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  1. ended winning run with 10 straight wins, but then ended season with 4 straight defeats. didn't change anything, but tactic worked like clockwork, then couldn't win remaining 4 games and seemed to struggle?.
  2. Tried the tactic on my Brentford save in the Championship and now gone 7 games unbeaten, including a nice 5-0 away win at Nottingham Forest. Excellent tactic seems to work very well with my squad and defensively seem pretty tight. Thanks, this is the first tactic I've used outside my own for a while, and it's so far working brilliantly.
  3. Wiltshire_Bee

    random teams in wrong leagues

    im getting an error code 1000 when I try to access the workshop to see if anything has loaded in error.
  4. Wiltshire_Bee

    random teams in wrong leagues

    No, just started the game normally.
  5. just started a new game in The Championship as Brentford., then just noticed that Hull & Burnley (Premier League) are in the Championship and Bolton Wanderers and Charlton (League 1 & 2)...any ideas what's happened?????
  6. Wiltshire_Bee

    Crahs Dumps and Graphics

    with some graphics still there. seems to be ok for a while if you clear cache and re-load skins before you start the game.
  7. Wiltshire_Bee

    Crahs Dumps and Graphics

    Neil, constant crash dumps, please see attached latest two crash dumps. Can you see why this keeps happening, as it's really now becoming almost impossible to play the game. FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.07 23.50.18).dmp FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.09 22.20.33).dmp
  8. I've played FM for many years and never really had technical issues, but with FM17 I am getting a lot of crash dumps. On the last one I reported you advised this might be due to 3rd party graphics and to remove them, but also read elsewhere to clear the cache and the reload, and when I did this it seems to solve the problem. However, again on my latest game I have a crash dump and wondered if there is any specific graphics that could be causing this?. I've added 3rd party Kits (sortitoutsi), Logo (sortitoutsi), Faces (from FM16 and Sortitoutsi) and 3rd Kits also, is it likely to be one type of graphics, or could it literally be any of them?.
  9. Been playing 4-1-3-2 tactic with West Ham and won 15 straight games with the tactic, but looks like there's been an update on FM16 and since then (maybe coincidence) my tactc is not so effective and cannot seem to score, creating loads of chances but not converting them and same players as before, same tactic. GK - Defending WB - Support WB - Support CB - Cover CB - Defend DM - Regista WP - Attack WM - Support CM - Support DLF - Support AF - Attack Standard - Fluid Higher Tempo Balance Width Exploit Middle Work Ball into Box Be More Expressive Get Stuck In Retain Possession Run At Defence How can I go from 15 straight winds and dominating games, to losing and at besy draws. Wins against Man C, Liverpool, Spures, Napoli, Zurich etc... then losing to Norwich, Sunderland, Stoke etc.. Any ideas from what I've described above. all players seem to have good ablity in their roles
  10. Wiltshire_Bee

    Son Creator

    ah, ok.....thought it was available for the full game. I was looking for it there. In that case you've answered my question. thanks.
  11. Wiltshire_Bee

    Son Creator

    sorry if this is answered somewhere else, but how do you use the Son Creator. downloaded from workshop, but how do you set up in the game?.
  12. I thought that in 15.2 there were two new official skins, but I only see the original version. do I have to download them from somewhere to get in the game?.
  13. Wow, talk about player revolts.....got me the sack with my first save as Southampton, 1st season finished 8th, second season lost 3 games in a row and went from well liked manager to public enemy no.1., but lost to the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U and all close games. Quite a big squad though, so diifcult to keep everyone happy unless total rotation system. does seem FM15 the players have very little patience or understanding.
  14. Wiltshire_Bee

    So Many 1 goal reverses

    Made some changes moving back to 4-1-4-1 eventually, as tweaks to 4-1-3-2 didn't work. Results now more positive from 4-1-4-1 changed striker to DLF and set to Support, Midfield also set to Support and changed on the DC's to Cover. Still the occasional ball given away, but defensively tighter and starting to threaten more and bagging a few more goals. In last 10 games on the season only lost 2, the rest were drawn or won which was a really noticeable improvement from the rest of the season. Now close season before season 3, so will look at the attributes of some of the players and look for those that will be better in a passing game. still giving away possession but not as frequently. thanks for the tips guys.
  15. Wiltshire_Bee

    So Many 1 goal reverses

    I'm going to crack this if it kills me.!!! It's OK using other peoples tactics as plug and play, I've done it many times before, but nothing better than designing your own and it working. No sleep for me tonight !! However, I do need some help here, so appreciate all the hints, advice and suggestions from all of you..