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  1. Mine was despatched last night however Zavvi website, makes me feel that I wont be getting the game, to the middle of next week; Here at zavvi we are committed to getting products to you as quickly as possible. Over the period of the Royal Mail strike we will be sending items out early where possible, to ensure you receive your orders as soon as possible. We are dedicated to providing you with the best prices possible and while we are conscious that the Royal Mail strike may affect postal services in some areas, sending items out by courier would impact on the prices we can offer you. We thank you for your patience during this period. We use Royal Mail to send our items within the UK and Airmail for deliveries outside of the UK.
  2. My Zavvi account says "Awaiting dispacth" Any idea's what time scale I can expect to get my game from this point!?
  3. Is there a thread where users can recomend decent players to sign, etc
  4. Right, last question, promise! Iv got steam on my computer, because thats how I downloaded the demo. So when I get the CD on the 30th, how do I go about installing it via Steam? Thanks for your help mate
  5. Ah cool, sorry new to fm buying it for the first time! Do I have to do anything involving the patches when I install my game or does it do it automatically?
  6. Cant wait for full release J ust wondering, if anyone knows if theres going to be yet more improvments, and increased features on the full release? Thanks
  7. Demo to Full Version

    Cheers for the help lads! Pretty devestated about that to bo honest, having a cracker of a season! What can I do?!
  8. Hello everyone I started a demo game as Notts County, and notcied that teams like Celtic dont have full squads, obviously because I only loaded the English leagues. I hear that once I install the full version I can carry on my demo game, does anyone know weather or not the teams that leagues I havent uploaded, will have full squads, for example Daniel Fox, would then come back in to the game? Thanks Sorry if confusing!