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  1. Yes all the black out parts can be changed I believe. I will take a look later and find out what files need to be changed. Or if bluestillidie comes on he may beat me to it.
  2. I did think that last night that the FMT pack was not for background when you said what files where in your graphics folder and was going to point that out this morning but you already had it sorted. Glad everything is sorted now.
  3. That is brilliant news. Could I ask what the problem was? Cheers
  4. No in the post you put Documents/SportsInteractive/Football Manager 2020/Graphics The graphics part must be low case
  5. All my graphics are save to an extra hard drive but the set up is the same. So mine is Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/graphics Then i have my players, stadiums and other pictures' in different folders in there. Make sure your graphics folder is low case I am not 100% but do not think you need to graphics folders just put everything in one. That could be you problem.
  6. Right then i am sorry i do not have a clue what is wrong. The skin i sent you over works fine for me so unless bluestillidie00 can help i am not sure what else to say.
  7. Follow my last post as you are missing the preferences part. Then it will work.
  8. Yes have to agree with mamba34 As that can be the only reason it would not be working. As i have just unticked the show background pictures and this is what i get. Just click on the fm in the top right corner. Next click preferences, next type background Then you will see allow display of custom background pictures. Make sure there is a tick in the box and then press reload skin.
  9. Delete all the other version's you have and just add the one i sent you.
  10. Have just sent you a pm Like i said in the pm, please do not share this skin unless you get the permission from bluestilliedie00.
  11. Yes will be pm you a link in a bit. But again like mamba34 said make sure you have show backgrounds ticked in the preferences and that you only have the one version of the skin.
  12. paper.xml Add these file in to graphics, boxes, custom, background.
  13. You can do it for all the page you have said but sometimes you will find the writing can be hard to see.
  14. player partMr Hough Do you want it like this? If so go to TCS 2020 v1.5, graphics, tsc, boxes, bordered, Then add a new folder and call it what you want. Next add this files. Next go to panels, club, then, club overview panel and open it and change this line <!-- TABBED CONTAINER --> <container class="bordered_box" appearance="tcs/boxes/bordered/paper" to <!-- TABBED CONTAINER --> <container class="bordered_box" appearance="tcs/boxes/bordered/player part/paper" The player part is what is c
  15. I am sure you can highlight them all and then right click on get scout report. I know you can do that when you are looking for players so think it would be the same.
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