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  1. Pretty strange that they won't offer a contract so close to the end of the current. Fair enough if you had a year or so left but a couple of months is ridiculous.
  2. Have you still got time left to run on your current contract?
  3. I've never understood how the facilities upgrade, I started with the worst possible and have upgraded them three times and they're still adequate/basic. At this rate it's going to take me 10 years to get decent facilities and be able to compete with other premier league teams. Also my board always complains when I ask for an upgrade telling me it's good enough for a team of my level... so sitting mid table in the premier league it's alright to have basic facilities?
  4. Yeah you're write about the TM/T combo, I want to create space for the treq and they seem to do well feeding off of one another. Generally concensus seems to be a midfield problem so I'll change the anchor man to a defensive mid and see how the average position is looking. Also I just recently swapped the attacking and defensive fullbacks so the goals scored do make sense, I probably should have stated this. I might play around with the forward role as well as I do have a decent complete forward or deep lying forward. Cheers for the advice guys I'll try out your suggestions and let you know how it goes.
  5. Haha I scraped through playoffs in most of the promotions, thank god for most of the players having important matches as strengths... managed to win the FA cup in my first season in the premier league as well, just feel having a positive goal difference for once might be nice... I only changed to attacking probably last season otherwise it's usually counter attacking, and I use to play with rigid but the changes haven't seemed to help much. I might change the anchor man to a plain defensive mid or possibly move one of them up to the midfield to create a better balance. What sort of striker is preferred as lone? Maybe a 4-4-2 is best suited.
  6. I have the quicker winger set to an attack duty while the slower one is on support, seems to be reversed in the picture for some reason. The only problem with the target man being put on support is his terrible passing and teamwork, I've tried it a few times to no avail. I also have another quality striker on the bench so two up top is an option but with the players available the current formation I believe is best.
  7. Evening guys, so I've been playing with Braintree and made it all the way to the premier league having had pretty good success with a 4-2-3-1 with two CMs and more recently DMs, the problem is that my striker does not seem able to score goals. There'll be a quite a few pictures following to show most things. Tactics: The plan here is that the two wingers are to pump crosses into the box for the target man to get onto or for the fullbacks to overlap the wingers and do the same. Failing that it would be useful for the target man to hold up the ball and draw players away so that the treq can find space to score or set up goals himself. The goals have all been scored by the AMC or ST but they never seem to score enough for there ability, along with this the wingers fail to get enough assists compared to their crossing attributes. As I can tell from where the assists are coming from that either the AMC or ST seem to be creating most chances and majority seem to be from passes. One thing I've also seemed to have done was buy a lot of quality players that are awfully slow and that may explain the lack of passes/crosses run onto. Is there a way to account for the large amount of slower players? Another thing is that all my defenders are quick so I play a higher defensive line but I'm not sure whether using the offside trap is effective in this situation or whether my players even have the right attributes to make it effective. A further problem could be that a lot of my players seem to be selfish and the end result is a lot of wasted shots but from what I've observed this doesn't seem to have an impact. Essentially I'm pretty stumped on how to create more chances and actually score, if any more information is needed just let me know, cheers. Player Attributes:
  8. Seeing as there hasn't been an update lately, that I'm aware of, the star rating of your youth intake is inaccurate. Don't quote me on this but if a player is 2-3 stars and you sign them up you're probably looking at an actual potential of about 3-4 stars.
  9. I have a newgen that's clearly a level above the rest of my team but is only rated three stars and have no idea why. On the other hand I have a goal keeper with a current ability of two stars and a potential ability of four stars while he's already maxed out his potential and can't improve any further (I checked it out so I know). It's not even that my assistant/coach have awful JPA/JPP they just don't seem to know what's going on...
  10. Hmm... well I'll try it with a few more leagues and specific English players loaded and see what happens.
  11. Yeah that's the exact same scout I had, he found like 10 players over a year period before he left because he refused to sign another contract... Maybe I'll start again with more leagues loaded.
  12. I only have England playable from what I recall and I made the other nations view only for the time being. I probably should have loaded extra players from England, but surely there would be a sufficient amount of players to scout?
  13. Can I even check the number of players once the game's started?
  14. I've got most of the major nations and England all the way to the bottom loaded, don't have Scotland, Ireland or Wales. Surely they should still come across some players, I mean finding like 10 players in a year is pretty pathetic.
  15. Unrealistic transfers is not ticked and the scouts only have 5 reports between them.
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