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  1. Thanks! Iv'e been wondering since fm10 lol
  2. Why are the itallian youth squads extremely big? I must have atleast 70 players in my under 20's
  3. Lead Brazil to the final on FM10 and Ironically i met Argentina in the final Loosing 2-0. Suprisingly i didnt get sacked though. I also led ghana to the final aswell and won against england in FM11.
  4. i have been struggeling to create a tournament with the advanced panel for sometime know. When i create a competition via the advance rules the competition created never takes affect in the game. Is this because after creating these competitions/rules i need to do or add something afterwards to make the competition actually appear in the game?
  5. Ok when creating a competition in the advance panel... do I have to add the competition to the continential rules or do I just leave it? Because when I leave it
  6. . Thanks I have made the changes to the version. So know how do I make the actual competition become active and make it take place in the game because the competition is not showing up in the game?
  7. My adanced panel seems to be activated, but I can't make the changes occur in the game? Any help. How do I activate advaned rules?
  8. is there anyway i could create a WORLD version of this tournament via the editor or advanced panel?
  9. All i want to do is to get youth teams to play in a continential competition. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
  10. When i try to create a competition and try to add the top teams in a divisionit wont let me and gives me the message saying "Qualification system uses competition English Premier Division but does not contain any rules for it":confused:. Please Help!
  11. Its not working for me. Instead of <list id="files"> ...... i have <list id="fields"> and when i change it to "adva" and load up the database it doesnt work. Please Help
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