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  1. Had to rely on Central for beating Wellington for me to secure top spot. Had to say goodbye to Hernandez as he was being stupid with his contract then he left to join Tigres on a free . VoH was struggling so I shipped him off for 500k so made a instant profit on him. Now got £2.71M to find a replacement for Hernandez and improve other parts.
  2. Lost 4 on the bounce and injuries to Kewell/Hernandez/Rojas/Etuhu/VOH destroyed my 8 point lead I had over Wellington. Now 2 points back but have to play them with 4 games left I need to win them all imo. Kewell up top now on Trequartista has demolished Perth Glory and Sydney FC.
  3. Etuhu has been a revelation so far. Has a average of 8.05 in the league so far.
  4. Just signed Vennegoor of Hesselink on a free for Victory. Signed K.Etuhu as well to rotate with Kewell.
  5. FM11- Touted/dubbed as thread

    Boyata is dubbed the next Phillipe Albert on mine too and just got him on loan for my Peterborough side
  6. Before I post I must stress these are regens and that I'm using Rowan's regen faces packs off Sortitoutsi (he uses ike nhl young players and nfl young players for the faces)
  7. Penalties

    Oh my Jesus wept. When could you instruct them how to take pens Cheers madsheep
  8. Penalties

    Getting annoying now that out of roughly 14 pens in a season and a half I've missed 12 despite having players like Lukaku, Adam and Van Wolfswinkel who have good pen stats (Lukaku having 18 for pens and composure and continuously missing is getting really annoying.) Its just not my team missing them but other teams and its getting to the point of being slightly unrealistic. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem and I apologise if this sort of thread has been done before.
  9. Μidas' Touch 10 [Released]

    I would like them smaller please. Which line do I need to edit in the xml
  10. Μidas' Touch 10 [Released]

    How can I resize the kits on the matchday screen please
  11. Μidas' Touch 10 [Released]

    Nik whats the font you used in your screenshots because I love the CM4 03/04 font
  12. Bastian Schweinsteiger

    Stats are not everything in this game. Still getting 7.20 ratings for me. 33 and at Blackpool
  13. Official FM2010: Rate My Regen

    Sorry about the size but this lad is now 17 and with me Work-rate is 20, Corners is 12, And you can add 1 point to each mental stat as he has gone up with those AWESOME
  14. Just signed Pjanic and Ninis for a combined £38.5M (both 27) I'm turning into Man City Good start to the season 2 wins and a draw.
  15. evening guys About to load my Blackpool save up 2017 just lost the CShield to Man Utd But PL holders makes me feel better so far my cup wins: 2 x Premier League 1 x League cup