices, blow my massive budget on the purchases of Leighton Baines, Jack Rodwell, Shaun Wright-Phillips (no, he wasn't my first choice) and Andy Carroll, and change my formation to a rigid 4-5-1. This has brought us 6 consecutive league wins, including 1-0 wins away to Arsenal and at home to Man City, and for once my signings seem to be working quite well; Andy Carroll got a debut goal in the F.A Cup and Wright-Phillips is causing havoc down the right wing. So, in short, I'm hoping for a bright future and a push for Champions League qualification, but hopefully we can keep some consistency. I'm dreading what will happen if we go on a run like with did earlier in the season, except this time with no transfer budget to shake things up...