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  1. Yeah using same device, it's certainly reduced but still getting both white and black flickers.
  2. Does this require a new game start as still having issue, albeit less extreme in my game.
  3. I have uploaded file titles Mark Belton - Man Utd It's a season in. There are few players on there outside selected countries but this is limited. Wondering if its just different as I am used to full version with much larger player database.
  4. Hi, game was created on version before, it was last Sunday. I have premier league, German and Spanish loaded, just top divisions. List has never shown listed players from other leagues and looking in squads there aren't any.
  5. Seem to be getting a flickering across the screen on a regular basis during.the 3d match engine.
  6. Sorry to reopen this but my transfer list in November is only showing players from English and a few from German leagues.
  7. Not sure exact date but it was late August early sep. Could have been earlier but I didn't check
  8. Just had a look and seems to be working now, they have all finally turned up for training 😂
  9. First time playing touch and also not too familiar with the training pages as always left it to assistant in full game but the screenshot attached shows that training hasn't started despite in now being August. It seems to be working in the background as getting complaints about training.
  10. Not posted for quite some time but just finished my 10th season in charge with Everton. Wrapped up my 6th premier league in a row and won the champions league for the 3rd time with an 8-2 victory over Inter Milan. Only genuine players I have in the squad that arent regens are: Chris Smalling Mario Goetze Luc Castaignos Keep mananging out the superstars at the age of 29-30 to get the one final pay off and replace them with an up and coming youngster. My team is still reletively young. Its great to have a guy who I signed at 16 as the spear head of my attack, as well as one of the best box to box players I have ever managed in all the years of this game. Have to say this is probably the best save I have ever had. Usually with United it gets boring as you have great players and never spend due to it, with this game I spend when I need to but having a long term goal of overtaking Man Utd's 19 titles keeps the game interesting. Start of last season I signed a 19 year old striker with bags of potential and stood at 6'9 for 7.75m, ended up league top scorer as got his chance from injury and never looked back. The cycle continues as I cant wait to manage him throughout his career in the same way as my other regens.
  11. Issue is he isn't signing anyone and its not a job you can assign to yourself anymore
  12. Yeah I'm man utd so kinda hope there is one. Never had the problem on previous versions.
  13. I'm just starting my third season and have purchased some youth myself, however my under 18 squad is empty and I haven't had any messages about youth recruitment. Has anyone else had this problem. Would like some players to come through the squad as well.
  14. A cooling pad really helps. Don't get the fan assisted ones though as they break easily. The actual mats with the crystals in are brilliant.
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