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    Thanks Kubi
  2. resolved

    Whilst playing around with beta, I seem to have created multiple profiles of myself, but cannot find how you delete a manager profile?. Can you please explain how you do this?.
  3. Been playing 4-1-3-2 tactic with West Ham and won 15 straight games with the tactic, but looks like there's been an update on FM16 and since then (maybe coincidence) my tactc is not so effective and cannot seem to score, creating loads of chances but not converting them and same players as before, same tactic. GK - Defending WB - Support WB - Support CB - Cover CB - Defend DM - Regista WP - Attack WM - Support CM - Support DLF - Support AF - Attack Standard - Fluid Higher Tempo Balance Width Exploit Middle Work Ball into Box Be More Expressive Get Stuck In Retain Possession Run At Defence How can I go from 15 straight winds and dominating games, to losing and at besy draws. Wins against Man C, Liverpool, Spures, Napoli, Zurich etc... then losing to Norwich, Sunderland, Stoke etc.. Any ideas from what I've described above. all players seem to have good ablity in their roles
  4. ah, ok.....thought it was available for the full game. I was looking for it there. In that case you've answered my question. thanks.
  5. sorry if this is answered somewhere else, but how do you use the Son Creator. downloaded from workshop, but how do you set up in the game?.
  6. I thought that in 15.2 there were two new official skins, but I only see the original version. do I have to download them from somewhere to get in the game?.
  7. Wow, talk about player revolts.....got me the sack with my first save as Southampton, 1st season finished 8th, second season lost 3 games in a row and went from well liked manager to public enemy no.1., but lost to the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Man U and all close games. Quite a big squad though, so diifcult to keep everyone happy unless total rotation system. does seem FM15 the players have very little patience or understanding.
  8. Made some changes moving back to 4-1-4-1 eventually, as tweaks to 4-1-3-2 didn't work. Results now more positive from 4-1-4-1 changed striker to DLF and set to Support, Midfield also set to Support and changed on the DC's to Cover. Still the occasional ball given away, but defensively tighter and starting to threaten more and bagging a few more goals. In last 10 games on the season only lost 2, the rest were drawn or won which was a really noticeable improvement from the rest of the season. Now close season before season 3, so will look at the attributes of some of the players and look for those that will be better in a passing game. still giving away possession but not as frequently. thanks for the tips guys.
  9. I'm going to crack this if it kills me.!!! It's OK using other peoples tactics as plug and play, I've done it many times before, but nothing better than designing your own and it working. No sleep for me tonight !! However, I do need some help here, so appreciate all the hints, advice and suggestions from all of you..
  10. Thanks Mate, I'll be doing some reading and studying tonight of the squad and see if I can tweak a little each time to get the right result in the game. I like both formations mentioned, just need to I guess get the players roles sorted better. Appreciate your comments, some definite good ideas for me to try and tweak things. wish me luck !!
  11. I think that's maybe where I'm falling down, I need to look at the players in more detail and see whether they are right for the role and the formation I've set. I guess I am lazy tactician, but appreciate all these comments and hopefully I can spend some more time looking deeper at what players I have and whether they suit the roles. I will check the passing ability of my midfield and defence and maybe that will help to stop giving away the ball so often. Frustrating as when we are attacking at time we are putting together some excellent team moves and passing game. This game takes over life sometimes, but great when your tactic does click. thanks.
  12. Thanks guys. Funny enough I've only changed to the 4-1-3-2 from 4-1-4-1. The 4-1-4-1 I had two central midfielders and two wingers pushed up higher to support the lone striker, but again the tactic seemed to work for a while and then not. I do tend to be a bit of a transfer market whore and do a lot of transfer activity, so maybe that doesn't help with changing players quite often. a couple of questions for this set up, what's the best role for the lone striker (Complete Forward, Target Man, False 9 etc..) and should the full backs be wing backs, or basic full backs sitting deeper. I'll check out Cleon's thread, these are normally very good and guess tonight it will be tactic testing time again. by the way, would be great if in future games you had a training mode you could test tactics in before you use in the full game, maybe ?. love FM, but the tactics are really a challenge in FM13 and 14, so hope I can crack this soon, especial FM14 with the new tactics set up. thanks again for your comments, appreciate it.
  13. OK thanks, some food for thought, will play around with some of the roles for midfield and maybe some of the other settings. I like to use a tactic that has a good passing game, but clearly from my results and the silly mistakes and giving away possession maybe by players are not up to it. Appreciate Hull not the strongest team, but we are holding our own in most games and my results or specifically defeats are all by 1 goal, 1-0, 2-1 and normally down to a defensive or midfield blunder giving away possession. My goal scoring is not so great, i'm other scrapping draws or losing by the odd goal, lots of 1-1 and 1-0 results, so not setting the world alight. Strange though that in earlier versions the tactic seem very effective, and strung a lot of wins together and high score lines with pretty much the same squad give or take a couple of players. so determined in FM14 to work with my own tactic, but a long way from being an expert and getting frustrated that I just can't find the right mix since the updates seem (maybe just me) to change something with this tactic. really appreciate the feedback and guess I just need to go back to the drawing board with this tactic.
  14. Thanks for the reply. The Central MC is not of defend duties and the Box to Box Midfielders are set to Roam from their positions. I did have the defensive midfielder set to Anchor Man, but that didn't seem to help either. We are mainly giving the ball away ion midfield and defence by play possession game and then a few stray passes being intercepted by the opposition and they break away and score. Should I increase the tempo and try pushing up higher and playing the offside trap perhaps. Playing wing backs as both full backs are set highest rating at wing backs rather than full backs. I've not set the team to play wide or narrow left these open. Current squad. GK = Ospina Wing Backs = Murru & Juliao DC = Munoz & Amat DM = Huddlestone Midfield = Yttergard Jensen, Bertolacci, Valeri (Korsen or Benassi also) ST = Ademilson & Rhodes
  15. I am using my own tactic 4-1-3-2 Formation, Balanced and Standard. Full Backs = 2 x Wing Backs Centre Backs = 2 x Central Defenders Defensive Midfield = 1 x Regista Midfield = 2 x Box to Box Midfielders & 1 x Central Midfield Strikers = 1 x Target Man & 1 x False 9 Team instructions: short passing, drop deeper, hassle opponents, be more expressive, lower tempo, retain possession, work ball into box. games are very close, but losing so many by 1 goal and struggling to win games. Playing as Hull City in BPL 2nd season, reasonable squad. This tactic seemed to be unbelievable in 14.2, but don't know if it's coincidence but in 14.2.1 and 14.2.2 it's not working. any suggestions from anyone on what I could change or try different, as like this formation but cannot seem to get away from 1 goal defeats or draw after draw and a lot of giving away possession is midfield and defence.