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  1. Thanks! Iv'e been wondering since fm10 lol
  2. Why are the itallian youth squads extremely big? I must have atleast 70 players in my under 20's
  3. Sorry but I can't read the blogs... Can anyone announce the new features.
  4. SI in fm12 can you please make the u17 world cup available or at least make it activatiable in the editor. I know the u20 one is there but I want to scout recent from other national who are fresh into the game and not half developed players getting to 21. Please add it to the game. Thank. Does anyone agree?
  5. It will add alot of realism to the game if you can choose a training camp in a country of your choice and invite up to 30 - 35 players to join. Then your assistant manager and coaches give you a tip about who should be in the squad seeing from the training camp the cut the amount of players needed have 2 - 3 friendlies and travel 7 days before the world cup. This would add alot of realism to the game, alot and also make the international side of the game better.
  6. Yeah there is like 2 or 3 ghana is the champions of the U20 African Youth Championship. Take a look at this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_Under-17_Championship http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_Youth_Championship
  7. Also it would be good if they can do the whole provisional world cup sqaud ting by choosing 30 players then cutting 7 and have 2 warm up games instead of 1.
  8. Pllllllllllllease include some sort of african national youth competition and 3d training matches wont be bad.
  9. The great thing about it he is not that bad either he is preety decent. Is he the same race as you.
  10. There should be some sort of relative favoured personal. To suss out who is related to who on the game and to actually see if there is any regen siblings also to see if you can actually have a son on the game.
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