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  1. Krysler76 Thanks for a great skin but I am looking to change a few bits. Can you help by telling me which panels and code control the coloured lines behind the player picture. I know they are in the backgrounds folder but need the code panels. Thanks
  2. Looking for help working out what panel and what part of the code codes the colour of these. Would like to make them white. Thanks
  3. Super thanks that worked. Keep up the great work.
  4. First thanks for am excellent skin. I am just looking for a small bit of help. Could you tell me which panels and line controls the face picture here. I am looking to move it up a bit and over to the right. Thanks
  5. Hi looking to see if someone can help. I am trying to change the highlighted bit of this skin to become a attribute analysis or comparison select panel. Everything I have tried so far has come back with an error. I know which panel and part to change but not sure how to add the bit of code I need. Thanks
  6. Keysi Is it possible to remove the shirt number part and make that in to a panel or add the attributes graph there? Thanks
  7. What date did you get the error? Only reason I ask I had 2 crash dumps on the 6th May and could not get pass that date.
  8. Super thanks I will take a look.
  9. Would someone be able to tell me how I can add more info to this screen. I would like something in the 3 boxes that are empty Thanks
  10. I had 2 yesterday but put it down to the Serie D pack. But played this morning with the new version without an problem.
  11. Mine was after the game when I was giving the end of game team talk. I am going to play again without the Serie D pack loaded and see what happens.
  12. Hi Felix It happened only once after i play a game today. I have played 8 pre-season games and 2 league games before this happened. I do have custom graphics installed but they are the same ones i have been using since i installed FM18 without problem. The only thing i will look at is i am using a Serie D pack so not sure if this is the problem. Thanks
  13. Just had my first crash dump when playing the game. Could you let me know if it is down to something I have done. Thanks FM 2018 v18.3.0.1069563 (2018.03.08 09.06.23).dmp
  14. I am trying to download the new 18.3.0 update from steam. It gets to 84% then keeps saying download stopping and then update queue had this for over an hour now. I have clear cache but not sure what else to try. Thanks
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